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Frasi con desktop (in inglese)

  1. Just create a normal folder on your desktop.
  2. In case with computers, it’s your desktop.
  3. Both Clarissa’s desktop and her laptop had gone.
  4. He popped Ava's last backup to the desktop once again.
  5. Once it’s on your desktop – here’s what you do….

  6. He stared down at the empty desktop and tried the drawers.
  7. She pressed her palms on the desktop and pushed herself up.
  8. He laid a card on the desktop and dared Crumley to take it.
  9. On top of his table were one laptop and a desktop computer.
  10. Nodding, Paul continued a solemn stare at his fried desktop.
  11. What I usually do is – I save it to my Desktop as a text (.
  12. McCutcheon turned to his desktop computer and clicked some keys.
  13. Richard opened his laptop and clicked on an icon on his desktop.
  14. It was like the drumming of a spinning coin on a glass desktop.
  15. Without thinking, she flipped on her desktop and chose a local.

  16. He always kept his desktop machine at home fired up and on line.
  17. Computers, file cabinets, chairs, desktop knickknacks, and bones.
  18. Yes, Feltus admitted as he stared at his desktop, it does.
  19. This will open up all the files located on your computers desktop.
  20. It was late afternoon when the phone on his leather-inlaid desktop.
  21. Now that you’ve moved all files from the desktop, it’s time to.
  22. In the example above – the Desktop is selected (as seen by the arrow).
  23. I had a Hewlett Packard desktop, so I bought a scanner with the same name.
  24. Instagram released a new embed feature for its desktop web browser version.
  25. Finally the Desktop appeared and she pushed the pen drive into the USB slot.

