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Frasi con decomposition (in inglese)

  1. Without it, death and decomposition.
  2. Decomposition was at an advanced stage.
  3. Each dish was in varying stages of decomposition.
  4. Evtushévski of the number four with its decomposition.
  5. Organic Life is created out of composition, not decomposition.

  6. Already the bodies were in the first stages of decomposition.
  7. Recall the spread decomposition at the beginning of this chapter.
  8. An extensive literature reviews decomposition of commodity returns.
  9. Hare's apparatus for decomposition and recomposition of Water, 336.
  10. Mechanical decomposition into collateral, roll, and spot returns is easy.
  11. This process is known to every pupil, and no matter what decomposition Mr.
  12. The technique of hierarchical decomposition has been used to specify the.
  13. But the figure before the three individuals was in a state of decomposition.
  14. Within our decomposition of beta were several types of standard deviations.
  15. Anna stood by the table of various meats in different stages of decomposition.

  16. Of course, the dangers of decomposition are totally eliminated by the cremation process.
  17. There is nothing evil with the processes of decomposition as long as its supports Life.
  18. A black man whose lifeless flesh is still mostly intact, with no signs of decomposition.
  19. The warmth of the ambient air at this time of year had speeded up the decomposition process.
  20. But it is highly probable, they are to be ascribed to the decomposition of animal substances.
  21. When our troops reached the outskirts of Warsaw, they could smell the stench of decomposition.
  22. He could see by the degree of decomposition that it must have been in there for quite some time.
  23. An object may be quite alien even when composed of mundane parts, and a part-wise decomposition.
  24. Beyond a certain limit no mechanical disruption of the body could hasten the process of decomposition.
  25. Attempts to identify the individual are ongoing, as his body appeared to be in a state of decomposition.

