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Frasi con dented (in inglese)

1. The shiny stone is dented.
2. It was old, tarnished and dented.
3. Uh, these are all dented already.
4. He picks up a dented and scarred 35mm.
5. Their weapons barely dented the Ultra's.
6. Even as he relaxed, Nicky’s armor seemed dented.
7. Said her car was okay, but that my grill was dented.
8. On the other side of the dented wal there stood a man.
9. Willie spread out on it's dented hood with his form pressed.
10. My bronze shield still hung on the wall, dented and unusable.
11. Amaranthe eyed the dented and scarred wood of the nearest post.
12. The mechs landed in a mangled heap of twisted and dented limbs.
13. It only got as far as the dented aluminum desk in front of him.
14. His armor was also black and was dented and obviously well used.
15. Her soft skin was dented where the electrodes had pushed against her.
16. Matthew could see it was her pride that was dented more than anything.
17. Peace shouldn’t be a wishful thinking as we are already dented by wars.
18. In the centre, a grey metal garbage can, bashed and dented in the middle.
19. I would think your dented armor would be counted among the least of them.
20. Chief Horcheese landed hard in a three-point stance and he swore she dented the hull.
21. He was frowning at them, clasping his lunch so hard his thumb had dented the sandwich.
22. Its hull was scratched and dented all over with several gouges that looked rather deep.
23. My armor gets dinged and dented, but it protects the control unit and batteries inside.
24. Jose reached for a dented pack of cigarettes, waiting several moments before lighting one.
25. He cast Restore over the dented and discolored steel band, and it returned to what it was.
26. Despite the heat radiating from the stove, the scuffed and dented wood floor wept coldness.
27. A speeding citation means their profits will be dented further, not to mention the loss of time.
28. He entered the room and caught a glimpse of the holy relic that was slightly dented from the fall.
29. He implied it was a life lesson, but in reality the elder's coffers were also dented by the crash.
30. The girl crawls into the wardrobe and climbs a ladder and comes back down clutching a dented tin can.
31. She moved the can around, making shapes in the surface, which dented under the new weight pouring in.
32. And not having gone to the track I wouldn’t have lost two thousand dollars and dented Blackie’s grill.
33. He stared at the dented metal, was contemplating hitting it again, when he felt a change in the atmosphere.
34. It was a through and through wound, the bullet had dented the steel deck and fragmented, under the carpet.
35. They always have a three-man xylophone and sometimes a couple of old men will join in with dented trumpets.
36. On their heads they wore simple metal helmets shaped to fit around their ears—old and dull, dented in places.
37. The bullet dented Joey’s armor underneath his shirt, but the force was enough to knock him back and sting him.
38. Not even the children’s squabbles dented her happiness, until Friday evening when who should turn up but Steve.
39. It was a testament to their solidity that they were still there, a little worn and dented, but there none the less.
40. A dented 375-gallon camou�flaged F-100 drop tank full of water, heating in the sun, was mounted on a frame next to it.
41. It was a bit dented in a few places, but what looked to have killed it was a deep slash in its head that struck its CPU.
42. But she was unmindful of the fact that in overcoming the temptation, she allowed her resolve for fidelity to get dented.
43. The hull showed extensive signs of scorching and it seemed that every panel on the vessel was scraped, gouged and dented.
44. He nodded, then appeared ashamed as he looked back at his dusty, dented wares sitting on wooden frames that leaned aslant.
45. Behold! Carey did his best carnie impression and whipped a stained drop cloth off of a rusted, dented tangle of metal.
46. He had his old armor on underneath the cloak, battered and dented, but it felt comfortable and familiar on his large frame.
47. Theo parked his shining 2013 Audi TT convertible next to a dented and scratched Garda Fiat Ulysse with a 2003 license plate.
48. A bunch of guys swinging bottles at each other; a few cars in the lot got dented up and there was a man knocked unconscious.
49. Weak light filtering through grimy windows, revealing rows of long counters littered with salt, dented cans, and torn labels.
50. The leader didn’t stop moving until they reached a huge bus, its sides dented and scarred, most of the windows webbed with cracks.
51. It is to be appreciated that neither his insignificance as an orphan affected his self-worth nor his poverty dented his self-esteem.
