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Frasi con crumple (in inglese)

  1. He was about to crumple the.
  2. Watched her crumple to the floor.
  3. Without it, he would crumple into dust.
  4. If he moved any direction, he’d crumple.
  5. I watched him crumple to the floor as my head wheeled.

  6. Annabeth caught me before I could crumple to the floor.
  7. Crumple the bacon and mix with all other ingredients in a bowl.
  8. He punched the largaph in his crotch and let him crumple to the ground.
  9. The buoyancy of the bucket combined with its speed to crumple him to his.
  10. What? So you think the house is gonna crumple up and be sucked out into the.
  11. Henry lumbered over to a vacant bench and let his duffle bag crumple against a brick wall.
  12. The stench as they catch fire, and crumple up in a ball, and begin the long fall to earth.
  13. She shoves past him, and he has enough time to crumple his eyebrows at Wes to say, Sorry.
  14. Harry was led off in a crumple of tears and grief that luckily no one but his lawyers had seen.
  15. He peels her dress down to crumple at her waist and he sets to work on the ribbons of her corset.

  16. I crumple the paper without bothering to read past the propaganda for more of their slanted journalism.
  17. My knees crumple beneath me, and he grabs my collar almost carelessly, dragging me toward the elevator bank.
  18. Oh, he saw that till the very last moment the man had not known he would crumple up and fling away the notes.
  19. The contact wasn’t as severe as it might have been but enough to crumple up the left front wing of the Mercedes.
  20. It was hard not to crumple the cigarette pack now that her fingers had lost feeling, but she was not—was not—cold.
  21. All you have to do is to lay a sheet of newspaper on the floor, and take about 30 seconds to crumple it with your hand.
  22. The stabbing pain hit her immediately, causing her leg to crumple, and she fell hard against the sill, catching herself.
  23. But all he did was crumple the note in his fist, veins popping from his skin as he squeezed it, and Thomas’s heart sank.
  24. I found him at the end of the pier, pointing down and watching my face to see me crumple and seize the pier rail, staring over.
  25. The second goon watched with disbelief his comrade crumple down in a heap and earned an uppercut under the jaw for his hesitation.

  26. The young man continued to crumple the bit of paper, and he made such a good effort to remain calm that his face seemed to bear an angry expression.
  27. Tafferel saw his man crumple to the ground screaming with pain as the bullet passed through his leg and buried itself in the wooden frame of the barn.
  28. I watched as she reached down and gripped the beast’s metallic skullcap at the back edge and then with a crumple of metal bending force she peeled it up and over exposing the brain cavity of the mixed up ape.
  29. The Stygians held, but behind them the press of the asshuri melted; and over the bodies of the nobles of the South who died in their tracks to a man, the mercenaries rolled, to split and crumple the wavering mass behind.
  30. Nanny said that when people cry, you should hug them to make them feel better, but not hard like Daddy does as that makes them feel a lot worse, and never to hug Nanny as her bones were brittle and would crumple under the strain.
  31. He used to hide and he used to cry, and he has no desire to return, no desire to have his Flynn persona who could handle such things ripped away, no desire to crumple in front of Rapunzel and maybe bring her down too with his weakness.
