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    1. "Yes, with this hammer we certainly can; but to what point, Most Learned?" Diam Al'Hassad, commandant of Astrophysics asked

    2. Commandant Bin-Martis Gulmonish asked to speak, "We must remember that there is still a vessel of the Brazilian fleet in this system

    3. All worked for The Learned Hiram Al-Mosquta, Seer of Technology, who reported to Diam Al'Hassad, commandant of Astrophysics

    4. Before the Commandant in charge of the cadets, or the First Mate of the ship could even voice the order to reverse course, the nearest facility erupted in a fireball that looked more like a nova than a mining disaster

    5. Ravena's voice was barely a whisper now, “Elenir's niece was crewing that ship, the Wayfarer, as that First Mate, and on that run she was essentially taking orders from the Commandant only regarding the cadets

    6. Hawes and the other five captains went to brief the commandant,

    7. “The Flag Follows the Dollar” was an argument most famously advance by Marine Corp Commandant Smedley Butler that American invasions and ordered overthrows were because there were US companies out to make money off Latin Americans

    8. The plot was exposed by General Smedley Butler, former Commandant of the US Marine Corps

    9. “You have planes at the aerodrome, and the commandant says come and pick them up when you’re ready

    10. In 1836 he was promoted to commandant general of the “Free State of Alta California” after a revolt against California’s governor

    11. Nimitz held wartime United States Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Russell R

    12. Vice Admiral Alfred Carroll Richmond served as Coast Guard Commandant from 1954-62

    13. Commandant Richmond"s first major task was to head off the attempt by the budget conscious Eisenhower administration to merge the Merchant Marine (King"s Point, New York) and Coast Guard (New London, Connecticut) academies

    14. Smith, Roland"s successor as USCG commandant (1966-70), reiterated that position and was supported by Secretary of the Treasury Henry H

    15. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral John B

    16. Navy vessels to supplement the overwhelmed Coast Guard and authorized the commandant to call up 900 reservists

    17. Paquette took issue with some of the conclusions of the United States Coast Guard Marine Board and the Commandant in their concurring opinion that loss of buoyancy, massive flooding, and the wall of water that the vessel confronted were the only causes of the marine disaster

    18. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Loy and Customs Commissioner Robert Bonner proposed that cargo destined for U

    19. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral James Loy termed “the New Normalcy” conditions for maritime security (Conroy, Proceedings, November 2001, pp

    20. The top ranking USCG chief petty officer served as an advisor in the office of the Coast Guard Commandant

    21. Army Band and Coast Guard Commandant Admiral James Loy joined in the celebration

    22. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral James Loy and other officers presented achievement medals and letters of commendation

    23. Prior to his Great Lakes command, Admiral Silva was Chief Engineer and Assistant Commandant for Systems, where he was responsible for USCG engineering and logistics

    24. Collins, Commandant, U

    25. To underscore that point, within two months of his retirement as commandant and appointment as deputy director of the Transportation Security Administration, Admiral James Loy was named TSA director

    26. In the July 2002 announcement, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta explained Loy"s promotion to the media: “Admiral Loy amply demonstrated his ability to motivate and manage a large federal agency when he was commandant of the Coast Guard

    27. Former Coast Guard Commandant Loy, the newly appointed chief operating officer of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) accepted the honor from Timothy O

    28. On Commandant Loy"s watch (1998-2002) the U

    29. In the summer of 2002 Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Thomas Collins signed an $11 billion contract with Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman executives to construct elements of the Integrated Deepwater System (IDS)

    30. Stillman commanded the Coast Guard Barque Eagle and served as commandant of cadets at the U

    31. Collins, the 22nd Coast Guard commandant, assumed command of the Service on 30 May 2002

    32. The Commandant asserted that Coast Guard personnel, whether active-duty, reservists, auxiliarists, or civilians would be a top priority, along with morale and safety issues, and recruitment

    33. Coast Guard personnel, Commandant Collins insisted, must know and appreciate the history of the Service, and understand what and why they do what they are called upon to do in the multi-mission tasks ahead (Collins,

    34. Commandant: the top ranking officer in charge of the U

    35. The office of Captain- Commandant was created in 1908

    36. Reynolds, first Captain- Commandant, and later Rear Admiral- Commandant

    37. Reappointed Commandant on 12 January 1923 with the rank of Rear Admiral effective in October of 1923, the first Coast Guard officer to attain this rank

    38. Mason explained, and he added that the location decision would be made by Admiral William Kime, Coast Guard Commandant, Washington, D

    39. Collins became Commandant of the Coast Guard

    40. Hostettler, asserted that it was time to make the Coast Guard Commandant a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Adm

    41. The group commandant drove towards Borguebus with his 13 Panther tanks and discovered 60 British tanks SSE of the town

    42. I will, of course, remain as Commandant but I want Eckhart to take second in command with Smitz and Muller as the next line

    43. “It is a real pleasure to meet you Commandant,” Freidel said, “we have heard and seen you so many times in the past but always on film!”

    44. “Gerald, the takings from subscriptions has reached new heights, another record and our Commandant sends his warmest thanks

    45. Smitz sat quietly looked at the Commandant, he had never seen Steiner in such a deep, dark mood before, he had heard of his leaders ‘adventures’ as part of the LSSAH during the war but most of what he had been told could be gossip and exaggeration but now he saw the darkness in Steiner’s features and knew that he would see for himself how brutal and deadly his boss could be

    46. Elmore Gibson greeted the Germans warmly then handed over the American and European statistics, he grinned at Beck and said, “I think you will find the figures more than pleasing Commandant

    47. Radcliffe was different and he treated Joseph he best he could but by the time he met the Commandant late in 1986 Beck’s health was in a bad state

    48. “Come in,” The Commandant shouted

    49. Smitz looked a little shocked, “I thought I would stay with you Commandant

    50. Eckhart welcomed his old friend Smitz to the project and, in 1991, Randolph Muller arrived to assist with greetings from the Commandant

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