52. It was prince Kutamun, naked but for a loin-cloth, his harness hacked away, his crested helmet dented, his limbs splashed with blood.
53. In the mid-morning sunshine we went quail-hunting, I with my old and shiny 12-bore with the dented barrel, which I carried in Rocinante.
54. The blows have already dented the armor around her circuits, but they haven’t stopped the stream of curses flowing from her speakers.
55. I’d dented the dresser really good when I bashed the chair against it, and the whole room full of stuffed animals seemed to rebuke me.
56. Looking back down, one side of the bath was severely dented by at least a dozen bullets, and he was covered with fine, white, splintered enamel.
57. She studied him for a moment and noticed that his armor was dented and warn, and he had a tattoo on the side of his face with the mark of the crow.
58. Reeling up, blood streaming down his face from under his dented helmet, Conan glared dizzily at the profusion of destruction which spread before him.
59. Here they dropped the poor Woodman, who fell a great distance to the rocks, where he lay so battered and dented that he could neither move nor groan.
60. The wooden casings looked a bit dented, so it was entirely possibly that these had been fired at one or more of his ships, but had failed to explode on impact.
61. He was slightly older than Aiden, fully armored in worn and dented plate mail, and with a look on his face that suggested he'd already had enough of this girl.
62. A friend he's never seen before hands him an oval tray made of tin, then adds a dented metal mug and bowl, and an oversized spoon with a decade's worth of bite marks.
63. So how was your day? I asked her as I unpacked various items from the bags, including a package of chicken, a head of lettuce, two tomatoes and a dented box of Rice-A-Roni.
64. He was covered from head to toe in a rusty and heavily dented suit of full plate and chain upon which various weapons had been strapped -- far more than any one man could possibly wield.
65. But the only thing he could find was an old watch with the hands broken and the back dented in; and we decided this would not bring us in enough money to buy much more than a pound of tea.
66. She bobbed beneath the attacks of the mech like a boxer and countered with her bare fists, landing blow after blow to the mech’s head, until finally its face dented in and damaged its CPU.
67. The Patient was given his slightly-blackened and dented cell-phone (now completely flat) and wallet by Rafael – the sight of which seemed to trigger off something in the Patient’s head….
68. When she had returned earlier, the Audi had been badly dented – another disagreement with a signpost or a lollipop lady, no doubt – and Mother had been angrier than he had ever seen her before.
69. For this reason, the saying, Islam’s drum has been dented was taken up afterwards as a proverb that circulated on the tongue of the common people in reference to matters that were seen to be trivial.
70. A ray of sunlight spotlighted the unmade bed, the bedding lying crumpled, the sheet pulled down in one corner, revealing the mattress: the pillow dented where his head had lain while he waited for the time to pass.
71. From what he could understand from the claims of the local merchants, those quantities hardly dented the reserves available to feed the people of Bordeaux, so he was free to buy the lot without fear of causing a future famine.
72. Well, like any other woman, she was averse to the idea, but in time, as his obsession for her kids’ future dented her resolve to remain chaste, she started making other men feel at home when her man and her kids were away from it.
73. He broke so many plates, even without touching them, that Fernanda decided to buy him a set of pewterware before he did away with the last pieces of her expensive china, and even the resistant metal plates were soon dented and twisted.
74. Most of the passengers were herded onto an old bus whereas my bit of the queue, and by that I mean myself and an older man carrying a huge cabbage, was cramped inside the rear of a much abused and dented van which was to be our very own shuttle up the mountain to Sophia.
75. Truman returned to Puerto Viejo triumphant, parked between the public phone and the La Hacienda 4X4, dented its rear door to match the front and, after chasing off the pesky drunk, ordered another chilled coconut to idle away the forty-five minutes before he would call Beth.
76. Beau was deathly afraid of snakes, and how were we to know that whenever he played football, he always wore his lucky underpants, which had a pink swak in the shape of a woman’s kiss on it? His macho image was sadly dented when his reaction to that rubber snake was recorded and made public for all to see.
77. He’d tried poison; he’d tried installing a row of spikes along the dented gutters, he’d tried electrifying them; once—this was before the rear windows of the Phalanstery, too, got covered with foil—Charlie had been arrested by the sight of Sol pacing around back there with a heavy pistol, muttering to himself.
