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    1. The breathing should also be carefully timed to coincide with the appropriate movements

    2. He timed his visit to coincide with

    3. It is some what curious that, though their opinions are so very different, their facts, so far as they relate to the price of corn at least, should coincide so very exactly

    4. In this extraordinary case, the public interest requires that some stock should be withdrawn from those employments which, in ordinary cases, are more advantageous, and turned towards one which, in ordinary cases, is less advantageous to the public; and, in this extraordinary case, the natural interests and inclinations of men coincide as exactly with the public interests as in all other ordinary cases, and lead them to withdraw stock from the near, and to turn it towards the distant employments

    5. As an instructor, my leave didn’t coincide with any great gathering of men such as often happens when a class graduates, or a unit embarks; or returns from a theatre of war

    6. Better informed now about the public recognition, Lucille and I started planning our trip to Spain in a way that would coincide with the Festival of Our Lady of the Assumption in Fuentesnuevas in August

    7. “How is it, then, that they are able to time their arrival to coincide exactly with the cutter’s departure, if the Coast Guard’s pulling out means nothing to them?”

    8. This does not only coincide with the Old Testament, but with the entire Word of God! How much more reprimanding do we need?

    9. Whenever suitable conditions coincide, the results will be experienced – either in this or some future lifetime

    10. To coincide with

    11. Time your men’s entry on to the station to coincide with the second fleet’s arrival,” I said via the comm

    12. officially declared over by President Shinra to coincide with the

    13. Q: Why does the Great Death of the mind coincide with the

    14. • Why does it cost more each year? Using the same above thought process, spending does not coincide with learning

    15. Later, she confessed she had adjusted the timing of her taking garbage to the dumpster to coincide with my grilling

    16. If it chances to coincide with the child’s activity it will get a leverage; if it does not, it will result in friction, or disintegration, or arrest of the child nature

    17. As said earlier, these areas, which coincide with my own stomping grounds, are along the Atlantic Coast

    18. that if I could time my leaving the river to coincide with a

    19. Many female migraineurs will also confess that their headaches are likely to coincide

    20. This is where you hold particular views because they coincide with a

    21. His rational and coherent moral views may, or may not, coincide with the law of the land at any given time or place

    22. This is why, as an Inner Circle Initiate, you must operate from your own set of morals which may, or may not, coincide with the (ever changing) moral opinions of your time and location

    23. This is the sort of question asked by a non-initiate! And the answer is always that the Initiate has his own set of internally generated moral principles which may, or may not, coincide with the law at any one time!

    24. The raid we are planning will be timed to coincide with raids on every suspect facility that we are aware of

    25. Jeremy’s tastes did not coincide with mine

    26. who made it back, they had timed this little escapade of theirs to coincide with the festivities

    27. Does that coincide with what your men reported last year,

    28. ―First leave would coincide with Ramadan then, first week-end

    29. and the devotional cycle for that race does not necessarily coincide with ours

    30. Why can't I change my mind to coincide with his?"

    31. These “booby-trapped” trays would ensure that the explosives would be distributed over areas not covered by the blast from the hidden store-room…Vendors would be assigned to work and remain within specific areas, within the stadium, to coincide time-wise, with the triggering of the remote! - tough luck for the vendors!

    32. The explosion is timed to coincide with the International Match being played between South Korea and Russia

    33. ally timed his arrival to coincide with the ritual food run

    34. Such momentum would coincide with the growing mo-

    35. against Jesus; however, their stories did not coincide with each other

    36. “Did the power-up coincide with the TV going off and on

    37. He figured the drift of Jim’s body in the increasing current and the speed of the sub would coincide with a position two miles further up the tunnel

    38. The offensive was deliberately timed to coincide with weather conditions of low cloud which kept Allied air forces grounded

    39. One might ask why the sixty-nine sevens is divided into seven sevens, followed by sixty-two sevens? The former period seems to coincide with the rebuilding of the city, in which case the latter part would be the interval from the rebuilding of Jerusalem to the coming of Messiah

    40. ‘’Agent 26, you are authorized to work in concert with those two Americans as long as our goals coincide

    41. It makes sense for the new year to coincide with the winter solstice by moving January 1st to what is now December 22nd

