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    1. “Detention, today, for both of you,” she declared

    2. “Two weeks of detention!” Johnny cried for what must have been the millionth time

    3. "You said he built his wealth by stealing the detents out of hospital carts

    4. It is fortunate that you will be spending detention time with me, where I can perhaps find a way to get that one track mind of yours on the right track

    5. And every last one of us served a detention

    6. table next to us joined in and served detentions as well

    7. The number of detentions clogged up

    8. opened and they flared red for a moment), “you’ve had seventeen detentions over

    9. the records; you have never even had a detention in your four years here until this

    10. Our school is so rotten and evil that they actually held detention the day President Kennedy was shot; I believe it was November, 1967

    11. After we started detention, about half an hour later, the telephone on Father Savage’s desk rings, that woke us up

    12. Wiener, your son David is in detention

    13. Yes we know President Kennedy was shot today, no, we didn't cancel detention and you think we should have canceled detention because President

    14. Everybody was very sad the day President Kennedy got shot and isn't it sad that I remember that day because Father Savage held detention the day President Kennedy got shot and Mrs

    15. Wiener had a call up and bitch and complain that they never should've held detention; that they should've sent everybody home

    16. You’ll serve it down the Panther Hollow in the new Detention Center along the river

    17. You should be in a juvenile detention centre, surely

    18. “Why are you still here? Do they think you’re older? You should tell them, I’m sure they’ll look into it and send you to a proper detention centre or something

    19. They said I could play the sweet innocent child and get a few years in a juvenile detention centre if I was lucky

    20. As he passed it, he was hit by the smell of urine and realised it was not a cupboard at all, but a detention cell so narrow the occupant could not even sit

    21. Individuals held in detention are Equal; that is to say, they are all (equally) imprisoned although some may enjoy certain privileges that others may not, but that is besides the point inasmuch as even the favored among them cannot properly be called Free

    22. However in the end they also betrayed Rhodesia for a failed concept known as "detente

    23. They also had the power of arrest and detention and considered themselves to be an elite group of highly dedicated policemen

    24. Out of this came a new form of corruption called "detente" which was an utter failure borne out of desperation by weak men

    25. Detente simply means to ease tension and was used to describe the way nationalists reached out to Africa during the 1970's

    26. To promote detente the Department of Information under Dr Eschel Rhoodie came into being

    27. Thus many an activist died in police detention with signs of torture on his body

    28. That would be achieving some measure of peace and stability with the Soviets and China, called detente (relaxation

    29. The kind of personality that runs a prison, or ‘detention barracks,’ is not often noted for artistic creativity

    30. And she gave him a detention

    31. residents in detention camps and seized their property

    32. Jason found the story that told of a Qur’an, the Islamic book of worship, being flushed down a toilet at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility in Cuba

    33. The hallway was soon empty due to the punishment if students were late… detention

    34. “You will be transported from here and taken to a detention

    35. rock breaking day; he shuffled in line with all the others to climb aboard the heavy lorries for transportation back to the detention

    36. dullness and, to his surprise, directly in front of him was a pristine looking detention centre instead of the familiar row of houses that bordered his mound of soil

    37. man had done a vanishing act at a bus stop and, to cap it all, a call from the detention facility claiming a Mr

    38. Bail was denied to no surprise for the lawyers and Harry was placed under the detention of the mental health act on account of his condition

    39. The worst case scenario is detention for life under the Mental Health Act but could be less, say 15-20 years

    40. later released from detention and subjected to deportation,

    41. She would not permit in-school detention, then riding home on his bus

    42. was two months home detention and a $5,000 fine

    43. My one-week detention soon turned into a month

    44. The detention block was strategically located near the hangar

    45. And, unlike detentions on most Imperial ships, he was held in place by metal bars instead of a proper forcefield

    46. "Leave it and attack the detention center

    47. Calvin scanned over their surroundings; the detention block was effectively a long corridor with cells on both sides, able to hold up to a hundred prisoners, much more than the Nighthawk's crew

    48. To Calvin's surprise, there was only one prisoner in this detention block who wasn't from his ship

    49. In breaking this along with the violation of her probation for driving under the influence, Dorece was sentenced to spend 36 weeks in the Camp Orial Treatment and Detention Center reduced from 2 years

    50. It was converted into a research and development center for the competition, then hospital, now detention and rehabilitation center

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