78. At last, he emerged with his hat very much dented and crushed down over his eyes, and began creaking and limping about the room, as if, not being much accustomed to boots, his pair of damp, wrinkled cowhide ones—probably not made to order either—rather pinched and tormented him at the first go off of a bitter cold morning.
79. Then Riol too was on his feet, and they both fought hard in their broken mail, their ’scutcheons torn and their helmets loosened and lashing with their dented swords, till Tristan struck Riol just where the helmet buckles, and it yielded and the blow was struck so hard that the baron fell on hands and knees; but when he had risen again, Tristan struck him down once more with a blow that split the helm, and it split the headpiece too, and touched the skull; then Riol cried mercy and begged his life, and Tristan took his sword.
80. But in the end, after Malcolm’s ego was dented,.
81. Out on the deck, I leaned against one of the dented rails,.
1. His pale face, lunar pockmarks denting it, cast light on those who stood below.
2. Thus, D/P gave a bearish signal through the whole 1990s’ equity rally, denting its record as a market-timing signal.
3. To emphasise the question, Mr Snickety tossed the chicken bone to the dog, having decided, after barely denting the item, that he wasn't really hungry at all.
4. I GIVE DETECTIVE Yates the address for today’s first reported homicide—838 MacDonough—and he swerves out of the traffic and barrels down the middle of Fulton, his screaming siren and flashing lights barely denting the usual cacophony of a lovely Bed-Stuy afternoon.
1. Falk’s round helmet showed dents.
2. The major dents are all banged out.
3. Vieille ogresse with the dents jaunes.
4. But most cars around here have a few dents.
5. They left little dents that filled up slowly.
6. The armour still showed the dents made by the.
7. Aye, sir, I think I can; all seams and dents but one.
8. Welding an old pike-head, sir; there were seams and dents in it.
9. Some homes you go to, there's dents in the wall, sometimes unusual heights.
10. The dents, and cracked windshield, made it look like it belonged in New Mexico.
11. I looked at the thick patina of scratches and dents that had once been a gas tank.
12. His armor, polished and expensive, had the scratches and dents earned by many battles.
13. The vehicle had some scrapes and dents that were new since the last time I had seen it.
14. On the table stood a little copper samovar with many dents in it, and a tray with two cups.
15. As it happens, the car had plenty of lines (none of them red) but no dents, so the deal was done.
16. When they came back it was kicked full of dents as she regained her breath and took revenge on it.
17. I smashed my hands and feet into the wall leaving huge dents in the copper and the entire ship shook.
18. To have it adjusted for size put it into your local body shop where you have the dents taken out of.
19. I saw them and before putting those in I checked for any dents, openings, or anything that looked odd.
20. The night was dark with occasional gleams of moonlight between the dents of the heavy clouds that scudded across the sky.
21. I had a guy in AA hammer out the dents for twenty bucks cash, and I repainted with aftermarket spray cans from Benny’s.
22. Pulled him around in a circle as he struggled to let go but my fingers gripped so hard that they left deep dents in his tissues.
23. The scale hauberk had only a few scratches and dents from the previous owner, but the chest piece wasn’t appealing to the eye.
24. Oily water was already pooling in dents in the floor plates, so time was running out if the engines stood any chance of starting.
25. Like ourselves, on inspection, the tandem seemed to have no more than the expected regulation scratches and dents about its person.
26. It’s impossible to be certain, but from counting the dents, my best estimate is that we must have hit her at least two hundred times.
27. It was a futuristic version of the classic junked car in the woods, complete with holes, dents and punctures from the alien equivalent of.
28. The woodwork of the cupboard be was doing was in a rather damaged condition, and he was facing up the dents with white-lead putty before painting it.
29. They stared at the raw red cube-steaks for a long time, noticing all the little dents and marks where it had been hit, ten dozen times, by a steel mallet.
30. The door meanwhile was pummelled with dents and scratches from the post and the noise had been excessively loud making them cringe with each crash upon the steel.
31. Minutes later, a weathered yellow cab with peeled off paint, windshield cracks, and numerous dents and scrapes on its body pulled in front of the Star Corps couple.
32. I’d have Barry work with his counterparts in Fairfax to determine if there were any unusual paint marks or scrapes or dents not attributable to the accident theory.
