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Disgusted in una frase (in inglese)

He felt disgusted.
This disgusted him.
'Not mad - disgusted.
I stood up, disgusted.
a bit disgusted by it.
Doug was disgusted.
She said disgusted.

She looked disgusted.
she said with disgusted.
He sounded disgusted.
The sound disgusted her.
The cheque disgusted him.
Disgusted with himself,.
Disgusted by their teams.
appalled and disgusted him.
He looked away, disgusted.
She pulled away, disgusted.
The detective was disgusted.
It disgusted him thoroughly.
Disgusted Ben shook his head.
‘Ah,’ he said, disgusted.
Carl was thoroughly disgusted.
Gerald made a disgusted noise.
That disgusted me so much, I.
Reporter Pintek was disgusted.
They gave him a disgusted look.
Bucca gave her a disgusted look.
He was disgusted by what he saw.
he was disgusted with himself….
He thought I would be disgusted.
It was disgusting.
It was disgusting!.
Vile and disgusting.
disgusting but as a.
I found it disgusting.
I think it's disgusting.
It looks disgusting.
Disgusting, but deserved.
The smell was disgusting.
"That's disgusting," I said.
Bashing people is disgusting.
His waistcoat was disgusting.
‘Murder is disgusting, Arthur.
How fucking disgusting is that.
You are disgusting and if you.
The classrooms smelt disgusting.
"That's disgusting!" she snapped.
This is so fucking disgusting.
He was quite disgusting, in fact.
Caris said: That’s disgusting.
That is disgusting, Jeff said.
I think your pussy is disgusting.
Yell and scream, it was disgusting.
Far more disgusting is more like it.
That’s disgusting, she said.
disgusting that everyone would vomit.
That’s disgusting, Dayne said.
It smelled strange but not disgusting.
It disgusts me.
some way that horrifies or disgusts us.
The sight disgusts her, but she laughs.
Or that in you disgusts me; here you miss,.
Shocks and disgusts wheeze out their chests,.
Her past is the shame of all Christians and disgusts all who are.
disgusts and indelicacy of another arrangement, the company, after a.
No one else knows what that is, which thoroughly disgusts Attila and his more refined tastes.
As it was an inviolable law for every gallant to keep to his partner, for the night especially, and even till he relinquished possession over to the community, in order to preserve a pleasing property, and to avoid the disgusts and indelicacy of another arrangement, the company, after a short refection of biscuits and wine, tea and chocolate, served in at now about one in the morning, broke up, and went off in pairs.
A terrible thing it is, containing days without bread, nights without sleep, evenings without a candle, a hearth without a fire, weeks without work, a future without hope, a coat out at the elbows, an old hat which evokes the laughter of young girls, a door which one finds locked on one at night because one's rent is not paid, the insolence of the porter and the cook-shop man, the sneers of neighbors, humiliations, dignity trampled on, work of whatever nature accepted, disgusts, bitterness, despondency.
Not with disgust.
5 men with disgust.
You disgust me!.
he said with disgust.
Mott, you disgust me.
I snort my disgust.
He said in disgust.
Aya snorted her disgust.
She said in disgust.
Sobek hissed in disgust.
he ordered with disgust.
Shiva snorted in disgust.
Sally frowned in disgust.
disgust at his appearance.
Ah!‘ he spat in disgust.
disgust and shook his head.
looked, disgust stared back.
I looked at them in disgust.
it, he said with disgust.
shaking his head in disgust.
His lips twisted in disgust.
He spit it out with disgust.
I threw it down in disgust.
I kicked the CPU in disgust.
"Ouch!" he said with disgust.
So, it was a look of disgust.
His nose wrinkled in disgust.
My mouth puckers in disgust.
He shook his head in disgust.
7 Disgust over the situation.
I shook my head with disgust.

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