  1. Her voice was like the crumpling of paper.
  2. Crumpling his trash into a ball, he turned and looked straight at Thomas.
  3. Her legs buckled and she lost her grip on the latch, crumpling to the floor.
  4. At the same moment, he lashed out with a leg, crumpling the man at the knee.
  5. Bhaer spoke warmly, and walked to the fire, crumpling the paper in his hands.
  6. Crumpling up the page, she pulled out her notebook and tore a new one from it.
  7. His hood was crumpling badly; his front bumper was but a memory back in the road.
  8. He said "Merci," and, crumpling the bank-bill, thrust it into his trousers pocket.
  9. Then, crumpling the can in a knotty fist, he tossed it into the sink burping loudly.
  10. Looking past the rapidly crumpling body, Moshe suddenly saw Yigal’s miscalculation.
  11. Chessy’s slender body flew backward, hitting the wall hard and crumpling against it.
  12. So have we for the matter of that, thought Jacob, crumpling the Daily Mail in his hand.
  13. Ava gasped for breath before crumpling to the floor and bursting into hot tears of shame.
  14. Haydar rolled the window down crumpling the letter up and tossing it out onto the pavement.
  15. A sharp crack echoed from within the Maze, followed by the horrible sound of crumpling metal.
  16. The Ploughman sat in long silence when he read the letter, his fist crumpling around the paper.
  17. She wanted to be depressed about the state of the world, not the crumpling and creasing of her skin.
  18. Then they move again, and there is a sound she recognizes, like the crumpling of an empty milk carton.
  19. Before the blue light faded into the shadows she could see him crumpling toward the floor in a state of stun.
  20. There is the sound of crumpling metal from the roof, and a loud crack from the windshield as it caves inward.
  21. He turned to see the other mercenary crumpling lifelessly to the ground, his head misshapen from a cracked skull.
  22. You should continue with the calculations…' it was displaying as he stood up, crumpling the fax under his jacket.
  23. The driver of the SUV gunned his ride and the bumper of the Escalade rammed into the rear of the Malibu, crumpling it.
  24. It had a hysterical edge to it I didn’t like at all, and I folded where I stood, crumpling into a ball on the plush carpet.
  25. Memories; the car, a passenger, sitting in the eye of the storm with a bottle, Jock's face crumpling, Maggie taking his shoes off.
  26. Dinon dropped to the floor, the shots hit a largaph corporal behind him and sent him crumpling to the floor in a mess if blue blood.
  27. Totally taken by surprise, the SS men were mowed down quickly, with only one of them able to fire a wild burst while crumpling down.
  28. Crumpling in distress, with tears perching upon her bottom lashes she saw a look of remorse flash across his face as he turned away.
  29. A large heavy tomb came crashing down with a dull thud on top of Harry’s head and he let out a cry before crumpling to the floor in a daze.
  30. Despite crumpling the blanket and stuffing it into his ears, a squeaky voice managed to pierce the fluffy layer and stab deep inside his brain.
  31. What is it now? In answer, of course, he heard only the sound of the drapes being pulled from their rod, and his wife crumpling to the floor.
  32. She smiled wide and seductively, just as she rammed her knee into his pelvis, sending the bewildered sailor crumpling to the ground, wailing in agony.
  33. The young man held a piece of paper in his hand, and, evidently not knowing what to do, with an angry expression on his face was folding and crumpling it.
  34. He kept seeing visions of Travers laughing as he related some anecdote then crumpling and crying out for help as Parker hit him with the butt end of his 45.
  35. Then, reaching its peak, it paused, suspended for a second, before slowly crumpling and falling like a condemned building under the impact of the demolition hammer.
  36. It was the noise of the metal milk can crumpling under the force of atmospheric pressure as the steam pressure inside the can rapidly diminished with the cooling of the metal.
  37. Instead of crumpling to the floor and lying there waiting to be kicked, the peasant boy came back with a right-handed punch that had all the strength of his shoulders behind it.
  38. And then without warning it went down, tripping on a tree root and sailing out into the air, a diver without a pool, before crashing full length on the soft ground crumpling into a tumble of twisting limbs.
  39. The bar-Seth with a crackling groan of crumpling metal alloy hit the bottom of the ocean and even more water started to pour into the ship including the control room, where it leaked in around the hatchway doors.
  40. Her black eyes looked at the crowd without seeking anyone, and her delicate arm, bare to above the elbow, lay on the velvet edge of the box, while, evidently unconsciously, she opened and closed her hand in time to the music, crumpling her program.
  41. And there in fact was Sonya lying face downward on Nurse’s dirty feather bed on the top of the chest, crumpling her gauzy pink dress under her, hiding her face with her slender fingers, and sobbing so convulsively that her bare little shoulders shook.
