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    1. mind was a dictatorial society too: “dictatorship of the

    2. thousand years of dictatorial rule by a

    3. how that dictatorial

    4. The Romans, they feared, would use an uprising, any disturbance of their dictatorial status quo, as they had many times in the past, to upbraid their truculent subjects additionally, in their sullen acquiescence to the rule of this abhorrent “invader

    5. It does not yet include some of the dictatorial rules from the EU that deprive their

    6. all of these functions and thus should be considered despotic and dictatorial

    7. For some Third World countries with dictatorial governments, state-run economies and close ties to the Soviet bloc, it becomes a fine judgement whether to count them as ‘Communist’ or ‘Third World socialist’):

    8. (NRA), Congress had handed over to the President dictatorial powers by which the central government would have complete control in

    9. Jewish: the dictatorial power rested with Bela Kun (Kohn), and the Red Army was

    10. His father’s dictatorial and unfeeling conduct with his own family planted seeds of doubt as to the eventual treatment of me as well, a non–family member

    11. The following is a recent example of a central despot’s dictatorial (central) control in the year of 2002

    12. Do you need a strong, dictatorial centralised government with absolute authority over the worker drones?

    13. The All Heels always demanding dictatorial

    14. dictatorial power would raise taxes, rob or kill the

    15. Cries so spooky and terrified as those only are heard in the torture rooms of some dictatorial regimes, cries that are recorded in the soul and won’t be forgotten ever, much more, when you hear with the conviction that you can't do anything to help

    16. but it should not look dictatorial and

    17. He exercised a peculiar drawing power over men, but he was not dictatorial

    18. For at times a Scorpio can be most dictatorial

    19. When a Scorpio gets dictatorial it is much worse than if a Leo or Capricorn (the two other power signs in the zodiac) does

    20. Somehow they managed, but Marian’s grandmother was dictatorial

    21. We all know how dictatorial his character was

    22. ” When the banana company arrived, however, the local functionaries were replaced by dictatorial foreigners whom Mr

    23. Webster defines fascism as “a political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and race and stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

    24. The refusal to embrace true democracy through much of Europe was also a big factor, with militaristic or dictatorial regimes refusing to share power or to hand it over when they were no longer wanted by their people

    25. The going had been rough at times and more than a few tempers had exploded but a lot had been accomplished, thanks mostly to the firm, some would say dictatorial, manner Nancy had chaired the conference

    26. I, as the Overseer, have full dictatorial powers over the Holy Land, and I intend to use them for the good of all

    27. In case you think that I sound dictatorial, it is because I have effectively dictatorial powers over the Holy Land

    28. Following this, the United States will be stuck trying to support a series of corrupt, dictatorial local politicians and generals, supposedly to protect democracy from communism

    29. Stalin assumed dictatorial powers on a scale rivaling the biggest tyrants of history

    30. Stalin’s dictatorial style was similar to that of one Benito Mussolini of Italy, though

    31. supporters of a dictatorial regime, the emphasis being upon

    32. stating calmly, and assertively, but without being dictatorial what the position is and the needs of the situation are

    33. The materialists have such absolute power in academia and the media, and have so confused the issue with disinformation and cowed their critics with ridicule, that any criticism of materialism and its dictatorial tactics is touted as an attack on science itself

    34. It is merely a matter of faith amongst true believers, who happen to be in the majority and in absolute, dictatorial control of academia at the present time

    35. On the other hand, where you try to control her and she sees you too much, you could call it a dictatorial relationship

    36. One of his dictatorial actions has been to expel Tibetan Shugden

    37. If anything, the Saudi ruling family seems to be alive to the threat the modern education poses to the set of Islamist beliefs that are the pillars of its Royal Dictatorial House

    38. the shameful facts of the Dalai Lama’s ban and his dictatorial behav-

    39. ‘This amounts to a medieval dictatorial command and I

    40. “They are dictatorial mercenary clans, proud to wear the brand of any flag paying its way

    41. everywhere populated by the Teriz and their dictatorial leaders

    42. The first person to invent the international company: john law was the worst: because after he fled France when the Louisiana bubble burst: all the companies that came after him did not have the freedom to commit as much evil because after him: no nation on earth since him: has ever been crazy enough allow any finance minister complete dictatorial control of not only all the monopolies of the most powerful nation on e4arth at the time, and the entire national banking system of the richest nation on earth at the time, and the printing of all money and put all this centralized power and wealth into one person’s hands ever again

    43. The entire western world was being run by a few powerful dictators: FDR, Churchill, Hitler and Stalin; all of them had literal dictatorial powers during the war

    44. The rebel movements were effectively pacified for forever and the dictatorial martial law governments ruled the day with little or no opposition to their centralized control over all sectors of life

    45. was not obliged to comply with such dictatorial convention

    46. dictatorial throughout his childhood and making him eat animal flesh

    47. As ridiculous as this sounds, it was a common practice in the Old World and happens in some dictatorial regimes even today

    48. Jaggers being highly dictatorial, and Wemmick obstinately justifying himself whenever there was the smallest point in abeyance for a moment

    49. He had found three reporters in contempt of court for referring in unflattering terms to his dictatorial ways

    50. He is evidently the Sir Oracle of them, and I should think must have been in his time a most dictatorial person

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    authoritarian autocratic despotic dictatorial tyrannic tyrannical overbearing arbitrary absolute haughty pompous egotistic