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Frasi con contaminating (in inglese)

  1. Contaminating the air, water, and food chains.
  2. I mean, we’d be contaminating the harvest, right?
  3. The cesium then spreads along these rivers, contaminating.
  4. However, they too have their own air contaminating priorities.
  5. They think his intestine ruptured, contaminating his blood stream.
  6. The force field prevented the bar’s air from mixing and contaminating the.
  7. There is always some negative noise contaminating our being, both consciously and sub-consciously.
  8. When it is actually them: the humans who kill and eat, who are contaminating the entire earth by their sins.
  9. One shell had penetrated an oil fuel tank causing a serious oil leak and contaminating the oil in adjacent tanks.
  10. Nothing was said until Samantha asked, Okay, how do you prove the company knew its sludge pond was contaminating Mr.
  11. I wanted to start looking around, but Conklin and I had to stay on the bricks and focus on what we could see without contaminating evidence.
  12. Whatever you do, you need to clean your juicer immediately after you juice to prevent any remnants from contaminating the juicer with mold growth.
  13. Although researchers can try their best to avoid contaminating, influencing, or interacting with what is being studied, they can never fully succeed.
  14. I thought it very odd that grays could be around him without being harmed and could also spend long periods of time in our home without contaminating us.
  15. He had seen it all, heard it all from the villagers who not one year earlier claimed a United States Satellite fell into their area contaminating them all.
  16. All incubators were able to be removed for service by a robotic system, through special air locks to a maintenance room to prevent any chance of contaminating the main incubator room.
  17. All too often, you unwittingly pass along the virus to a friend, family member, or business associate, exacerbating the problem by contaminating their systems with the same virus that infected yours.
  18. He conscientiously considered it dishonourable to remain in the service, and was inwardly persuaded that he was contaminating the regiment and his companions, although they knew nothing of the incident.
  19. A second volley of missiles followed, this time armed with highly radioactive warheads, spreading radioactive steam and debris, contaminating the whole planet and condemning whatever life was left on it.
  20. They doubtless believed for a human to be in possession of such technology was something akin to a prehistoric man with a gun; not merely dangerous to oneself and others but somehow contaminating the natural process of progression.
  21. He threw my clothes at me and said get dressed you whore and get out of the house you are contaminating it most women would have rather died than subject themselves to what you did so all I can say is that you must have loved it you slut.
  22. In some cases, servers use a sealed case design in which all of the air entering the case runs through a filter, enabling the server to function in an industrial environment without contaminating the internal components with dust and other particles.
  23. It was true the Imperial Charisian Navy insisted on first-quality dried milk, without any of the browning which resulted if it was left on the evaporating drums too long before being scraped off, which improved its taste considerably, but not enough that he would ever dream of contaminating perfectly good cherrybean with it!.
  24. Why are social, but not personal, abortions morally acceptable? Pro-life is against the killing of fetuses by undiscerning and dispassionate drones, mothers dying from malnutrition, wars contaminating the yet to be conceived, and all diseases, for all of these are social abortions against unwilling mothers and wanted children.
  25. It had to be a place in the middle of a large forest away from society, and it must have a river so they would have access to water; however, they knew these places were increasingly rare, since the monsters hate nature and for centuries had engaged in burning the forests, cutting down trees without regard; polluting the water, soil, and air; bursting mountains; digging huge holes; and, more recently, contaminating extensive areas of both land and sea with radioactive materials.
  26. How do you feel about that? Now, you all had a good upbringing, you wash your clothes, hands and faces, take lots of baths and showers, keep your homes and belongings as spotless as anyone can, and consider yourselves as clean as the next guy, so it really blows you away that anybody’d say this stuff, right? And, on top of all that, everybody around you that’s pulling all this dirty nonsense wants you and yours to get the heck gone, ‘cause your family’s supposedly unclean state is supposedly contaminating the whole dadgum country! Your country, too, by the way.