33. I know that our attack helicopters and heavy gunships have made big dents in the enemy facing the 19th Regiment, but I have by now lost much of my confidence in these guys.
34. Yet he found dents on those adamantine bars, like the marks of incredible fangs, and wondered with an involuntary shudder what nameless monsters had so terribly assailed the barriers.
35. It was a high-crowned hat that had been originally bought at Zimmermann's, but had become worn and rusty, was covered with dents and stains, slit and short of a brim, a frightful object in short.
36. Widespread dents and holes in the hull, many windows blown out, lights inside faltering and the rear of the ship was burning, flames fed by the gases inside shooting out through gaps in the damaged hull.
37. Bri Lynn had a short sword and a small round shield, both of which she plucked from her mentor's body, and was doing little more than tucking her body behind the shield while the jagged blades covered it with dents.
38. And when the tinsmiths came, bringing with them all their tools in baskets, she inquired, "Can you straighten out those dents in the Tin Woodman, and bend him back into shape again, and solder him together where he is broken?".
39. These cellar dents, like deserted fox burrows, old holes, are all that is left where once were the stir and bustle of human life, and "fate, free will, foreknowledge absolute," in some form and dialect or other were by turns discussed.
40. The entire body had been littered with dents and dings, the quarter panels cratered with rusted-out holes, right front fender bashed in by a stubborn tree or telephone pole, engine caked with grease and grime, interior drenched in the rancid aroma of old cigarette smoke and stale cologne and Josh didn’t even want to think about what else.

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1. There’s a dent in it.
