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    1. She was a bit decorous from her Yingolian ancestry, but not excessively

    2. He was the decorous life of the party

    3. So far as it wins compulsory assent, through the pressure of the external evidence of Christianity, supposed to support it, or in consequence of that internal evidence, of which no perversion can wholly deprive the gospel of Christ, it causes in young and meditative spirits an internal agony of doubt and despair such as is seldom forgotten, even after years of mature insensibility and decorous conformity

    4. Well, and that's enough, I think, by way of a decorous _oraison funebre_ for the most tender wife of a most tender husband

    5. He must know mathematics, for at every turn some occasion for them will present itself to him; and, putting it aside that he must be adorned with all the virtues, cardinal and theological, to come down to minor particulars, he must, I say, be able to swim as well as Nicholas or Nicolao the Fish could, as the story goes; he must know how to shoe a horse, and repair his saddle and bridle; and, to return to higher matters, he must be faithful to God and to his lady; he must be pure in thought, decorous in words, generous in works, valiant in deeds, patient in suffering, compassionate towards the needy, and, lastly, an upholder of the truth though its defence should cost him his life

    6. Jo couldn't even lose her heart in a decorous manner, but sternly tried to quench her feelings, and failing to do so, led a somewhat agitated life

    7. Notwithstanding the increasing warmth of the amicable contest, the most decorous Christian assembly, not even excepting those in which its reverend ministers are collected, might have learned a wholesome lesson of moderation from the forbearance and courtesy of the disputants

    8. Even he was sensible of the decorous atmosphere and even he began to respond to the religious stimulus

    9. The whole tribe of decorous personages, who had never heretofore been seen with a single hair of their heads awry, would start into public view, with the disorder of a nightmare in their aspects

    10. Then there would have been a decorous interval of a year or at least six months

    11. They knew what was decorous behavior and what was other states, because they believed that no one who was anybody ever came from not and they never failed to make their opinions known—Mrs

    12. So we drank from china cups in a decorous fashion, making small talk, and then Johnny proposed a recording session for Christmas Day

    13. Well, and that's enough, I think, by way of a decorous oraisonfunèbre for the most tender wife of a most tender husband

    14. Whereas her parents’ Vietness had once been something to conceal, it now provoked from people—when it had been established, through decorous indirection, that she wasn’t in fact Chinese, or Thai—a kind of awe

    15. This, he says, would be more “decorous

    16. ‘Tonight, not later,’ said he in a low voice, and he moved away with a decorous smile of

    17. It may be that the chilled fingers faltered on the pistons of the cornet or at the valves of the French horn, that the time was irregular and that by an organ in a church, with a decorous congregation, the hymns they chose would have been better played and sung

    18. They were extremely decorous little visits because he was an invalid

    19. This would not have been remarkable had they been dressed in their national costume, but the sight of French marquises, usually so decorous, jumping about as if possessed, was so irresistibly comic that we were convulsed with laughter, and the flute-player was unable to continue

    20. His language became more decorous, and even his voice changed

    21. Madame Hohlakov had been slightly ailing for the last three weeks: her foot had for some reason swollen up, and though she was not in bed, she lay all day half-reclining on the couch in her boudoir, in a fascinating but decorous déshabillé

    22. Koulikoff was not changed a bit, as decorous as ever, and gave himself just the same airs as ever; manner or words to show that he had had such an adventure

    23. Such a tile was about to descend upon the elegant and decorous public now assembled to hear the music

    24. Then the young men would wink at one another, and so indicating that they were in league together against Semyon Ivanovitch, would begin a conversation, at first strictly proper and decorous

    25. “Tonight, not later,” said he in a low voice, and he moved away with a decorous smile of self-satisfaction at being able clearly to understand and state the patient’s condition

    26. How often it happens that for years one sees a family cover themselves over with a conventional cloak of decorum, and preserve the real relations of its members a secret from every eye! How often, too, have I remarked that, the more impenetrable (and therefore the more decorous) is the cloak, the harsher are the relations which it conceals! Yet, once let some unexpected question—often a most trivial one (the colour of a woman’s hair, a visit, a man’s horses, and so forth)—arise in that family circle, and without any visible cause there will also arise an ever-growing difference, until in time the cloak of decorum becomes unequal to confining the quarrel within due bounds, and, to the dismay of the disputants and the astonishment of the auditors, the real and ill-adjusted relations of the family are laid bare, and the cloak, now useless for concealment, is bandied from hand to hand among the contending factions until it serves only to remind one of the years during which it successfully deceived one’s perceptions

    27. ) that to leave to the Governors of Territories of the United States powers which are fitted but for the Sovereigns of Europe, is highly decorous; whilst I think they should be spurned from the statute book

    28. He had no further objection to the call for either of these papers, other than it was neither decorous nor proper to call upon the President for that which could not be officially in his possession

    29. For if he had, as I think I have proved, in his former letters uttered no such insinuation as is asserted, then all the allegations in this paragraph are wholly harmless and decorous, neither disrespectful nor improper

    30. Her wooing had consisted of a timid kiss or two, a decorous marriage into whose ceremony the word “love” had slipped unobserved, close to “honor” and “obey

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    decorous becoming comely comme il faut seemly honest chaste conformant pure respectable maidenly decent