  1. The herd has been contaminated.
  2. Afraid of becoming contaminated by germs.
  3. His death was a result of contaminated water.
  4. Everything she touched was contaminated by it.
  5. Firstly, the harvest is already contaminated.
  6. More than 300 miles of shoreline were contaminated.
  7. But then again, had he fed me contaminated blood?
  8. Our lives are completely contaminated as early on.
  9. And the Pentagon would be contaminated for years.
  10. We change our basis of imputation from contaminated to.
  11. Our present body, speech and mind are contaminated by the.
  12. Broken glass, ash and soot stains contaminated the exterior.
  13. There is a bag of contaminated clothing in the trunk to be.
  14. Thankfully, they were not contaminated by the British bombs.
  15. Chester said, Their well water was contaminated with sulfur.
  16. I think Bingham climbed in the car and contaminated the scene.
  17. That one got loose and spread its contaminated blood all over.
  18. Not to mention, water is easily contaminated! Spread the word.
  19. Not a traceof the Appalachai smoke contaminated the atmosphere.
  20. They said he contracted cholera by drinking contaminated water.
  21. Cured and processed meat are more readily contaminated than fresh.
  22. That silicon was heavily contaminated right into the foundry blanks.
  23. He felt contaminated by the creature's presence and its deadly smell.
  24. While in the circle the character can't be attacked contaminated or.
  25. She realized no amount of crying would cleanse her contaminated brain.
  26. You are already contaminated and will die without my medical assistance.
  27. Birds will be particularly heavily contaminated and should not be eaten.
  28. There were, however, still contaminated areas, zones of lethal radiation.
  29. The government has decided to burn material that is contaminated with.
  30. Sadly, most of the nation’s food supply has been contaminated for years.
  31. But be careful in heavy seas as the water will be contaminated with salt.
  32. That Mulligan is a contaminated bloody doubledyed ruffian by all accounts.
  33. Hand protection that has been contaminated by chemicals, oils or greases.
  34. The following sources are the least contaminated (in order of least risk):.
  35. Such things are too close to him, and the romance contaminated out of them.
  36. If the fuel pool collapses or runs dry, the world will be contaminated with.
  37. We will dilute contaminated material 1,000 to 1 with clean material and then.
  38. Finally, he replaced the filter and bagged up the contaminated one in polythene.
  39. How, exactly, does the body become contaminated by toxins? The contamination can.
  40. The spreading of radiation throughout Japan by burning contaminated debris is true.
  41. Nearly everything was destroyed and land and water were contaminated for centuries.
  42. The makeup of these batteries indicates that the dump is now even more contaminated.
  43. You don’t have that type of protection and your good name is contaminated forever.
  44. A complicated mind is the result of a mind contaminated with controversial qualities.
  45. If you try to rescue them some of your people could become contaminated and the ones.
  46. Chernobyl, the worst nuclear power accident in history contaminated large areas of the.
  47. They could not fear that their souls in silicon would be contaminated by native viruses.
  48. When winter arrives we can be stuck inside our homes breathing in stale, contaminated air.
  49. His affection for Ralph was always contaminated by his knowledge of the evil Ralph had done.
  50. The girl’s room had been thoroughly cleaned, and the man’s room was totally contaminated.
  51. There was a problem Kulai had to see to in his job at the Kassikan, some contaminated samples.
  52. If I couldnt drink the water, how could I eat the meat? Maybe, the meat was contaminated too.
  53. Chester said, Many of our streams, rivers, and wells have been contaminated by strip-mining.
  54. The ground and air beyond this point is contaminated by a deadly poison called ‘radiation’.
  55. The third screen stayed blank and then flashed up stating ‘sample contaminated re supply’.
  56. You should also take precautions, in case they are contaminated with chemical or nuclear waste.
  57. Stalin surely would have sent them to the work camps, for having been contaminated by Nazi fascists.
  58. Ft worth were not contaminated by nearby gas drilling , as the EPA has maintained and has instructed.
  59. Typical of the Parent - contaminated Adult with a Blocked -Out child is the man who is duty dominated.
  60. She was his creature, contaminated by his control, not the impartial medical expert I had counted upon.
  61. However, Micah’s paranoia reached the point where he claimed even the bread and water were contaminated.
  62. The small towns on the plains below had not grown to the point that light pollution had contaminated the.
  63. The three that were cross contaminated for the one gene that had been investigated, who knows how many more.
  64. The minerals also help to neutralize the toxic acids that have contaminated and inflamed pores on your face.
  65. You’ve been contaminated by the so-called truths of this world, and you’ve not yet fully trusted in Us.
  66. Did that mean it was safe for kids over the age of two and retirees to live in that contaminated community?
  67. He wanted only career types and new hires straight from LS, not people contaminated by real world experience.
  68. Other sources also allege that patients developed conditions such as syphilis and HIV due to contaminated organs.
  69. We have already contaminated our own mind by allowing it to fall under the influence of this poisonous delusion.
  70. Occasionally, when conditions are just right, a field of rye will become contaminated with large amounts of ergot.
  71. Bureau of Radiation Protection and involved in cleanups at some of the country’s most contaminated nuclear sites.
  72. Consumption of fish contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) may reduce the ability of women to conceive.
