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Frasi con colonial (in inglese)

1. Colonial Sections at the, 105.
2. He warned his colonial compatriots.
3. Restaurant in the Old Colonial House.
4. This includes during colonial times.
5. Officer and was raised in colonial India.
6. The spreadof learning in colonial Peru.
7. Seeing how the colonial powers withdrew.

8. Some sort of a colonial, I should think.
9. The first Colonial bank had agreed to honor all.
10. The country reflects the colonial aspirations of.
11. Anubis twirled me through a pair of colonial ghosts.
12. The First Colonial Bank of Mars was open for business.
13. Upon the colonial trade she imposed new restrictions.
14. Colonial architecture is not confined to drinking houses.
15. The early colonial governments created broad stock routes.
16. The battles of colonial empire-building were fought overseas.
17. They lived in a large old colonial that was very well furnished.
18. Their colonial rule there is in fact the center of the problem.
19. All of the building here appeared to be crumbling down colonial.
20. The house was a brick Colonial, waterfront, on a quiet cul-de-sac.
21. We were close to the French Colonial troops, who were on the left.
22. Historical Statistics of the United States; Colonial Times to 1970.
23. I pointed out the white colonial with blue shutters as we neared it.
24. We had come to Amethyst, a charming teahouse set in an old colonial.
25. However, the term could equally have applied to his colonial prede-.
26. The funds were transferred to Tim's various accounts at First Colonial.
27. Centuries before the English colonial chronicle, New Zealand had been.
28. Some of the fiercest resistance to European colonial rule was in Morocco.
29. The Abolitionist movement had been around in the US since colonial times.
30. I borrowed ‘Wierzbowski’ from one of the Colonial Marines in Aliens.
31. Had till yesterday Colonial troops in front of us, and now the Americans.
32. Poor old man fed like children, paid like clerks in the colonial moonshine.
33. Across colonial America, citizens took sides on the great debate of the day.
34. American Indian Veteran Traditions From Colonial Times to the Second Iraq War.
35. Each class had two teachers – either a Scots and a colonial or two colonials.
36. Al he owed was about nine hundred thousand to First Colonial Bank, on the real.
37. The church was the extension of the colonial power's army and trading companies.
38. Her participation in Colonial exposed how corrupt the idea was in the first place.
39. The colonial style was such a drastic change from the others, that it made her shutter.
40. In colonial times in the United States, child rearing was mainly the job of the father.
41. The Vatican and Papacy grew amazingly rich during the European colonial expansions and.
42. Known formerly as British Kaffraria in colonial times it was annexed by the British to.
43. He spends his time enjoying the scenic colonial coastline, bustling with passing ships.
44. The next thing I knew, we were inside the large Colonial mansion, in one of the hallways.
45. Colonial Oil fire crews and fire teams from adjoining plants fought the blaze initially.
46. Colonial wars similar to the French-Indian Wars raged around the world with territories.
47. Now consider the history of Christian Rome, the Vatican, colonial Europe, Islam, modern.
48. They had come to Africa in the nineteenth century to work in the colonial administration.
49. One French�man is a tired colonial type, another a young hustler, a third is a liberal.
50. Rome, Christian Rome, colonial Europe, and their primary colonies, which emerged as the New.
51. In that sense the colonial attitude persisted even if the reasons were not exactly the same.
52. We all know the Vatican acquired and accumulated great wealth from the European colonial and.
53. The colonial government had always seemed benign, aside from levying higher and higher taxes.
54. About 7:30, a second-floor light finally blinked on inside the white colonial across the roadway.
55. During the colonial expansions of the previous two centuries, Europe and the USA subjugated the.
56. Neither could it oppose the support, which the United States was giving for colonial independence.
57. Where did old colonial civil servants of his ilk go? Wherever it was they often went there to die.
58. Like other nationalists they resented colonial rule, but their agenda was significantly different.
59. In 1789, Congress federalized the lighthouses which had existed since the British colonial period.
60. While walking the streets, visitors cannot help but be struck by the British Colonial Hilton Hotel.
61. Built in early French colonial style, it looked impressively well-maintained and almost picturesque.
62. However, the term could equally have applied to his colonial predecessor, King Leopold II of Belgium.
63. By the mid-1950s more and more new countries were emerging after getting rid of their colonial rulers.
64. Vatican instigated colonial expansions from Europe into the rest of the world, after the Vatican had.
65. I heard they had kicked you upstairs so you wouldn’t interfere with colonial policy here on Mars.
66. The colonial system has been always regarded as essential to all the vital interests of Great Britain.
67. The war of races had become the new universal dynamic replacing the colonial spirit of the Origin Race.
68. He must be seen to be concerned for HMG and her colonial representatives on the other side of the globe.
69. It was an uprising of an elite clique of colonial snobs against the worse aristocratic snobs of England.
70. It was an old building, refurbished in the style of its glory days during the 1920s French colonial rule.
71. Germany was a relatively new entry into the game of imperial power-mongering and colonial empire building.
72. But Bryan was also the best hope the US had to avoid becoming a colonial empire, dominating other nations.
73. Yet you can’t really understand Latin America today unless you’ve got a grasp of its colonial heritage.
74. It was only a few years since Algeria had thrown off France’s colonial yoke and their pride was palpable.
75. Almost simultaneously Japan attacked colonial holdings such as Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Wake Island.
76. Their colonial empire disappeared, their trade monopolies were taken over, their naval might was shattered.
77. By The French Colonial outpost of Quebec coming in contact with the biggest trading Nation in North America.
78. I will instance that resulting from blockading squadrons, and that from repairs in colonial and foreign ports.
79. Here they make new constitutions, new laws, new wars every three months, but we are still in colonial times.
80. Not for nothing did the Americans of the colonial era decide that „Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.
81. Johnny stooped to examine the body of the young Aboriginal man in colonial uniform he had finally put an end to.
82. Department stores and thoroughfares disappeared behind me, replaced with colonial houses and miniature streets.
83. Some story of the colonial wenches; some little interlude in piracy—for I am sure you did not steal only gold.
84. The islands of Micronesia also lived under colonial control until finally getting self rule in the 1970s and 80s.
85. Number Forty-three: Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.
86. It had been built to protect the harbor, but now it served more as a reminder of British might on colonial shores.
87. Colonial hired the man and his wife, bit the bul et and paid the one million dollar fee to have them moved to Mars.
88. The rest of Africa is not that different for all have a colonial past and European based (originally) legal systems.
89. In reality, we are seeing a proud people that is simply attempting to free itself from French colonial exploitation.
90. First, to excite discontent in the people of the continent, by depriving them of their accustomed colonial supplies.
91. As a former colonial master the authorities will enjoy admonishing you sternly but with an undercurrent of fondness.
92. The knotty pine panels had been stripped away and the faded walls were painted colonial blue with white wainscoting.
93. Though relatively quiet, the French also had colonial ambitions, being early explorers and settlers of North America.
94. They were even known to lead uprisings – and so the practice had been banned in Jamaica during the colonial period.
95. Despite her inability to speak Spanish, Joan had somehow found a colonial house with enormous ceilings and huge doors.
96. You will find that her colonial and navigation system has, in that quarter, never been maintained since the Revolution.
97. Intelligence sources reported that the Japanese were intent on attacking American and Colonial possessions in the Pacific.
98. We just moved into my mom’s fiancé’s house across the street over there, she said, motioning to a giant colonial.
99. In what does your export to that region consist? In articles of colonial produce; not in articles the produce of your soil.
100. The producer only showed her being warmly welcomed by the adulating worshipping 20th century participants in Colonial house.

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