  26. He changed the boring standard screensaver and put a 'Theme' on the desktop.
  27. Some of the most helpful Twitter tools include desktop clients for accessing.
  28. It will instantly zip your files into the folder and place it on your desktop.
  29. When clicking to download a file that is zipped – you save it to your desktop.
  30. On the weekend before, I managed to not turn on the power switch on my desktop.
  31. He sat the tissue-paper-wrapped object on his desktop and opened the note card.
  32. Wickland placed his left hand atop Janet’s, which she had moved to the desktop.
  33. Even in the office, Mark was forever wiping the dust from his chair and desktop.
  34. The Software or platform used is desktop based (01) and Hardware is harddisk(101).
  35. It makes sense now, Wickland said as he placed the manila folder on his desktop.
  36. Can I have that? he queried, pointing to the file of papers on Del’s desktop.
  37. He produced a sodden wallet, plopped it onto Gordon’s desktop and resumed rummaging.
  38. Windows will create an Unused Desktop Icons folder where it will store the unused icons.
  39. Or maybe old Fred had fallen asleep and his head was resting uncomfortably on his desktop.
  40. The choice for most desktop systems manufactured after about 1995 was between ISA and PCI.
  41. Just before she left that evening, she removed the micro SD card, putting it on the desktop.
  42. You can install the Chrome app and run SocialBro from your browser on any desktop platform.
  43. Sam pressed a button under his desktop and moments later, an elderly man shuffled into the office.
  44. I expect the desktop to be a picture, but it’s a plain blue with dozens of unrecognizable icons.
  45. As the Duke leaned back in his chair, Philippe leaned forward, palms pressed firmly on the desktop.
  46. His elbows balanced on the desktop, chin in hands, while Barnes instructed the office to locate Mike.
  47. A slot opened at the end of the president’s workstation and a bright white light shot from the desktop.
  48. Three folders sat on the desktop arranged in a vertical row: “Hard Drive,” “Alice,” “Butterfly.
  49. His desktop computer still sits on a simple wood desk, with the keyboard on a lower shelf that slides out.
  50. Wickland closed the e-mail program and returned to the desktop from which he accessed the My Documents icon.
  51. The suspense was suddenly broken as the handkerchief fell off the object as Wickland laid it on the desktop.
  52. Unix is not a user-friendly OS, nor is it commonly found on the desktop of the average personal computer user.
  53. He then paused and started to read one of the papers he had previously placed on top of the scratched desktop.
  54. Having computational power at hand on your desktop is a tremendous laborsaving device when analyzing this data.
  55. At the desktop, he clicked on the icon for Spalding’s e-mail, hoping that it would not be password protected.
  56. Upgrading a desktop workstation to full duplex will probably not provide a dramatic improvement in performance.
  57. There are several ways to do this, with the most popular being Apple’s Boot Camp software or Parallels Desktop.
  58. In this case the software is often online software so the customer does not have to download it to their desktop.
  59. IT personnel from the IIS Unit were sent to investigate Simon’s desktop computer following a reported failure.
  60. After two hours, the raid lost steam and the agents left, taking with them nothing but Samantha’s desktop computer.
  61. This enhanced session mode connection uses the remote desktop connection session via the virtual machine bus (VMBus).
  62. Trails of wispy gray smoke were pouring out of every single crevice his son’s rectangular-shaped desktop computer had.
  63. After looking at the return address and frowning, she ripped open the package and tilted the opening toward her desktop.
  64. A service is a program or other component that Windows loads with the OS before a user logs on or sees the desktop interface.
  65. On private networks, ATM implementations at various speeds can run throughout the network, from the backbone to the desktop.
  66. In addition, you can configure these items yourself to create a standardized desktop for all of your network’s workstations.
  67. I can’t believe this guy’s modesty, one of the black students shouted, lightly hitting his fist on the wooden desktop.
  68. Although it is considered a desktop application, TweetDeck's search function also lets you save searches for keywords and topics.
  69. I sat down at the computer, and its built-in monitor lit up, displaying a desktop with EDA logo wallpaper and a few program icons.
  70. She was sitting on the wooden chair in front of Cali’s desk, her left elbow resting on the desktop, holding a plastic cup of wine.
  71. When they were all comfortably seated, Seward sat with perfect posture in his own leather chair and crossed his hands on his desktop.
  72. He rocked back in his chair, then leaned forward, put his forearms on the desktop, and clasped his hands, looking directly into her eyes.
  73. As with desktop systems, often there are differences of opinion over which technologies are best suited for a particular KM application.
  74. I was sitting behind my desk waiting for my desktop to load on my computer when Rooster poked his head, lead by his nose, into my office.
  75. Changes in those states could be called ‘computation,’ just as your desktop machine computes by changing the information in its memory.
  76. He always intended to get a camera for his desktop to link in with the microphone he had installed last year, but had never got round to it.
  77. If you want your users to rely on the Start menu to launch programs, you can use this policy to remove the distraction of the desktop icons.
  78. For a longer, bird’s-eye view of my finances, I use a desktop copy of Quicken to suck in all my account transactions and make me pretty charts.
  79. They are available both as portable (or laptop-class) and desktop models, with the portable drives using the power from the connecting USB cable.
  80. Ingrid sighed with impatience as the document she had just typed on her IBM 388 desktop computer saved itself slowly, taking long seconds to do so.
  81. These prices make it very feasible for you to have a desktop that’s stuffed to the gills with RAM, and this is one investment you won’t regret.
  82. Opening the top right hand drawer he grasped a pile of wanted posters, placed them on the desktop in front of him and started to look through them.
  83. In a previous job, at Hewlett-Packard, one of his concerns was that increasingly sophisticated desktop printers could be used to counterfeit money.
  84. Figure 21-1 shows the traditional setup for an office computer with data and applications stored on a desktop (or laptop) computer within one office.
  85. Now that you’ve got your displays lined up and mounted, what are you going to use to push them? Most desktop PCs ship with support for dual monitors.
  86. Click on the Desktop Background icon, then select Solid Colors in the Picture Location drop-down box and choose a background color that you like best.
  87. Almost as anxious as a child on Christmas morning, he hurriedly plugged the flash drive into a USB port on his desktop and waited for the files to open.
  88. Ray suddenly paused, and the metallic clack of an aluminum beverage can being set on the top of a Formica desktop could be heard over the phone’s headset.
  89. So when you have car problems, think about how infuriating it is when your laptop or desktop doesn’t do what you want and multiply that by 30 - 100 times.
  90. Market forces have "weeded out" many of these designs, leaving the PowerPC as the main desktop RISC processor, with the SPARC being used in Sun designs only.
  91. Just the three of you? Wasn’t the girlfriend there too? Gordon steepled his fingers with his elbows resting on the desktop and peered at his brother.
  92. Last year, the Vice President of Google, Vince Gert, stated that he believes that the future of the internet lies in mobile users, not users from the desktop.
  93. But it’s not just cars for which China is becoming the dominant consumer market—it’s also the world’s biggest market for appliances and desktop computers.
  94. After a few minutes taken to relax a bit, Nancy got up from her sofa and went to check her answering machine, as well as the unopened emails in her desktop computer.
  95. You can also use system policies to secure the cosmetic elements of the interface, preventing users from wasting time adjusting the screen colors and desktop wallpaper.
  96. Desktop drives often require connection to power and often come with an internal fan to prevent the overheating that can sometimes occur with the smaller, portable units.
  97. Sensing that he would probably not get any more information from her, Wickland arose from his seat on the corner of the desk and leaned down, placing one hand on the desktop.
  98. Wickland’s sub seemed to explode as he attempted to manage a bite, the meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes falling from the end of the bread onto the newspaper on his desktop.
  99. Swiveling in the leather chair, Wickland touched the desktop computer’s mouse, which was atop a mouse pad promoting the city of Myrtle Beach, in order to break the silent screen saver.
  100. This is because desktop communications typically consist of request/response transactions that are themselves half-duplex in nature, and providing a full-duplex medium won’t change that.

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