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    1. a mind on the cusp of sleep

    2. Davie is caught on the cusp of action, but waits

    3. The moon base was on the cusp of the

    4. (points to a distant hill on the moons cusp

    5. It seemed to be the cusp or crux, the nexus of the game

    6. We are now on the leading cusp of our technology

    7. happy to know that a little more than a decade after Matt, (on the waning cusp of

    8. When he was on the cusp of a major acquisition, he knew his seller better than the seller knew himself

    9. I think Japan’s on the cusp of that change with public opinion now favoring a nuclear deterrence capability

    10. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 occurs right on the cusp of your 8th house of transformation

    11. Cancer is on Gemini’s solar 2nd house (of money) cusp, which indicates that Geminis can earn extra income (in a harmonious and natural way) from investments in residential property, restaurants and hotels

    12. The Solar Eclipse of the 23rd occurs right on the cusp of the 5th house

    13. The Solar Eclipse of the 23rd occurs right on the cusp of your 2nd house and affects finances

    14. You are in a cusp situation between personal independence and reliance on other people

    15. The sign of Gemini sits on Pisces’ 4th solar house (of home and family) cusp

    16. He was on the cusp of making the history files himself

    17. Some are on the cusp now and are seeking a light, a beacon, something that will allow their information stores to peak and create in them the new information for the world

    18. The facts are that in America we are at the cusp of moral and ethical decay in many areas of this country

    19. ” The vim had left her tone and she was on the cusp of begging

    20. Her head rested lazily on the cusp of the flat pillow as she gazed outside at the churning pale darkness

    21. Several months after “The Prayer,” I was on the cusp of

    22. Percival was on the cusp of a rant when his wife flashed her eyes angrily at him

    23. "His birthday was in November--late Scorpio, it was--sure, the 22nd, right on the cusp

    24. Ascendant: The zodiac sign on the cusp of the 1st house is called the Ascendant or Rising sign

    25. Cusp: The cusp of a house is the border between it and the adjoining house, e

    26. The zodiac sign on the cusp of a house describes, in part, how you function in that area of life

    27. For example, if you have Libra on the cusp of a house, you will show some Libra qualities in matters related to that house

    28. The term cusp also refers to the dividing line between two zodiac signs, and so to hear that someone is born on the cusp of Aries and Taurus means that the Sun on their birthday was either in the last degrees of Aries or the first degrees of Taurus

    29. House Ruler: The ruler of a house is the planet that rules the sign on the cusp (beginning edge) of that house

    30. would be on the 10th house cusp, also known as the Midheaven

    31. Leo on the 7th house cusp, the Sun is the ruler, so for more information about this particular 7th house, you would look at the sign and position of the Sun

    32. Midheaven: The cusp of the 10th house, the career point at the top of the chart, among the most powerful points in the horoscope

    33. What is certain, though, is that Verdict 2014 has placed India at the cusp of change, with the future direction pregnant with a range of possibilities, good and bad

    34. my fascination with the cusp of Venus, but you might try to show a modicum of interest in Uranus

    35. This was a rare moment, standing on the cusp of a new tomorrow

    36. No sir! Incest, all other un-related rape; wife and child-beating; their enslavement (economic and/or literal); abandonment; and myriad forms of more “minor” detrimental impact on our fellow humans have never been worse than right now! On the cusp of the next millennium (only by Christian counting, remember—others have a full range of available options), conditions for all but the so-called “stronger” sex (adult version only) rival the darkest pits of all our times past

    37. But true to the curse, before any consummation, any happy ending, they are always both killed, always together, always at the cusp of the revelation

    38. Is this the beginning of spirit?” They were not afraid of GovCorp's IUY or any GOLEM neutralizing them, but of humanity eliminating themselves on the cusp of a great tri-scendence

    39. He felt at peace with his high emotionalism and wished to remain in its cusp for days to

    40. This was not a planned CUSP situation, but I record it verbatim in case it may be of use

    41. ” We are now on the cusp of the new age, which will be characterized by the “feminine

    42. Even on the cusp of manhood he often

    43. ‘You are on the cusp of manhood, my son

    44. The air of excitement all around me was a palpable feeling as to a man we wondered what grand adventure we were on the very cusp of experiencing

    45. The time he told the group put his first DUI sometime in the early 1980’s, the cusp, still the time when it was common for the officer to give warning and advise to drive home safely

    46. What if they’re supposed to compare the Maps to other sections …” He trailed off, feeling like he was on the cusp of something

    47. And also, during that second week on the trail—when spring was on the very cusp of turning officially to summer—because I was so hot I thought my head would explode

    48. LabCorp has continued to prosper due in part to the aging of the population, and it is now on the cusp of benefiting from the introduction of early cancer detection blood tests, such as one for ovarian cancer

    49. That puts you on the cusp

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