    42. ‘accident(ly)’ should never coincide in the same

    43. Traditional Mayans still do special propitiatory rituals every twenty days when their birth nagual repeats; and especially every 260 days when the nagual and its numerical coefficient coincide

    44. explosion from the collision timed to coincide with the cannon’s energy release was

    45. heaven? This will coincide with the antichrist being killed and resurrected

    46. The day seemed to coincide roughly with what he imagined it to

    47. and rate plan, which just happens to coincide with my primary business of selling cell phone adapters, power cords, chargers, cell phone cases and so on

    48. Even under a constitutional monarchy like ours�in which everything does not depend on the whim of an imperial autocrat�frequent changes on the throne are calculated to have a disturbing influence, and a new sovereign's views of his power and duties may not always coincide with those of his predecessor

    49. but that you setup in your mind the intention that the energy you will generate from your session will move forward in time so that it will coincide and link with the rest of us at the specified time period you chose from above

    50. your head suspend a soft tennis ball on a rope, so that during its swinging or pushing by a partner the trajectory of its flight would coincide with the location of your head

    1. coincided with his own interests, and took thanks in as many ways

    2. The event was a massive synchronized global meditation for world peace and unity and its date tied in with Mayan cosmology and coincided with a unique planetary alignment

    3. Its start, ten days ago, coincided perfectly with the activation of a long-range antenna whose range included the underground chamber they had found

    4. “Esmond, at some point the villagers are going to realize that the disappearances coincided with your arrival

    5. All at once, there was a deafening roar that coincided with Colling losing his footing and sliding to the floor of the wheelhouse

    6. that spiraled into various shades of brown that coincided with the fine wood

    7. He referred to Freakonomist Levitt’s recent book alleging that the drop really coincided with the time frame that the abortion

    8. Their travel there coincided with the arrival of the Latin American heads of state for a high-level Hispanic conference

    9. coincided with those trips

    10. These relationships have coincided with the rapid growth in the volume of home-state pork-barrel

    11. Each deceptive episode of the youthful Descartes must have coincided with the subsequent

    12. The rise of the modern NEA was exactly coincided with what

    13. Following the onset of the Great Depression of 1929, it also coincided with the extension of government regulation to industry

    14. I notice that the timing of this war has coincided with the completion of the widening of the mine shaft that holds the stone

    15. Your father and mother's visit coincided with the occasion and they

    16. “This system has been active for the last 9 years and coincided with the last time the notes took a change of design

    17. Gorham noticed that the date coincided with the first few weeks she was back from her captivity

    18. The rise of the modern sovereignty of Cascadia coincided with this return to fairness about Indian life

    19. time, however, it coincided with the traumatic destruction of

    20. Chance had it that it also coincided with carnival week, but no one could get the stubborn idea out of Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s head that the coincidence had been foreseen by the government in order to heighten the cruelty of the mockery

    21. MEME’S LAST VACATIONS coincided with the period of mourning for Colonel Aureliano Buendía

    22. The restoration of the view of one God coincided with the belief of the Jewish God that was worshipped by Jesus Christ,

    23. Though the overwhelming majority of character descriptions of Faye coincided with those initial thoughts of Elizabeth Bascomb that had instigated this investigation, he found it odd that there seemed to be such conflicting views in relation to her dominance over her husband

    24. These crises in Greater Syria coincided with revolts in Iraq in 1920

    25. His talent coincided with the introduction of the microphone; another technological success for which Germans were admired

    26. The meeting he was just about to attend coincided with the arrival of a large cargo ship from Murmansk

    27. In fact, ConocoPhillips “recovery” almost perfectly coincided with that of the

    28. I only study day in and night out as both day and night was coincided in my life

    29. They were just drones, but she cared about them none the less and it was just coincidence that it coincided with the death of the young McCoy Borg

    30. By no means all the incidents logged by GXR coincided with Farlow being on a night duty, but every time Jim had been on a late shift there had also been what GXR called ‘a blip’

    31. Vaughan suddenly remembered that some of the other recorded interruptions had coincided with the mysterious transactions into that woman’s account at the Dutch bank - what was her name? Ah, yes - Gladys Hood, - that was it

    32. How the hell did they do it? It was supposed to be impossible, wasn’t it? And what about all these ‘blips’ that Global Crossroads were detecting? In almost every case, they coincided with the illegal movement of funds somewhere