  73. As the years passed, this village became increasingly contaminated by the low moral standards of near-by Sepphoris.
  74. Especially, do not drink the local water, which is untreated and heavily contaminated with bacterias and parasites.
  75. There are plenty more varieties of plants that you can have instead of a picture perfect lawn contaminated by toxins.
  76. Buddah pursued the animal approach, arguing as: Animals are not contaminated by God why should humans have God?
  77. After leaving the contaminated area, he was relieved and had received small amounts of radiation, but nothing crucial.
  78. That in the first week will exceed that accumulated during the rest of a lifetime spent in the same contaminated area.
  79. The radiations from that nuclear war contaminated the air and ground, making most of the planet unlivable for centuries.
  80. He, Denton and Thornburgh were wearing plastic booties because of the contaminated water on the floor in the control room.
  81. I lived in fear for years of being contaminated, which was the main reason why I never really wanted a serious girlfriend.
  82. Why had Sig identified the captain? Had Bingham somehow gotten in the car and contaminated the crime scene? Or was Sig confused?
  83. His fears of finding them to be contaminated or unsanitary were quickly assuaged, while the sacks of grains proved free of vermin.
  84. The protozoan is spread through contaminated feces and water that come into contact with infected parrots, including parent birds.
  85. The Spanish vote has succeeded in functioning as a lung of oxygen that purifies the contaminated air of their last flapping wings.
  86. Barnes had Cooper set up a perimeter around the doghouse and Ralph, trying to keep the scene from being contaminated by the spectators.
  87. On tonight's installment of Ptomain 2 U, we have three Stainless Supper chefs, one contaminated secret ingredient and ten dinner guests.
  88. I somehow imagined that by drinking contaminated water for years and by eating rotten food they would have become immune to the hazards.
  89. The water supply is in danger of being contaminated, not to mention all the harmful chemicals that wind up in the ground and in the air.
  90. AVOID touching anyone contaminated with chemicals and do NOT give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until you know what chemicals are involved.
  91. Well, like I said before, the case itself could be contaminated, Ganz offered, Or, perhaps, it doesn’t matter how well we seal it.
  92. Note that out-of-sample testing can be done only once; after that, the data set is contaminated and should be considered part of the sample.
  93. Muhammad lastly carries Qusim to the Ka‘bah, to the house of Allah, though it is contaminated with many false idols of many different faiths.
  94. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that even with body protection, ground zero was dangerously contaminated and would be for some time.
  95. Runs and drips from previous finishes loomed large, and wherever paint approached wallpaper or carpet it was rough and contaminated with debris.
  96. No, the crystal contaminated by his hack that had been left behind at 61 Cygni had somehow taken over the Brazilian expedition when they arrived.
  97. Like a vile trichina, like a germ of the plague infecting whole kingdoms, so I contaminated all this earth, so happy and sinless before my coming.
  98. They were looking for a tissue or handkerchief which might have been contaminated by blood or a pocket lining where the instrument had been stored.
  99. The contaminated water having been blocked from flowing into the treatment plant had nowhere else to go but down the disused pipe and on into the sea.
  100. We knew that it was the first significant breakthrough in years, which could hugely assist the work being carried out on the contaminated world outside.
  1. Repressed hatred is the biggest trap that today contaminates the Being as.
  2. Sometimes this can be caused by painting over contaminates such as oils or grease.
  3. The companies store it behind earthen dams where it rots for years as it seeps into the ground and contaminates the drinking water.
  4. Perception contaminates the procedure! The challenge is not me shielding this place from you; it is me shielding you from THIS place.
  5. We as leaders and managers should have the courage of our conviction and guts to correct the situation before it contaminates our entire organization.
  6. We have been brainwashed into believing that earth (soil) is dirty, and full of germs… Rather… it is we who are full of contaminates and germs: not the earth.

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1. Too often other people's energy contaminate us.
2. He was very careful not to contaminate the sample.
3. You musn't contaminate the Oviform! Musn't! Stand back!.
4. Far away out of town, we found a place where progress was unlikely to contaminate.
5. It was completely void of all the negative sounds that contaminate our daily lives.
6. He didn’t want to contaminate them any further in case they had to go to forensics.
7. A willingness to do the stomping, before the vermin bite your children and contaminate your grain.
8. And contaminate thousands of more people, who would in turn contaminate thousands more, said Puller.
9. Presumably, Wickland said, he’s going to use what’s in this case to contaminate the water supply.
10. This is an area denial weapon for it commonly refers to radioactive leaks which will contaminate a large area.
11. I’d seen similar stories spin out of control and confuse evidence, spawn hoaxters, and contaminate jury pools.
12. But hearken while I tell you the truth concerning those things which morally defile and spiritually contaminate men.
13. Not to turn you into a vampire, but just to contaminate your blood, so that I can use your blood to bring Vaidehi back.
