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    1. He could understand someone's nerves at making a presentation before the whole crew, but he looked as much dejected as nervous, in fact he hadn't seen that kind of face on a man since he was mortal and saw someone who just had a close family member die

    2. Zarko turned and left the palace feeling very dejected and angry

    3. No use flogging a dead camel, he thought as he made his way to the exit feeling somewhat dejected and sad

    4. Penelope backed out of the tent, feeling a tad dejected

    5. Joss stopped talking as he went through the pictures, a dejected look taking over his features

    6. Alex tried not to feel dejected as she watched the others run to help save the world

    7. He went home dejected

    8. I know how much the girls mean to you so if you want to punch me go ahead”, he looked so dejected there sitting on the pavement

    9. He slumped back to the floor feeling dejected and was struck by a gnawing hunger in the pit of his stomach

    10. Even as a few of his children poked their heads through his legs and around his torso, Millin looked dejected, and it was clear that he had big, dark circles under his eyes

    11. Dejected, I looked around for another board, but was only able to find cracked walls,

    12. He looked so dejected and saddened that the man felt sorry for him

    13. Almost like one of the dejected slaves in the pit, his chest narrowed, and his shoulders sagged

    14. Slikit returned to the burrow in a dejected mood, knowing that he would have to tell Soffen about Brock's disappearance, but he delayed, frightened of what her reaction might be

    15. Bru was in a very dejected state of mind

    16. Yet, through broiling sunshine and a thunderous downpour, Beth had sat perched uncomfortably and growing continually more dejected

    17. “This made Cain both dejected and very angry; his face grew dark with fury

    18. Hermann thanked him in a dejected tone of voice and excused himself

    19. We were elated at the possibility and dejected at the same

    20. A dejected and disillusioned Derek made his way back to the

    21. A hopeless and dejected Harry shuffled out of the room

    22. 6 And at the end of the year, they both dreamed dreams in one night, in the place of confinement where they were, and in the morning Joseph came to them to attend on them as usual, and he saw them, and note their countenances were dejected and sad

    23. Roger left, dejected and in pain, to find solace alone…

    24. Finally he spoke, sounding completely dejected

    25. 6 And at the end of the year they both dreamed dreams in one night in the place of confinement where they were and in the morning Joseph came to them to attend on them as usual and he saw them and note their countenances were dejected and sad

    26. toward the bed, and maybe it was seeing how dejected I was

    27. Within an hour, he left the meeting, very sad and dejected

    28. dejected resignation to the obvious

    29. Alex interceded on the behalf of the dejected fighters

    30. He waded despondently to the whirlpool and dumped the mound of eggs into the swirling vortex with a dejected sag of the shoulders

    31. Ceder could not bear the dejected cast of his expression

    32. Those who derived most benefit from his personal ministry were overburdened, anxious, and dejected mortals who gained much relief because of the opportunity to unburden their souls to a sympathetic and understanding listener, and he was all that and more

    33. I was dejected and distressed, but in an incoherent sort of way

    34. Andrew was at a loss to know what to do for his dejected associates

    35. Judas had been shocked by the death of John the Baptist, severely hurt by the Master's rebukes on several occasions, disappointed when Jesus refused to be made king, humiliated when he fled from the Pharisees, chagrined when he refused to accept the challenge of the Pharisees for a sign, bewildered by the refusal of his Master to resort to manifestations of power, and now, more recently, depressed and sometimes dejected by an empty treasury

    36. Why are you so dejected that I’ve him as king rejected ?

    37. They were a dejected and chastened group

    38. " And thus speaking to the dejected and forlorn ambassadors of the kingdom, this self-appointed chief of communication and intelligence took leave of the apostles

    39. And it was to Peter, in such a frame of mind and in such a state of soul, that Jesus appeared as the dejected apostle strolled among the flowers and shrubs

    40. No, more than that, he had been dejected and depressed

    41. Dejected I take a seat on the bed again

    42. Rory felt a little dejected but said nothing

    43. “What, Mama?” Sarah leaned back and gazed with dejected eyes into her mother’s face

    44. More Roman soldiers were visible through the gate, while dozens of Herod’s soldiers sat as a group under Roman guard, disarmed and looking dejected

    45. They looked dejected and crestfallen as

    46. Dejected he climbed back up into his seat

    47. Maybe the latter color refers to the down and out, dejected feeling that one party felt after that Tuesday in November or the fact that they blew the election

    48. exhausted and dejected, may be this wasn’t a refuge after

    49. Dejected he withdrew his hand and

    50. Nimitz saluted back and looked at the dejected prisoners, at the head of which were General Tojo and Adolph Hitler

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