    33. The manifesto release coincided with the first day of polling when parts of the north-east, including Assam, were voting

    34. My introduction to stockbroking coincided with the biggest crash that the South

    35. Many of them coincided with data from archaeological excavations, but some are still unknown to science

    36. Why, you can’t screw even a whore if you’re not destined to have her, your visit to the brothel would have coincided with her periods, and the next time you’re eager, she could have shifted out of the town itself

    37. Unays ordered him to rise, but Nufayl’s word had coincided with a command more powerful than that of any man, and the elephant would not move

    38. Some coincided others differed

    39. Behind her a startled “OY!!” coincided with her chair colliding with a chair behind her and involuntarily Helen replied “Sorry

    40. No, it just so happened that mealtimes coincided with James having found something interesting in the Astley library, and brought up one old book or another to get Hunter’s opinion

    41. He arrived at the sanatorium and asked about her, but she had already given up her soul! He asked when it had happened, and the time they gave him coincided with the very time which Al’lah had sent him this true vision

    42. It was doubtful though; the children’s impromptu picnic coincided quite luckily with the similar meeting planned by the adults, so while the children would be together at the lighthouse, their parents would be deep in conversation at Fenton’s house

    43. The day after Peter’s election coincided with my parent’s twenty-fifth golden jubilee anniversary

    44. Our graduation ceremony coincided with the general’s visit to Harvard, and if the general could possibly be our commencement speaker after that Harvard event, it would inspire the veterans who were in the program and give a sense of dignity to every homeless veteran in our shelter

    45. had coincided with their first ever win

    46. headquarters office coincided with the exit from the

    47. Faustine’s arrival at the armoury the previous night coincided closely

    48. Before this moment, all of “their” previous choices, or “their” individual development scenarios, coincided ideally with each other

    49. The energy-information processes that happen in the temporal ethereal constituent of the group of Stereo-Types, the rotation Cycle of which has coincided with the stay in such local anomalous zone of this space-time Continuum, are instantly subject to a powerful influence of the increased frequency typical of “the rotation Coefficient” of this zone

    50. heaven, and it coincided neither with the period of the

    1. That that growth actually coincides with my own construction is proof of my initial inclination

    2. However, from that point, things went downhill rapidly, and that coincides with meeting your ‘perfect gentleman’

    3. Juan Gelmán, an Argentinean poet wrote that “poetry is an act of love, a useless, but necessary glowing-red type of job…” As most of you know, poetry is one’s lyrical spirit highlighted, and coincides with the harmonized conditions of the heart… So, I decided to play for her, with a poem, the melody that today fills my heart: a ballad that I wrote to celebrate her birthday with a very special gift: A POETIC KISS

    4. It coincides with the Age of Aquarius and will give to humanity a much better world, cleared of much of the greed and the fears

    5. To perform the cremation ceremony on dates that coincides with their holy calendar

    6. When an individual’s innate talent coincides with his interest, he will easily sharpen that talent into a marketable tool

    7. distinct expressions typically communicate three distinct things, here the communication coincides, and in this sense, communication of 3 is degenerate

    8. The period of the Aufklarung coincides with the reign of the Prussian6 King Frederick the Great

    9. 1 Going to the very root of civilization, the initial conflict is between man and woman: “The first class antagonism which appears in history coincides with the development of the antagonism between man and woman in

    10. This time period coincides with that of rapid industrialization and the concomitant labor-management

    11. ” This observation coincides with another of his statements: “Only by focusing on abstract categories that live on can redressing wrongs of history be made to seem plausible

    12. Add to that more teachers in the journalism schools who are dedicated to accurate newsgathering and reporting as opposed to the present drive to disseminate a collectivist prejudice that emphasizes, endorses, and promulgates the information that coincides with their partiality

    13. As an interesting aside, the modern phenomenon of the serial killer coincides exactly with a period when, for the first time in history, most people have adequate food, shelter and warmth

    14. This figure coincides with the study which revealed that not more

    15. also coincides with the course of evolution described in Darwinian the-

    16. This also coincides with the Qur’anic teachings, which define the existence of God on multiple different planes of existence,