2. Arthur Dent sat and quivered.
3. I drank a good dent in it that way.
4. Bless me! there’s Dent and Lynn in the.
5. Dent, and appeared as merry as any of them.
6. A U shaped dent was to be seen in the bar.
7. There's quite a big dent in the rubber now.
8. She managed to dent the target in four places.
9. She jumped back and stared the dent in its side.
10. How did that dent get in the wall? she asked.
11. All this will make a big dent in the money he loaned.
12. It had a slight dent in it and that was pretty much it.
13. A huge dent resulted, and greenish slime seeped into it.
14. We’re out of petrol — dent in the tank, said Troy.
15. Such a reality puts a significant dent in our dream market.
16. Make a dent in the middle and crumble the fresh yeast into it.
17. And with that, I walked out of the police station, confi dent.
18. That might put a dent in the flight plan, said Ethan in a low key.
19. Even if he had his mana-ray, a full blast wouldn’t put a dent in them.
20. Richard Dent, Dan ‘The Animal’ Hampton, and the rest of the Bears.
21. The dent wasn’t too deep; the car would still operate without a problem.
22. The bone had grown back, but there was still a little dent she could feel.
23. No he had been on real cases and seen the toll it took to even get a dent.
24. Johnny Dent stayed behind with a group of natives who helped him unload the.
25. John Dent had set up the portable stage at the high end of the natural basin.
26. My scar, and this dent, will be permanent reminders to me of this stupid shot.
27. Sometimes simply having children unexpectedly can put a big dent in your budget.
28. Dent and Louisa Eshton, dressed also in white, took up their stations behind them.
29. He let go of my wrist, and I looked at the cage: my chin had put a dent in the wire.
30. He realized that he could dent the surface for a long time without breaking the skin.
31. Cole’s laundry and folded a basketful making a dent in what had become a huge mess.
32. The key was stiff in the lock and left a dent in his middle finger when he pushed it.
33. An example was the fuzzy explanation his parents gave of the massive dent in the wall.
34. I raged against it but only because I was confident I would never put a dent in his armor.
35. The dent on the car seemed to be more easily repaired than Ellen’s confidence for a while.
36. That would only dent the community confidence besides demoralizing the affected individuals.
37. A dent I’m sure he remembered beneath all the chatty geniality of his phone conversations.
38. When selling puts, you would sell so few that the dollars earned would barely dent that loss.
39. They can pay in easy installments that will not dent the financial capability of the business.
40. But with a 15-year mortgage you make a noticeable dent in the principal right from the beginning.
41. Well, even if her figure were to dent in time, won’t she be worth possessing well past her prime.
42. Phoenix, however, hadn’t put the slightest dent in the graceful, African lilt and sway of her voice.
43. The sledgehammer knocked a dent in the ceiling on the way up, and shattered Greg's shin on the way down.
44. Trevain reached for the same bottle in which she had put a remarkable dent, and took a few gulps himself.
45. Dent; that is, playing on her ignorance—her trail might be clever, but it was decidedly not good-natured.
46. If Modi was making a dent in Haryana, a state with a limited BJP base, then clearly there was a mood swing.
47. Thanks to Garcia, we have caught up with the said Pirates, and put a sizable dent in the Orion Slave Trade.
48. Henry’s enthusiasm about the machine had apparently made a small dent in Alec’s resentment of magisters.
49. His spear made little dent in the armour of the horned warrior, and his horse bucked and threw him to the ground.
50. He hopped out and, while between the two vehicles, kicked a large concave dent into the door of his enemy’s car.
51. I sighed, I hated when my thoughts were all over the place, and it distracted me putting a dent on my productiveness.
52. However, I can’t say that the aftermath of this experience made a major dent in my ongoing loss of self-importance.
53. On the flight out, I worked on my PowerPoint presentation and tried to make a dent in the two days of behind e-mails.
54. A small tribe of humans hunting geese or ducks on their migration routes cannot make a real dent in their population.
55. At its termination, Colonel Dent and his party consulted in whispers for two minutes, then the Colonel called out—.
56. Lezura fired a blast of honoi at the other Cyri as it leaped in midair, knocking it out of the sky with a dent in its chest.
57. There was such a great quantity, Father and Uncle Xolon agreed the owner shouldn’t mind the small dent that we made in it.
58. But the fact is, they wouldn’t have to put themselves out there like this if we weren’t making a dent in public opinion.
59. The Dark Knights and I were pinned down in a tight corridor, unable to make much of a dent in the forces brought against us.
60. The Round Table Conferences were convened because the non-cooperation movement made a significant dent in the British economy.
61. But, although it caused a great deal of damage, the Blitz failed to inhibit British production capacity or seriously dent morale.
62. She put a dent in a stall door with her fist, removed a paper towel dispenser from its resting-place forcing it through a mirror.
63. He and his aids now withdrew behind the curtain: the other party, which was headed by Colonel Dent, sat down on the crescent of chairs.
64. For the first several years of a 30-year mortgage, almost all you’re paying is interest; you’re hardly making a dent in the principal.
65. A trader who has a $25,000 to $50,000 trading account can lose $50 many times in a row before he has made a dent in his allocated capital.
66. After years of living with Miranda, Norah was well-versed in the various shades of that expression, so she knew she wasn’t making a dent.
67. You’re not listening! You think I’m seeing things! I saw the keystone had left a dent on the stone, a bump that wasn’t there before.
68. Last but not least, a major dent was supposedly put in the War on drugs with the raids and sweeps that were orchestrated throughout the city.
69. Breathing normally, it would take me over two days to bring the CO2 level up to 1 percent (and I wouldn’t even put a dent in the O2 level).
70. Where did the rest of the yield advantage disappear? It turns out that the obvious culprit, default losses, made only a small dent on returns.
71. For as long as hethought aside and not worry about it, but it had been re-awakened by the sudden inexplicable arrival of Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent.
72. To my surprise and horror the bullet struck one of my comrades (who was in a sitting position) in the centre of his steel helmet, creating a huge dent.
73. It looked similar to the one back at the Hapchenan community, except a little more rusted, even with a large dent, and with less tubes spilling out of the top.
74. A person like me, probably won’t even make a dent in the attitude of those worshipping the ‘church’ and thinking that it’s pleasing to God, it ain’t.
75. Dent had not studied that science: though, as she said, she liked flowers, especially wild ones; Miss Ingram had, and she ran over its vocabulary with an air.
76. He and Cali drank some—Leesa did not want to know what else they did—but there had been a bottle left over, and she and Cali were putting a nice dent into it tonight.
77. How they manage to avoid hitting each other I do not know, but I have to say that, although most cars sport some sort of scratch or dent, I didn’t see a single accident.
78. Dent here bent over to the pious lady and whispered something in her ear; I suppose, from the answer elicited, it was a reminder that one of the anathematised race was present.
79. The federal government could take every income above $250,000 per year at one hundred per cent, and still not make a dent in this countrys total debt of more than fourteen trillion.
