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    1. However, this theory remains controversial

    2. ‘I meant to ask you – is there anything they don’t eat? I’m doing chicken with salad and new potatoes with ice cream for afters … nothing controversial, but I meant to ask you before and forgot

    3. It is already controversial that Jesus would cross the sea to the land of the seven

    4. This verse, even though it is controversial, is a true statement

    5. It is controversial, but it just seems to fit with the biblical narrative

    6. The potato is good and filling but not at all controversial, gastronomically speaking

    7. break up the boredom of school life, the more controversial the better

    8. Cardinal whilst he was investigating the controversial arrest

    9. for creating a controversial angle)

    10. The more controversial you are, the more PR and free publicity you will

    11. The revelation was no doubt controversial and he had to endure his fair share of criticisms

    12. controversial, but girls are completely useless at sex without one

    13. “I don’t want to be controversial but! I have a theory called

    14. England were more controversial as they would ultimately be

    15. Both of these substances are highly controversial, and in many places, they are illegal

    16. It was a controversial idea in a world where the absence of war had been viewed as part of cultural evolution

    17. Many say that the controversial disciplinary project has failed

    18. (deliberate) manner, that oftentimes tests the limits of its collective tolerance, can be traced to its traditional support of liberty and acceptance, within reasonable limits, of comparative viewpoints and expressions however controversial or unpopular to some

    19. Even sending military hospital ships abroad for aid is controversial

    20. For this reason, conventional wisdom is oftentimes likely to avoid controversial subjects considered incompatible with the customary and accepted practices of an increasingly sensitive, overly cautious society; preferring to play it safe, instead, by providing pat answers or formulaic responses to difficult questions rather than expressing a ―truthful‖ opinion

    21. The avoidance of controversial themes and other subject matter has become one of the modern ―virtues‖ that has gradually come to define our collective mindset

    22. A controversial deer cull had occupied the headlines several years previously

    23. Almost 80 years later, the New Deal remains controversial

    24. A controversial study by Takahashi (2003) found that the

    25. “It’s a strange one, with controversial implications, and a hyper-sensitive dependence on existing conditions

    26. But what effect did John’s last best effort have on his world? His “Revelation” seemed to have been so controversial that, in drawing together the Canon of the New Testament, it was rejected several times as unsuitable

    27. Using all sources, not just the Bible, the controversial British Egyptologist says that the inhabitants of Paradise migrated to Mesopotamia in the sixth millennium BC and settled in Sumer, where a great culture flourished that led to the invention of writing and the creation of Uruk, considered the first great city of humanity

    28. Anything controversial would be a good day for them

    29. Aware of his dissertation’s controversial nature, he made a conscientious effort to prove every issue to nullify possible attacks even before he was called to defend it in May of 1976

    30. · Avoid anything remotely controversial

    31. breast measurement, however this is still a relatively new area and quite controversial

    32. bring up what could be a sensitive or controversial issue

    33. be a sensitive or controversial issue

    34. It remains a controversial lifestyle which some people uphold as morally neutral and normal,

    35. (The controversial contract deal was withdrawn after it become public)

    36. In the interests of religious peace controversial sermons and any form of heresy hunting were forbidden

    37. born monsters – this is a controversial topic, whether or not people

    38. The top of iceberg is PROTAN, a controversial company of incineration

    39. When grants for programming to which the Park Foundation’s logo would be linked were controversial, including criticism of specific organizations or corporations, or politically partisan, I had real concerns

    40. The Cold War brought conflict and controversial boundaries to the Korean peninsula and Vietnam

    41. Somewhere in all these volumes there must be things that were more controversial

    42. question is very controversial

    43. The case is already too controversial, too complex

    44. Entrepreneurs can make a declaration with their content or blog post, be controversial, spark debate, start a challenge, just have something to say that speaks louder than mere words

    45. Of course, I realized the painting was controversial

    46. We could just as easily have picked other controversial subjects such as political parties, forms of government, professions, Reiki healers, astrologers, organizations, and more

    47. By accepting all of reality as experiential, one can learn from all things, without ever asking a controversial question: are they real or fake

    48. “Weŕe doing research on a case, itś not a live case but itś good material for our college paper, we need controversy to encourage debate, and we think this case is controversial

    49. “But his most controversial position involves nuclear weapons

    50. Celebrex has been controversial as it pertains to heart issues but is still prescribed

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    controversial open disputable questionable undecided uncertain undetermined unsettled