    17. coincides with all spiritual beliefs and all religions

    18. This also coincides with the conception of

    19. That almost coincides with the beginning of the period some call Classical Greece, about 508 BC when the tyrant Hippias was expelled and a republican

    20. 'We're not quite sure, but it coincides with reports from Plesent that there has been an incident which has damaged certain parts of the upper layers of the planet

    21. Whether you accept it or not, what we’re viewing here coincides with the reality described by Captain James T Kirk himself when his landing party, including Scot, Uhura, and McCoy found themselves beamed

    22. “Your loss of time coincides with her loss of time,” Trini said

    23. “I have an experience of missing time, and this person’s photo of a UFO sighting outside of Denver area coincides with my experience

    24. This is a center of the human and it practically coincides with the center of gravity, both in the physical and the geometrical sense

    25. All this coincides with amazing accuracy with the available data… You can't even imagine what a great achievement in science it is! But it is necessary to confirm these data some more times for the validity of the experiment

    26. But the things you say… I simply catch myself on the thought that I can not argue with you because it coincides with my internal conception of the world

    27. Scientists cannot see an electron with their eyes yet they accept it as a scientific fact, because it is the only valid conclusion that coincides with other experimental evidence

    28. It comes from a poetic-existential truth that I believe is contained in Homer’s poem and coincides with the poetic vision of Cosmo-Art that I have created

    29. Take note that the explosion of heart disease in the middle of the 20th century coincides quite nicely with the rapid increase in the use of hydrogenated and refined oils in the food supply at that time, while the consumption of saturated fats has actually decreased between the early 1900’s and present time

    30. markers”, his account coincides with the others, i

    31. velop a pole plant that coincides with the end of a turn

    32. This description coincides almost exactly one part of what the culmination of the 2nd half of the process of Balanced Splitness will be

    33. If this coincides with a

    34. The only context in which the mathematical symbol of zero coincides with the actuality of our Universe and organic logic are the macrocosmic bubbles of galaxies in our Universe… and even that is not true because Space is a formless Medium, and Formlessness is not made up of an absolute vacuum

    35. The linear line: coincides with linear tool-use

    36. of advanced human civilization coincides with the many flood stories from the Bible, Egypt,

    37. coincides with the time symbolism used to represent the flow of human deeds

    38. This directly coincides with

    39. coincides exactly with a period when, for the first time in history,

    40. Most notable about the Ice Age is that its occurrence coincides perfectly with God’s dispersion of the people at Babel, who were building a tower to reach heaven and were instilling singularity of thought against God among all living upon the Earth

    41. This behavior usually coincides with an increased amount of energy when it comes to caretaking related activities

    42. “That all coincides with what I heard downstairs,” said Puller, looking at Kirk

    43. ‘That my wish coincides with your own,’ she finished quickly, exasperated at his talking so slowly while she knew beforehand all he would say

    44. I fancy the first stage of your derangement coincides with your leaving the university

    45. And that often coincides with actual turns

    46. It makes sense in a way in that complacency tends to linger and that this coincides with slow upward-moving markets

    47. What this means is that timing is of no real value to the investor unless it coincides with pricing—that is, unless it enables him to repurchase his shares at substantially under his previous selling price

    48. ” If the pocket pivot coincides with a base breakout, then volume does not have to be at least as great as the down-volume day over the previous 10 days, but should be acceptable breakout volume

    49. The timing of short sales also coincides with the action of the general market

    50. ” Big-cap favorites can take longer to break down, but normally as a stock forms two or more right shoulders it will typically break down through the neckline in the pattern at some point that coincides with the market starting a new down leg in an overall bear market

    1. 'I was thinking about it coinciding with harvest time for your namesake

    2. If the coinciding movement of both vessels was, as Mike Henderson claimed, adjusted for the benefit of drug smugglers, it was splendidly timed indeed

    3. Talent with a coinciding motivation is what

    4. (coinciding somewhat with the lower abdomen of the physical-biomolecu-

    5. After analysing all the relevant data, Tony predicted that if we ever had a king tide accompanied by unusually high rainfall in the coastal ranges, coinciding with cyclonic winds from the sea, or something like that, then the canals would burst and join the river systems, drained land would revert to swamp, and silt would create a sandbar parallel to the coast, causing the river to sweep south and scour out the beach in front of us here

