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Frasi con dissimulation (in inglese)

  1. Let love be without dissimulation.
  2. This, without any dissimulation, and also without any.
  3. O that brotherly love may continue among us, love without dissimulation.
  4. Possible dissimulation notwithstanding, the upshot of the ordeal is that the manoeuvre.

  6. Dissimulation: The act of dissembling; concealing true thoughts and intentions by falsehood and hypocrisy.
  7. I feigned interest to know the details of the life in Eisenbaum, later, with dissimulation, asked about Leonardo.
  8. Where could she have learnt this corruption almost incorporeal in the strength of its profanity and dissimulation?
  9. Habituated as she was to dissimulation through endeavoring to copy her husband in all his actions, these emotions were more than she could endure.
  10. Thus the Genoese, subtle as he was, was duped by Edmond, in whose favor his mild demeanor, his nautical skill, and his admirable dissimulation, pleaded.
  11. And from the tenth mountain where were trees which overshadowed certain sheep they who believed were the following: bishops given to hospitality who always gladly received into their houses the servants of God without dissimulation.
  12. He even observed the changes in her breathing, watching the reliquary that hung on her batiste blouse as he looked at her without dissimulation over the book he pretended to read, and he committed the calculated impertinence of changing his seat in the dining room so that he would face her.
  13. Moreover, having once lit upon my precious idea of frankness, and being bent upon applying it to the full in myself, I thought the quiet, confiding nature of Lubotshka guilty of secretiveness and dissimulation simply because she saw no necessity for digging up and examining all her thoughts and instincts.
  14. Yet, for all my attempts at dissimulation and assiduous adoption of such signs of love sickness as I had occasionally observed in other people, I only succeeded for two days (and that at intervals, and mostly towards evening) in reminding myself of the fact that I was in love, and finally, when I had settled down into the new rut of country life and pursuits, I forgot about my affection for Sonetchka altogether.
  15. It sometimes came into my head that he was only making a pretence of being what he now was, in order to torment me, and that his feelings were in reality what they had formerly been, and I tried to provoke him into letting this be seen; but he invariably eluded all frank explanation; one would have said that he suspected me of dissimulation, and dreaded all manifestations of tenderness as attempts to ridicule him.

  16. The much greater frequency of imitation with insects than with other animals, is probably the consequence of their small size; insects cannot defend themselves, excepting indeed the kinds furnished with a sting, and I have never heard of an instance of such kinds mocking other insects, though they are mocked; insects cannot easily escape by flight from the larger animals which prey on them; therefore, speaking metaphorically, they are reduced, like most weak creatures, to trickery and dissimulation.
  17. My fecund imagination daydreamed about the motive of similar discussion: Would it be that the absorbent woman was not in agreement with the allocation that Americus had given to Leonardo of accompanying us back to Saint Andre? With the proper dissimulation of women, being these children, girls, or oldsters, I extended lightly part of my body towards out, in a perfect angle of forty five grades, with the secret intention of extending my visual and auditory field, but still with my newly acquired athlete's agility, could neither discern the words nor translate the gestures.

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