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Frasi con dodging (in inglese)

1. That's poddy dodging, that is.
2. Son was running, dodging, and.
3. He starts dodging between the trees.
4. Dodging him, she turned her back on him.
5. Dodging and feinting, Tui's mantra was useless now.
6. It continues to spin while dodging the cannon fire.
7. In time, yes, Novak said, dodging the question.

8. They ran for hours it seemed; dodging tree limbs and.
9. Dodging the line of sight with great agility, Cloud.
10. Melvin was quite adept at dodging the barrage of fists.
11. For what purpose? After dodging the question for a.
12. They pressed on, dodging the wagons and staying clear of.
13. She spends more time dodging and not enough time striking.
14. He continued this, weaving and dodging her thrashing limbs.
15. Corey and I walked through the fraternity house dodging an.
16. On the relentless killer came, dodging in and out of the trees.
17. Travis nodded as they crossed the busy street, dodging traffic.
18. We have been dodging the bullets for years concluded Roger.
19. What are you spacing out for? Katie snapped, dodging the.
20. He spent the best of seven years successfully dodging the police.
21. Samantha dove the vessel, ducking and dodging the hooded creature.
22. The wolves zipped through the trees, dodging tree trunks with ease.
23. The ride was smooth and gentle now that he wasn’t dodging things.
24. This is the question I want to ask her, but I’m too busy dodging the.
25. The chopper came into view dodging just above the brush and evergreens.
26. It’s still out there dodging snowflakes with the main fire ball cold.
27. Without using his hands, Roman jumped to his feet, dodging the swings of.
28. The dragon was moving forward, dodging the onslaught of the vampires sword.
29. I loosened my grip and tugged on the string, dipping and dodging the green kite.
30. Christine thought about dodging the question again, but she knew it would not work.
31. Silas dove between her paws smashing the loom, dodging the flying splinters of wood.
32. The light changed, and dodging traffic, I ran to the other side of the avenue, fast.
33. They ran to the scene, dodging from tombstone to tombstone as if wary of rifle fire.
34. But the wolf danced side to side, dodging his swipes, and then jumped back and away.
35. Faster and faster the hawk flapped its wings, dipping and dodging through the clouds.
36. He tore off his overcoat and coat, dodging a blow, and flung the garments over Dawes.
37. He was up and running before the next breath, dodging barrels and unknown dark shapes.
38. All right, then, Olger, Sylvia said dodging response concerning his compensation.
39. Carter jumped out of his car and rushed up to the quarantined house, dodging reporters.
40. He watched the scout running back, carefully dodging behind cover to hide his movement.
1. I dodged him as he.
2. He dodged out of the.
3. Emory dodged a low branch.
4. When she dodged to avoid.
5. Selene dodged the thrust with.
6. In a few minutes he had dodged.
7. I dodged them all, one by one but.
8. I dodged her for the next five days.
9. How I dodged that strike I don't know.
10. I dodged out of sight behind a hedge.
11. Dacian had dodged and deflected each.
12. I did the most as I dodged the crater.
13. O yes! lots of them; but I dodged 'em.
14. Morg swiped at Lezura but she dodged it.
15. So I dodged a bullet there, I said.
16. Thomas dodged to the left, kept running.
17. Quickly, Mitchell dodged his angry swipe.
18. They swung and sliced, blocked and dodged.
19. Anti-law… Wardon dodged the shadow.
20. Aetes dodged the strike and swung his sword.
21. He barely dodged the arrow by leaping again.
22. One was almost on me by the time I dodged it.
23. She dodged traffic and ran across the street.
24. Holly dodged the bottle he shoved in her face.
25. He dodged it and closed the door to his room.
26. Azura dodged the onslaught of his dark powers.
27. Zhan Donglai coldly laughed and he just dodged.
28. Floyd dodged in and out of sight down the line.
29. She had already dodged that with the war effort.
30. We dodged them successfully and escaped his view.
31. He brought the knife in to stab, but I dodged it.
32. Max grabbed at her playfully, and she dodged him.
33. You just dodged a mandatory ten years in prison.
34. I dodged back as his knife flashed past my throat.
35. I-It’s a long story, she dodged the question.
36. Elden dodged and Sons’ punch landed on the tree.
37. Farah is afraid that Nancy could be dodged by 740.
38. Nancy and Ant dodged items as they swayed in their.
39. You could have played ostrich and dodged the bullet.
40. Kublai dodged skillfully and caught him from behind.
1. She dodges my fist and grabs hold of my arm.
2. She dodges another rock impact within inches.
3. Jacob dodges a stack of barrels and a pile of coiled rope.
4. He charges her with kicks and punches, all which she dodges.
5. Tom said, These here Dodges can pull a house in low gear.
6. Jaden quickly dodges to the left missing another projectile.
7. As an ex-Head of the Fraud Squad, he’d know all the dodges.
8. Bellona dodges lasers while striking several nearby slow moving blisters.
9. He dodges another punch, slipping around Al and kicking him hard in the back.
10. He dodges a sphere and whips his own at Glacia, who’s the last person on her team.
11. I ran to the hybrid and try to attack her but she dodges and attacks me at the back.
12. He points to the countless number of dodges which are used to fool rather than to inform.
13. Ciere dodges around a line of people with suitcases and briefly considers trying to slip in with one of the families.
14. Blanding easily dodges the first few swings, but gets caught in the face with a roundhouse kick that sends him staggering back.
15. There were ancient Fords, ravaged in their upholstery; Chevrolets and Dodges with rusty noses, paintless, with loose fenders or no fenders at all.
16. She advanced on him, taunting him for a moment with twists and dodges, then with a liquidly graceful movement she whirled the staff, sending the hammer-end of it into the man’s windpipe.
17. The broken screen lay as before, and exposing Semyon Ivanovitch's seclusion, seemed like an emblem of the fact that death tears away the veil from all our secrets, our shifty dodges and intrigues.
18. He rails at Eugene with a flurry of punches, powerful and swift and vicious, but Eugene taps into his own experience as easily as slipping into cool water, and he ducks and dodges, light on his feet, bending and twisting to avoid most blows and block the rest with his forearms, which sting with every hit until his reddened flesh turns raw.
19. But he who dodges hospitals and jails, and walks fast crossing graveyards, and would rather talk of operas than hell; calls Cowper, Young, Pascal, Rousseau, poor devils all of sick men; and throughout a care-free lifetime swears by Rabelais as passing wise, and therefore jolly;—not that man is fitted to sit down on tomb-stones, and break the green damp mould with unfathomably wondrous Solomon.
20. Prosecutor, have you not invented a new personality? Is the prisoner so coarse and heartless as to be able to think at that moment of love and of dodges to escape punishment, if his hands were really stained with his father's blood? No, no, no! As soon as it was made plain to him that she loved him and called him to her side, promising him new happiness, oh! then, I protest he must have felt the impulse to suicide doubled, trebled, and must have killed himself, if he had his father's murder on his conscience.