    6. During the second decade of feminist thought, roughly coinciding with the 1980s,

    7. the book has shown the evolution of religion coinciding with the evolu-

    8. I would expect all of those to be “bad science” and/or witnesses to the fly over coinciding with the missile hit

    9. Their year started in March, which they called Martius for the war-god Mars, coinciding with the arrival of spring and warm weather

    10. Without further warning an ice shelf broke off loudly at that company’s fore when the tundra below was rocked by multiple impacts coinciding with coruscations

    11. But one of them can already be applied and it places an important high about November 10, 1972, thus coinciding with the 15-year interval and the election

    12. You stayed two nights, coinciding with the Voskuhl murders

    13. 17), which showed a series of four tight weekly closes right along the lows of the base coinciding with the tight sideways action shown in Figure 5

    14. How topping patterns form is largely a function of the general market and usually peaks in the right shoulder of a head & shoulders topping formation, coinciding with peaks in general market rallies that occur after an initial break off the peak, just as CROX and GRMN built their patterns in a manner that is very much in synchrony with the NASDAQ Composite, e

    15. When the VIX spiked in November 2008 to close at the highest level in decades, it was coinciding with the market finding a short-term bottom

    16. A deed done is irrevocable, and its result coinciding in time with the actions of millions of other men assumes an historic significance

    17. The people of the west moved eastwards to slay their fellow men, and by the law of coincidence thousands of minute causes fitted in and co-ordinated to produce that movement and war: reproaches for the nonobservance of the Continental System, the Duke of Oldenburg’s wrongs, the movement of troops into Prussia- undertaken (as it seemed to Napoleon) only for the purpose of securing an coinciding with his people’s inclinations, allurement by the grandeur of the preparations, and the expenditure on those preparations and the need of obtaining advantages to compensate for that expenditure, the intoxicating honors he received in Dresden, the diplomatic negotiations which, in the opinion of contemporaries, were carried on with a sincere desire to attain peace, but which only wounded the self-love of both sides, and millions and millions of other causes that adapted themselves to the event that was happening or coincided with it

    18. Art prices have been procyclical, with negative returns (1929–1934, the late 1940s, 1974–1975, 1991–1992, and 2008) coinciding with, or mildly lagging, recessions and equity market declines

    19. The stress regime probability was often high between 1973 and 1981 as well as in 1989–1990 and 2002–2003 (loosely coinciding with recessions and equity bear markets)

    20. • Percentage of hitting the global maximum—The percentage of optimal solutions coinciding with the global maximum (when the optimization algorithm stops at the node with the highest objective function value)

    21. The percentage of optimal solutions coinciding with the global maximum increases linearly as the number of selected nodes increases

    22. Besides, it is preferable to have coinciding strike prices of put and call options

    23. Fanny supposed she must have been mistaken, and meant to think differently in future; but with all that submission to Edmund could do, and all the help of the coinciding looks and hints which she occasionally noticed in some of the others, and which seemed to say that Julia was Mr

    24. The people of the west moved eastwards to slay their fellow men, and by the law of coincidence thousands of minute causes fitted in and co-ordinated to produce that movement and war: reproaches for the nonobservance of the Continental System, the Duke of Oldenburg’s wrongs, the movement of troops into Prussia—undertaken (as it seemed to Napoleon) only for the purpose of securing an armed peace, the French Emperor’s love and habit of war coinciding with his people’s inclinations, allurement by the grandeur of the preparations, and the expenditure on those preparations and the need of obtaining advantages to compensate for that expenditure, the intoxicating honors he received in Dresden, the diplomatic negotiations which, in the opinion of contemporaries, were carried on with a sincere desire to attain peace, but which only wounded the self-love of both sides, and millions of other causes that adapted themselves to the event that was happening or coincided with it

    25. He asked, what security had the United States, if they did all this, if they submitted to such abject humiliation, that Great Britain would treat? Was it to be expected that she would treat more liberally with us, when we solicited as slaves, than she would while we magnanimously contended for our rights? The gentleman from Massachusetts, when repeating his creed, had forgotten a part, viz: "Unfurl the banners of the Republic against the imperial standard!" This would complete a project he had lately seen proposed from the East; and, as to its application, coinciding with the wishes over the water, would be just such a project as Mr

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