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Frasi con countercurrent (in inglese)

  1. The Nautilus took full advantage of this countercurrent.
  2. The ocean around Palmyra was a whorl of currents, lying at the meeting point of the westward-carrying north equatorial current and the eastward-carrying equatorial countercurrent.
  3. There are two currents here: an upper current, long known to exist, that carries the ocean's waters into the Mediterranean basin; then a lower countercurrent, the only present–day proof of its existence being logic.
  4. These banks are the result of marine sedimentation, an extensive accumulation of organic waste brought either from the equator by the Gulf Stream's current, or from the North Pole by the countercurrent of cold water that skirts the American coast.
  5. So what gave rise to this countercurrent stream? This revolutionary programme we call life? This programme that conflicts with the second law of thermodynamics and the fabric of the cosmos? And who or what created this deviant programme—and for what purpose? Chance, alone, cannot account for life or increasing order or anti-entropy in a universe bound by increasing entropy over time.

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