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My dodge at first was.
Possibly a Dodge, I said.
Dodge, for Pleasant Hill, Tenn.
Aaron points to the Dodge truck.
Don hoped to dodge her question.
I managed to dodge most of the.
I'm too old to dodge the bullets.
Best goddamn car Dodge ever made.
She tried to dodge him, but she.
Zhan Donglai did not even dodge it.
I saw the SUV dodge a fallen tree.
Characters can't attempt to Dodge.
They dodge and roll to avoid being hit.
It took me all my efforts just to dodge.
He dove to dodge them, and landed in the.
Dodge and avoid Gareth Leofric had.
On the highway the Dodge moved along slowly.
I managed to leap aside and dodge the bite.
The two of them get off and dodge the cars.
Now, let’s saddle up and get out of Dodge.
His car almost hit me head on but I dodge it.
Dodge taught me more than I ever knew before.
Karlov was able to dodge each blow with ease.
A brand new Dodge pickup was parked in my drive.
Jim followed and came to a stop beside the Dodge.
Cars honked as they tried to dodge the open door.
I feigned a dodge to the left as the Folat rushed me.
However, he couldn’t dodge the Ferrari in the end.
Tom drove the Dodge to the side of the road and parked.
It's impossible to dodge while this power is activated.
Thankfully, I managed to dodge everything thrown at me.
Trying to dodge the bullets, he jumped behind a nearby.
We’re not going to dodge the bullet tonight Daniel.
Ren Fengping to think that there was no way to dodge it!.
In less than an hour, an old Dodge van pulls to the curb.
He was expecting it though, and was easily able to dodge.
In the cramped cell, Calvin had no way to retreat or dodge.
There weren’t even surveillance cameras to have to dodge.
Within 20 years the area Colonel Dodge described as full of.
Characters can't attempt to Dodge and Block the same attack.