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Diary in una frase (in inglese)

It was not a diary.
You know what, diary ??
Young wrote in his diary.
A leather diary, very old.
Maybe I read your diary.
She was never in my diary.
Chapter 6: The Food Diary.

Jesscia put the diary down.
It’s her diary and bible.
Diary, now this is too much.
Amanda handed her the diary.
It’s the diary of my life.
How can you ask that, diary?
What was in the diary?
Like a diary? she asked.
Love you diary, hate you dad.
Or diary, whatever you call it.
I want that diary, Marilyn.
Love you diary, hate you world.
Hi diary! Nothing much going on.
The diary of the year 1897, Dec.
This is Frank James’ diary.
Harker's diary, when she came in.
Not from my diary, but time-wise.
His eyes skimmed through the diary.
I shut the diary, my hands shaking.
The Colonel tells us ( Old Diary.
Rudolph’s eyes were on the diary.
Hang on, I’ve forgotten my diary.
Shawn had started her diary at age 8.
I took my diary with me on the plane.
Valera brought forth Desiree's diary.
Where’s the diary for that period.
B: The diary is very, very concerning.
Thatcher, Carol: Diary of an Election.
This is what he noted in his diary:.
She saw he was flattered by her diary.
Valera read more from Annelle's diary.
Which is not what this Diary is about.

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