  42. And there in fact was Sónya lying face downward on Nurse’s dirty feather bed on the top of the chest, crumpling her gauzy pink dress under her, hiding her face with her slender fingers, and sobbing so convulsively that her bare little shoulders shook.
  43. As she spoke she started to cry, shrinking into herself, her face crumpling like that of a five-year-old, so I moved across the seat and brought her in close to me, stroking her hair while she kept talking, her words now jumbled, too fast, too full, broken with sobs and hiccups.
  44. Tomorrow morning you will arise with the memory of this experiment, your attempts to remove the wood, the hissing and splattering water, the sound of the crumpling milk can, the sharp crack of the wood, your surprise (he wisely did not use the words fear, terror or panic) at that, and then the commotion of the terrified horse.
  45. But how else was he supposed to bridge the distance between the body hooked up to a breathing tube and the one that had sat before him two months ago, strumming an apple-green guitar? Truth is, he said, crumpling his napkin into the cardboard basket the demolished cheesesteak had arrived in, I wanted to talk about a case of yours.
  2. He crumpled to the floor.
  3. Larry was a crumpled heap.
  4. He crumpled to the ground.
  5. Ruby crumpled to the floor.
  6. And the grill was crumpled.
  7. Is the pages that crumpled.
  8. They were crumpled but dry.
  9. It was slightly crumpled now.
  10. Her face crumpled with shock.
  11. He crumpled to the ground in.
  12. Paul felt crumpled up and lonely.
  13. Moses had crumpled to the floor.
  14. He crumpled the bill in his hand.
  15. Her face crumpled when she saw me.
  16. Al then crumpled hard on the drive.
  17. He crumpled suddenly, crushing the.
  18. He crumpled on top of his colleague.
  19. I crumpled against the elevator wall.
  20. She crumpled at the blow to the head.
  21. His gaze locked on the crumpled object.
  22. He held out a crumpled glossy photograph.
  23. Carroll was smoking a crumpled cigarette.
  24. She handed him a crumpled yellow envelope.
  25. It lay crumpled and lifeless at his feet.
  26. She crumpled up her bag and looked around.
  27. The waitress’ face increasingly crumpled.
  28. He hands me a crumpled blue 5x7 index card.
  29. The bed covers were crumpled on the floor.
  30. Gary lay in a crumpled heap on the sidewalk.
  31. The crumpled divorce papers are in his hand.
  32. Cooper looked like as he crumpled to the ice.
  33. As he crumpled in an unconscious heap, two.
  34. Then he crumpled to the floor in front of me.
  35. He was down, he was crumpled and he was dead.
  36. Stratham crumpled to the deck, his neck broken.
  37. Crumpled sheets hung over the side of the bed.
  38. Henry took the note and crumpled it in his hand.
  39. He crumpled to his knees and closed weary eyes.
  40. Maslova crumpled it up angrily and took another.
  41. My heart crumpled under Raf’s look of betrayal.
  42. The comic caught his eye, crumpled as it was on.
  43. Stuff the bottom of the box with crumpled paper.
  44. She opened her purse and took out a crumpled bill.
  45. Inside the cavity was a crumpled metallic object.
  46. As the boy lay in a crumpled heap on the ground.
  47. John took a crumpled tear sheet out of his pocket.
  48. The boy quickly crumpled under the mental duress.
  49. Myles crumpled setting her head between her calves.
  50. He was crumpled on the rocky ground, trying to rise.
  51. Stepping into the hall, he saw her crumpled figure.
  52. Aiden began as he waved the crumpled comic book in.
  53. Gerrid felt his legs give way, crumpled to the floor.
  54. She crumpled against the wall and slid to the floor.
  55. Read it! He tossed a crumpled letter across to me.
  56. Mac, crumpled on the bottom of the raft, smiled back.
  57. The cabin smashed in the accident, crumpled when the.
  58. A piece of paper lay crumpled at the foot of the bed.