14. He was particularly good at research design and controlling for extraneous factors which would contaminate outcome data.
15. He came to himself, I guess because he had a lot of time to think, and no one was around to contaminate this hideous but special time.
16. He put it on without hesitation, and also before entering he had to put on some blue overshoes so as to not contaminate any forensic evidence.
17. God can show you the errors of their thinking and the errors of their ways so that it does not contaminate you with what He wants to do with your life.
18. The clay-lined sewage pits were intentionally kept rather shallow, so that no sewage could seep through to the underground water table and contaminate it.
19. He finally broke the silence with another question, What would happen if Stratavynski did perpetuate this alleged plot to contaminate the water supply?
20. Under Cherva's command, our fighters will search out and kill every malformed freak living in that cesspit, so that no misfit is left alive to contaminate our future.
21. But now a few of them were part of the resistance, so secretive that they refused to even reveal their true identity – as if somehow that would contaminate human culture.
22. It was at that time that they built a fortress of reinforced concrete over the faded tomb of José Arcadio, so that the corpses smell of powder would not contaminate the waters.
23. Your budgie could catch this disease if she is regularly kept outdoors in a cage where droppings from infected pigeons and house sparrows could contaminate her food and water.
24. After their actions were reported, the scientists said they were testing the lab’s ability to positively identify lynx through DNA samples and never meant to contaminate the.
25. One person infected with lice or crabs could and did often contaminate a whole inn during a stay, in which case getting rid of the pest afterwards could be very difficult indeed.
26. We must steal the little grain they have left, contaminate the water they drink and burn yet more fields until there are none left to sow in order to flush him out for destruction.
27. This effect makes the curve exceptionally flat (1981) or steep (2010) when short rates are extreme and thereby contaminate the curve’s information about the prevailing bond risk premium.
28. Such marriage would contaminate a decent family value, desecrate a good legacy or good manners, through pro-creation, as future generations would take to either the maternal or the paternal traits.
29. Then all that is needed is to contaminate that human’s blood with vampire venom by biting him/her on a full moon night and then fed that contaminated blood to the dead human on the next full moon night.
30. When you re-enter, you'll be thoroughly cleaned before entering the cargo hull and the cockpit, and usually, the cleaning will remove any harmful substances so you won't contaminate the interior of the ship.
31. On the contrary, if there is delay, he will grow so corrupt that he will infect us too and contaminate all the fresh forces which one might still reckon upon now, so that we shall all at last come to grief together.
32. One man might build a wall and so keep the sun from his neighbour; another might come who would turn the course of a river through his own pond and so contaminate its water; or claim a fellow-being as his own property.
33. This has the disadvantage of cutting through the windpipe and food from the stomach may come up and contaminate the blood which you are trying to save, but if your knife does not have a sharp point it may be necessary.
34. The vast majority of federal judges are outstanding American citizens who uphold the rights of the people, but courage is required to move against the few bad apples that contaminate the system by ignoring the will of the people.
35. Your presence is a moral poison that would contaminate the most virtuous: for that cause, and to prevent worse consequences, I shall deny you hereafter admission into this house, and give notice now that I require your instant departure.
36. If he could not get war, or a continuance of the embargo, he wished, inasmuch as Great Britain and France had each interdicted us from going to the other, to declare that neither their armed nor unarmed ships should contaminate our waters.
37. The three possible sources of the problem are: (a) the active ingredient in the weed killer, 2,4-D; (b) the “inert” ingredients which are not necessarily “harmless”, or (c) the dioxins that contaminate the active ingredients during manufacture.
38. Sometimes he had the dim intuition that he was supposed to ask her about this, but what if she told him it was nothing, and left him there extended over the abyss by himself? Or conversely: What if she told him something he didn’t want to hear? And asked him, in return, why he was avoiding the apartment? How could he make her see that it wasn’t that he didn’t love this; that in fact he loved it too much to contaminate it with the infection that was, apparently, him? Instead, he would pour his drink and put on his Scottish bagpipes LP and stand by the window, looking out over the city.
39. This I learned from her benefactress; from the pious and charitable lady who adopted her in her orphan state, reared her as her own daughter, and whose kindness, whose generosity the unhappy girl repaid by an ingratitude so bad, so dreadful, that at last her excellent patroness was obliged to separate her from her own young ones, fearful lest her vicious example should contaminate their purity: she has sent her here to be healed, even as the Jews of old sent their diseased to the troubled pool of Bethesda; and, teachers, superintendent, I beg of you not to allow the waters to stagnate round her.

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