  26. Under this view of the case, the action of the poles in Galvanic decomposition is one of complex affinity.
  27. After death, decomposition or cremation will allow the body to release that water back to the environment.
  28. Whatever you think you are made of is on loan from the future – our final creation is our decomposition.
  29. His face was not recognizable, as decomposition had begun, and the nose was broken and laid flat by a blow.
  30. The air was thick with the unequalled stench of decomposition which burned his nose and made his eyes water.
  31. Her body was already in the early stages of decomposition that autopsy report could not verify a foul play.
  32. These crystals are very liable or subject to decomposition, in which state they present a perfect but spongy cube.
  33. This demand-based decomposition of returns into their elemental parts (after Ibbotson–Sinquefield, 1976 et.
  34. The physical decomposition of your physical body still leaves behind leftover energy that does not decompose or radiate.
  35. Any decomposition is further complicated by various interactions and compounding effects as well as by data mismatches.
  36. It might sound silly but death to has its own smell and it is nothing to do with decomposition death has a bouquet all of its own.
  37. All Life, all living things including us depend upon this balanced process of separation and connection, decomposition and composition.
  38. As soon as signs of decomposition had begun to appear, the whole aspect of the monks betrayed their secret motives in entering the cell.
  39. I have ascertained that an iron heated to combustion, by a blacksmith's forge fire, will cause the decomposition of the hydrate of potash.
  40. He couldn’t have been dead long, a few days at the most but decomposition was already settling in, the skin on his face rigid and taut.
  41. The bodies had to be identified, but it proved to be a daunting task because of the advanced state of decomposition of many of the bodies.
  42. For a while the stink was godawful, but now, between the decomposition and the rain, the odor is pretty much gone, as well as the carcasses.
  43. Owing to the easy decomposition of these rocks, and the horizontal position of their strata, they afford many subterranean passages for water.
  44. A similar process will apply to all structures as they eventually evolve in structure and function such as the decomposition of an animal, etc.
  45. We are all aware that in this day, many bodies will be nothing but dust due to decomposition over thousands of years, but not the bones my friend.
  46. Evtushévski not admit this last decomposition? Why must there be the order indicated by him? All that is a matter of mere arbitrariness and fancy.
  47. The fact is that a smell of decomposition began to come from the coffin, growing gradually more marked, and by three o'clock it was quite unmistakable.
  48. In reality, it is apparent to every thinking man that there is only one foundation for any composition and decomposition, and for the whole of mathematics.
  49. That, I believe, was why many people were extremely delighted at the smell of decomposition which came so quickly, for not a day had passed since his death.
  50. Every time, whenever the pupils indicate a new method of decomposition, the teacher places the cubes on a ledge of the blackboard in the manner here indicated.
  51. The extrication of hydrogen by the action of diluted sulphuric acid on iron or zinc, being the consequence of a previous, not simultaneous decomposition of water.
  52. The teacher explains to the pupils that the last decomposition, that is, 1 1 2, does not come under the accepted order, and is a modification of one of the first three.
  53. Im not positive about how they might have done that either – the forensic guys have a whole bag of tricks and charts – lividity, decomposition – that sort of thing.
  54. The main text takes the latter approach because focusing on generic nearby contracts leads to a convenient decomposition of excess returns into roll returns and spot price changes.
  55. It may be argued that the “ash” which remains is chemically, basically the same as the end result of a conventional burial and the decomposition which follows, namely “dust”.
  56. Antti doesn’t mean for these three ways to look at expected returns to be a clean decomposition, rather he finds use for all three at once (remember, he calls this art and science).
  57. From the decomposition of such substances, it is well known the acid of the nitric salts arises, and it would of course unite with the lime every where present, and form nitrate of lime.
  58. All around lay the flesh of different animals- from men to horses- in various stages of decomposition; and as the wolves were kept off by the passing men the dog could eat all it wanted.
  59. All around lay the flesh of different animals—from men to horses—in various stages of decomposition; and as the wolves were kept off by the passing men the dog could eat all it wanted.
  60. The study of language consists in imparting the laws of the decomposition and of the reverse composition of sentences, words, syllables, sounds,—and these laws form the subject of instruction.
  61. Empirically, rental yields—and, based on the authors’ decomposition, especially their mispricing component—move with inflation and nominal bond yields while exhibiting scant relation to real yields.
  62. There was a tradition that both of these had lain in their coffins as though alive, that they had shown no signs of decomposition when they were buried and that there had been a holy light in their faces.
  63. Just as arbitrarily are the children taught combinations in arithmetic and the decomposition of numbers according to a certain method and order, which have their foundation only in the fancy of the teacher.
  64. The uncontrollable and hopeless mass of decomposition so engendered, would have polluted the air, even if poverty and deprivation had not loaded it with their intangible impurities; the two bad sources combined made it almost insupportable.
  65. On the hills (and there are many of them) there are two kinds of soil, the silicious and the argillaceous, the first is formed from the decomposition of the rocks which once covered the surface, the latter from the slate which lay under them.
  66. It serves to create mould over rocks, to increase their decomposition, to add to our cultivable soil, to amalgamate the alluvial and organic deposits, to fertilize sandy and unfruitful tracts in the course of time, to administer to vegetable life, &c.
  67. This led me to think that the incrustation was owing to the decomposition of the limestone, which was produced by the sulphuret of iron, intimately disseminated through the rock, which would also explain the singular circumstance of its striking fire.
  68. Nobody who had been in the trenches could ever or would ever forget the smell of them this was made up of stale sweat, damp uniforms, shit, bacon, chloride of lime, decomposition and cigarette smoke with the smell of cordite drifting around just to add a new ambience.
  69. Once undead evil is revealed and killed: it reverts back to the purest negative energy there is: one-sides inorganic decomposition: 100% negative oxygenation: literally burning up and disappearing into the component energy radiation they are designed to decompose into.
  70. A washing machine rises bright and shining from its packaging, suffers a decade of high-speed revolutions and hot water calcification, and finally returns back to its constituent elements through recycling or decomposition deep beneath the gull strewn summits of landfill.
  71. In other words, all the Energy in the entire Infinite Universe has reversed all of its dynamics from separation to Connection, from destruction to construction, from decomposition to Composition and Re-composition because the Universe is now coming In instead of going Out.
  72. If the question is asked: Could all his grief and disturbance have been only due to the fact that his elder's body had shown signs of premature decomposition instead of at once performing miracles? I must answer without beating about the bush, Yes, it certainly was.
  73. The instruction of mathematics consists in imparting the laws of the composition and decomposition of the numbers (but I beg to observe,—not in the process of the composition and the decomposition of the numbers, but in imparting the laws of that composition and decomposition).
  74. Of course, there is no end to the writing of such books; for there can be only one grammar and arithmetic, but of exercises and reflections, like those I have quoted from Bunákov, and of the orders of the decomposition of numbers from Evtushévski, there may be an endless number.
  75. To those of our readers who may not be familiar with this subject, we would however take the liberty to remark, that porcelain clays generally arise from the decomposition of granite, and particularly of that kind which is denominated graphic granite, and which abounds with feldspar.
  76. For it was pointed out, too, that if the decomposition had been natural, as in the case of every dead sinner, it would have been apparent later, after a lapse of at least twenty-four hours, but this premature corruption was in excess of nature, and so the finger of God was evident.
  77. But arbitrary conversations about the wasp, and so forth, or problems within the limit of 10,—its decomposition in every manner possible,—cannot form a subject of instruction, because, in the first place, they transcend the subject and, in the second place, because they do not treat of its laws.
  78. The fact is, that this chemist, Professor at New-Haven, published, on the 7th of May,[15] 1812, a memoir containing the results of experiments made upon a very great number of bodies, until that time reputed to be infusible; and, among others, upon the alkaline earths, the decomposition of which he effected.
  79. Here is before you, gentlemen of the jury, a crime characteristic, if I may so express myself, of the end of our century, bearing, as it were, all the specific features of the first symptoms of decomposition, to which those elements of our society, which are exposed, as it were, to the more scorching rays of that process, are subject.
  80. Graveyards are the life killing golf courses of the dead, with greens between tombstone flags marking the holes for one manicured and fumigated by the petrochemicals of mower, fertilizer and herbicide poisoning the lawns choking on the off gassing toxic chemical coffins seeping with the sterilizing fluids of an uninhabitable decomposition.
  81. The inadequacy of the principle of defining with authority what is evil and resisting it with violence, which was already obvious in the first centuries of Christianity, became even more obvious during the decomposition of the Roman Empire into many states of equal right, with their mutual hostilities and the inner struggles which took place in the separate states.
  82. Regardless of the condition of the body, whether it is in a grave, in a state of decomposition, returned to dust or burnt to ash, devoured by a beast, or in the ocean, whatever the condition of the believers body, no matter what and where, on the day of resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ will resurrect and revive that which is left, where after the believer will be in heaven, with Christ for ever.
  83. It may easily happen that the children will at once point out the decomposition of the number into component parts in order; even then the third exercise cannot be regarded as superfluous: Here we have formed four cubes of twos, of separate cubes, and of threes,—in what order had we best place the cubes on the board? With what shall the decomposition of the four cubes begin? With the decomposition into separate cubes.
  84. Consider, I said, Glaucon, that even the badness of food, whether staleness, decomposition, or any other bad quality, when confined to the actual food, is not supposed to destroy the body; although, if the badness of food communicates corruption to the body, then we should say that the body has been destroyed by a corruption of itself, which is disease, brought on by this; but that the body, being one thing, can be destroyed by the badness of food, which is another, and which does not engender any natural infection--this we shall absolutely deny?

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