  59. Danny crumpled to the ground, letting go of the shirt.
  61. Except his legs felt so weak they crumpled beneath him.
  62. The groom rocked once, then crumpled forward in a heap.
  63. The man crumpled into one of the chairs and leaned his.
  64. Van Thorn crumpled the paper and shoved it in his pocket.
  65. His sheets lay in a crumpled, tangled mess on the floor.
  66. He could see Donna, crumpled and soaked in her own blood.
  67. Marquesa hastily dabbed her lips with the crumpled brown.
  68. Smith crumpled up the note and picked up the plastic bag.
  69. She frowned down at the towel, now crumpled on the floor.
  70. He smashed into the stone wall and crumpled to the floor.
  71. Her face crumpled, and I could tell she was close to tears.
  72. The crumpled scrap of paper wrapped around the key would do.
  73. The big man then crumpled on the floor, down for the count.
  74. My entire focus is on Vasiliy, now crumpled on top of Mira.
  75. Percival wanted to look away from the man’s crumpled body.
  76. It had been crumpled under the weight of the other rubbish.
  77. Suzy crumpled up in a heap in the hallway and started to cry.
  78. A crumpled beer can rested in the grass beside the sidewalk.
  79. It fell to the ground in a crumpled mass of flesh and blood.
  80. He stepped back, then crumpled over, succumbing to the pain.
  81. Too many crumpled nose-cones had been caused by that method.
  82. She crumpled the paper into a ball and shoved it in his mouth.
  83. Sancha fell into the bottom and lay there in a crumpled heap.
  84. Crushed between the vessels, the man crumpled onto the barge.
  85. He sat crumpled in his chair, his eyes staring straight ahead.
  86. Something was crumpled up in his fist and I knew what it was.
  87. The sight was so staggering, she crumpled to her feet, nearly.
  88. Norm crumpled to the ground again, this time with a loud moan.
  89. Misery and joy compounded together as she crumpled to the hard.
  90. Michael's face crumpled as though he'd been hit by a heavy blow.
  91. Her face crumpled as she slid from her saddle and into his arms.
  92. Her face crumpled into laughter and she put her work in her lap.
  93. And then he crumpled it in his hand and threw it in the gutter.
  94. I handed him two crumpled bills and he turned away with the money.
  95. No, Dear Shelagh! No, Love Rosemary! She crumpled it in her hand.
  96. Then he tossed the gun, bag and all, on top of the crumpled pile.
  97. I was crumpled in the vegetable patch, in the dirt and the vomit.
  98. Within a half hour the pride of the sea was crumpled and sinking.
  99. He had left Ruth lying in a pile of crumpled bedding, fast asleep.
  100. She held in one hand a crumpled cigarette and matches in the other.
  1. The body sags and crumples onto the floor.
  2. He crumples them up and rolls them back off the bed.
  3. I want a great many crumples of this sort put into it today.
  4. Hoenir mumbles something in his sleep, and Loki crumples to the floor.
  5. Christina crumples the first report into a ball and hurls it into the water.
  6. He tries to demonstrate he’ll do just that, but his knee crumples again after a few more yards.
  7. The teabag crumples as it's clutched in his fist, all the tiny leaf shavings crunching into dust.
  8. The assailant’s briefcase is filled with rocks, and the American official crumples to the ground.
  9. There is just enough magic now that when the knife hits the guard, it explodes, and the guard crumples to the floor.
  10. He says that next time he'll try to be more subtle, but he trips over the word "subtle" and crumples onto the table.
  11. Shamus’ knees go weak, his eyes roll up into his head, and his body crumples forward and hits the ground with a thud.
  12. He walks over toward the kitchen, tosses his wallet and wilted dollars on the coffee table, crumples a piece of notepaper and tosses it in the trash with a series of credit-card receipts.

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