80. The three software package evaluations Lester had started last week hadn't made a dent in the backlog, however, and he handed the one he'd barely started back to Fred for re-allocation.
81. Consequently, while the weakened Brahman hold on the village grassroots began to dent the power of the Manu dharma on the Hindu fold as its guardians had begun to desert their swadharma.
82. What charade Colonel Dent and his party played, what word they chose, how they acquitted themselves, I no longer remember; but I still see the consultation which followed each scene: I see Mr.
83. On first inspection, apart from there being no paint remaining and a dent in the top tube, suspiciously the size and shape of Mark’s bollocks, the frame itself had mostly survived the ordeal.
84. When Devon steps out of the lift, he sees that there’s industrial carpeting here rather than marble floors; the cubicles look scuffed and the receptionist’s desk has a large dent in one side.
85. Oh, my best! oh, my dearest! pause—reflect! was her mama’s cry; but she swept past her in stately silence, passed through the door which Colonel Dent held open, and we heard her enter the library.
86. After ten strokes of the most vicious, most powerful attacks, they could not find a dent in one another’s armor yet! And so for a time, it was really hard to determine who would be the eventually victor!.
87. This Ice Cream Man or whatever he is called and this Xavier person probably never would have even entered into my existence if someone hadn’t come along and put a dent in a case I had been working on for months.
88. The sales dashboard was pleasantly close to 100, which was better than the zero it had shown that morning, but was far from the several thousand they’d need to make even the slightest dent in the download charts.
89. I believe the principles here have general applicability and if I keep up the regimen, I am totally confident that I can easily drop about 30 pounds and make a serious dent in my diabetes and other health problems.
90. As a consequence of keeping her old car in Boucherville, Nancy had made a further dent into her savings account and had bought a new car, an inexpensive and economical compact model, for her Los Angeles area travel.
91. After the night he went to Sage’s loft to find that it was no longer occupied, he put his loft up for sale, but not before repairing the dent in the wall, and moved from Greenwich Village into an apartment in SoHo.
92. Of course another reason for his wanting to have a go at me may have been that I had bolted from his company some years earlier to start up a competing firm that was successful enough to put a small dent in his pocketbook.
93. Sometimes the well dent is visible, where once a spring oozed; now dry and tearless grass; or it was covered deep—not to be discovered till some late day—with a flat stone under the sod, when the last of the race departed.
94. Henrietta had a thin nose, but her nose had a little dent in it where she said a man who was departing the funicular to ski had drawn back his gloved hand quickly to jump out of the funicular had hit her nose and he had not stopped to apologize.
95. Major department stores enjoyed their heyday for over 50 years with an ancient sales force and a loyal clientele, but they failed to update their marketing programs and modernize their stores; and now higher overhead and advertising rates put a dent in their cash flow.
96. Do ye see this dent, sir"—removing his hat, and brushing aside his hair, and exposing a bowl-like cavity in his skull, but which bore not the slightest scarry trace, or any token of ever having been a wound—"Well, the captain there will tell you how that came here; he knows.
97. These rules he gleaned gradually from his life, until he was master of the plantation, until James Flower pitifully leaned on his advice and his convictions, and until the Caribs and blacks and felon white men hated and feared him, and yet could make no dent in his being—could get no hold to hurt him.
98. Now only a dent in the earth marks the site of these dwellings, with buried cellar stones, and strawberries, raspberries, thimble-berries, hazel-bushes, and sumachs growing in the sunny sward there; some pitch pine or gnarled oak occupies what was the chimney nook, and a sweet-scented black birch, perhaps, waves where the door-stone was.
99. Nominated for ‘Young Australian of the Year’ in 1999 for his achievements, Jamie is a successful entrepreneur, investor, sought after success coach, internationally renowned speaker and worldleading educator, sharing the stage with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs (such as Sir Richard Branson, Harry Dent, Tim Ferriss, and more).
100. What was the gallant grace of the Lynns, the languid elegance of Lord Ingram,—even the military distinction of Colonel Dent, contrasted with his look of native pith and genuine power? I had no sympathy in their appearance, their expression: yet I could imagine that most observers would call them attractive, handsome, imposing; while they would pronounce Mr.

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