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    1. The girls were no less spectacular and each successful deflection, dodge, duck, leap, handspring, or somersault gradually brought them nearer to each other in order to unite their force and neutralize the near invisible staff that Harry wielded like a master

    2. They ranged over the roadway from one side to the other, the ladies executing with expert precision each posture, block, deflection, and duck

    3. Mortals from Earth could be here by 2400,” Alfred said, "even sooner if dust deflection continues to improve

    4. Kay laughed with mirth, and then Leland began his attacks in earnest, and she lost herself in the thrill of deflection, attack, and counter-attack under the darkening sky, billowing grey clouds beginning to slide in from the east

    5. A deflection for a high attack

    6. concern that wave deflection from the breakwater wall could increase the wave size,

    7. The deflection caused it to scream past, colliding

    8. Coriolis force: the deflection of wind and water caused by the earth"s rotation

    9. This time the blow was delivered as his teacher approached from Barrad’s right making it difficult to angle its deflection

    10. Tiamat’s heads writhed in confusion over the deflection of her multiple-chemical attack

    11. We have measured a slight deflection in the comet’s trajectory

    12. He opened up the deflection shutters to the main observation windows

    13. As a deflection, I asked her for an example where she did apply this principle

    14. She had no training in aerial gunnery, but she had lots of practice at rifle shooting, a sharp vision, excellent hand-eye coordination and had also listened to the best air aces of the Luftwaffe as they told her how to calculate a shooting deflection

    15. ‘’While I learned basic air tactics and deflection shooting from those German aces, what helps me most to shoot down Japanese planes came from my adoptive mother

    16. amount to the gravity wave‘s deflection to the

    17. The P-38 fired three bursts in quick succession, difficult deflection shots that most pilots would have missed

    18. Anyway, the wingman of the jet that exploded turned around and came again head on against me and got shot down for his troubles, while Major Batson cut off the retreat path of the damaged jet and finished it off with frontal deflection shots

    19. Her first deflection shot was followed by a head-on shot as the Mig-15 pilot, realizing that she was after him, let go the bombers and turned towards her

    20. The torpedo is powered by a rocket engine, and in fact, it floats in a bubble which is created by the deflection, and filled with exhaust gases

    21. And, of course, the deflection

    22. One deflection would be enough time

    23. The fighters were more than likely carrying heat seeking missiles, which would be difficult to avoid unless his aircraft was equipped with automatic, anti terrorist missile deflection systems

    24. A simple deflection with his stick and a twist of his body could direct a stab meant for him into one of the other opponents

    25. such as heat, tool deflection, distortions in

    26. sorts of problems tool deflection

    27. how to avoid those deflection problems

    28. Tool Deflection and Accuracy

    29. 001" of tool deflection

    30. That's what's needed to keep cutter deflection within 0

    31. your tool deflection to be half of that

    32. Effects of Climb vs Conventional Milling on Tool Deflection

    33. While we're on the subject of tool deflection and accuracy, let's consider the

    34. small arrows (often called vectors) showing the direction of tool deflection as

    35. Note how the deflection force vector is more nearly parallel to the cut with

    36. Try climb for roughing, because you can rough faster and the tool deflection

    37. should avoid too much depth of cut when climb milling lest it invite deflection

    38. The same article suggests that when deflection is to be minimized, use no

    39. kind of deflection to expect and whether it's a worry

    40. Properly factoring deflection can help you avoid the need for an extra spring

    41. Tool Deflection and Tool Life

    42. deflection as being akin to runout

    43. pushing the tooling too hard through cut deflection

    44. tool is flexing in the same direction (remember those deflection vectors from

    45. Tool Deflection and Chatter

    46. The deflection makes it act

    47. you that a tool deflection of more than 0

    48. supposed to go about dealing with tool deflection

    49. trying to determine deflection? Because of the flip side of the deflection coin,

    50. More cutting force equals more deflection, but it also

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