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    1. I don’t mention any of this, in my monthly phone call to Amy, but entertain her with a description of the demo we had last Friday afternoon by a local potter

    2. copy of Junya"s „The Product" demo CD in her SUV, but it stays under her seat

    3. demo, I hit holms over the head with a champagne bottle…”

    4. Junya instantly noticed that there were a few copies of his demo CD on the

    5. stolen a copy of his demo CD

    6. a copy of his demo in the SUV, and Khevasiah probably gave out a copy or two,

    7. a copy of his demo, knew where the club was; she might have been there that

    8. recently recorded a demo album

    9. He depicted the “trade-off” picture on the reverse side of Amanda’s demo, and he used Lomberg and Horner as sources of supportive material

    10. needed was another hijack situation turning the testing into a demo, or worse, a

    11. records was flooded with requests for demo records

    12. Here are two short demo videos that have been created to show you the simple process of exchanging links via this site:

    13. This is a brief look at the graduation process from demo trading to live trading

    14. The first thing is to create a demo account

    15. You download the forex trading platform and create the demo account using the broker’s instructions

    16. In creating the demo account, do not get tempted to start trading with the $100,000 virtual money that traditional brokers offer by default, because 95% of retail traders do not have $100,000 to trade with

    17. As a demo trader, your job is to simulate the real thing, so create an account with the same starting balance that you would start with when you begin live trading

    18. stopped out on demo, the better, because like Thomas Edison said of his failed 10,000

    19. Practice all what you will read up and what you may be taught in seminars on your demo platform

    20. • At the end of your video, give your audience a call to action - try the demo, read a white paper, etc

    21. “Wait! This is just a demo

    22. demo that can help prospects who

    23. Is there a reason why the first four letters of the word democracy result in the word, demo?

    24. "Are we still doing the demo this evening?" I asked

    25. The demo bros

    26. Mikey walks off and begins approaching the Class A Demo

    27. you about another demo when we’ve sorted ourselves out

    28. Most companies will have a demo that is made available to you so that you can familiarize yourself with the interface and see how some of the functionality works

    29. I sent Angelo some demo tapes and he managed to get me and my fledgling band a gig at Precious Metals

    30. We’ll use one of the demo caskets that the casket company gives us to showcase and we will pick him up at the hospital and we can have him embalmed and then brought to the shelter in a hearse

    31. “He’s asking me about the asbestos that was taken from the floors we did demo on, and I have no clue what the hell he’s talking about

    32. Nicola chirped, ’Let’s have a demo of our rehearsing the scene

    33. He said them to present a demo

    34. So, I called some demo studios and told them about the

    35. want to hear this) onto cassette to send to the demo companies for

    36. office, photocopied the music and posted it to the demo houses at

    37. There are more lies, such as the one about the rock music demo he fictitiously records

    38. I walked over to a nearby bakery, bought a coffee and a piece of crumb cake, and sat on a bench in Father Demo Square

    39. By November ’72, we had gathered enough original material to make our first demo tape

    40. She seemed surprised that any potential recording artists might be knocking on the door so soon, and I left my home-recorded demo tape with the assurances it would be auditioned and returned to me

    41. At that time, we were probably doing nothing more than making a demo for Dave Edmunds to consider, as Nick was in the process of forming Rockpile with him, despite the fact that they were signed to different record labels

    42. You will have gained experience through your accumulation of knowledge; this only comes with exposure to charts, which only comes with trading live accounts and demo accounts and back-testing

    43. You have built your confidence by trading (back-testing with historical data, live data with your demo account, and, finally, you have tripled your small live account)

    44. Several blowups later, and Golden Dick was too afraid to trade anything but the demo

    45. He received a few days on the demo for his lack of compliance

    46. He remained on the demo

    47. Yuki thought that this demo was a pretty ingenious way to visually put a cell phone in Candace Martin’s hand instead of a gun, and she had to admire Hoffman for coming up with it

    48. He’d seen the demo

    49. This way, she can figure out how to use the software through a demo account and save herself the costly errors that can arise when people they try to place orders on an unfamiliar system

    50. Henry, having thought that he had logged into my demo account but in fact having actually logged into my real account, had purchased 60,000 shares of IAG at the open, at the market price

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