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    1. breaking of the taboos that had dogged her line down the centuries gave her a strength

    2. dogged its tracks, but as Lucy moved closer, as the figure gathered its limbs together

    3. On the ground the shape seemed almost frail, as though it could not carry the burden of terror that forever dogged its tracks, but as Lucy moved closer, as the figure gathered its limbs together and began to unbend, began to straighten and stand, she saw with horror that he, for it must be masculine, was tall and thick set and lithe, as if he were a wolf or a hunting cat

    4. All, but those few, not only accepted the quirky little family but enjoyed their company and respected their accomplishments as peers in the common struggle with the elemental forces: time and nature, which dogged all of humanity alike

    5. He wasn’t his best tail but he was dogged

    6. Still, as he noticed her hand grasp the hilt of her blade as it lay on the ground, and hold it across her lap, he realized he could learn to respect her for her dogged spirit

    7. The sun had finally broken free of the dogged clouds and filtered down through the trees above him

    8. German bullets dogged our footsteps there and we could hear the swish of them as they cut a swathe through the grass behind us

    9. Ducking his six-six frame through the metal cabin hatch, McKee dogged it closed and headed down the short flight of stairs to the deck

    10. To this day, the FBI and COINTELPRO are dogged by accusations they assassinated Dr

    11. dogged by deliberate foot-dragging and obstruction at the most senior

    12. His heart beat faster and he couldn’t help but wonder at how natural the cane felt to him now, and in spite of the pain that still dogged him

    13. A silence of dogged determination slowly descended over the group as they struggled on

    14. The most dogged ones are always rewarded

    15. The one thing he was sure of is that all the voices that had dogged him since his tragedy had stopped from the very first night he had taken his new identity

    16. A dogged belief in consistency obscures one's vísion

    17. dogged me in the end but at this stage I was offering him in for half the business I was about to set up

    18. In the end V dogged me so this whole saga was a waste of my energy but at the time I thought he was a good mate

    19. Fuelled by the drink I couldn"t help myself and I took some shots at the AFP and the so called mate that dogged me

    20. They dogged and tried to encompass the boys and turn them into leaf monsters

    21. The party was still going on now, long after the booze had gone and someone had spilt wine all over the record player, with those dogged dancers still going out of little more than monkish habit

    22. Frustration dogged a tired Rudolph as his phone went silent

    23. Maybe it was this dogged determination to prove himself that made Shah the ideal person to take on the tough UP challenge

    24. He could see her point, but that did nothing to assuage the guilt that had dogged him since his encounter with April and Roy McKennon

    25. enough force that he'd be dogged by bad luck in all

    26. Despite their lack of progress, his dogged persistence with the case was proof of that

    27. And why should she go about stirring people up and forcing them to be dogged by luggage carts?

    28. The great comfort about relatives is that though they may make what assertions they like you need not and do not believe them; and it was Fate and nothing but Fate that had dogged me malevolently all round Rügen and joined me here at Arkona once more to Mrs

    29. Law enforcement and political leaders dogged one another, each pointing fingers, demanding the other do something–

    30. Sig’s persistent barking—not to mention his dogged attempts to back down a big brown bull that was seeking shelter from the flies—

    31. One had for a stay with Judith to have clothes, and she had no clothes; at least, none newer than eight years old--her immense unworn trousseau dogged her through the years--for Judith gave many parties at the Master's Lodge, brilliant gatherings, her mother called them in her rare letters, where London, come down on purpose and expressed in Prime and other ministers as well as in the fine flower of the aristocracy and a few selected fragrances from the world of literature and art--once her mother wrote that Ingram, the great painter, had been at the last party, and was so much enslaved by Judith's loveliness that he had asked as a favour to be allowed to paint her--sat at Judith's feet

    32. master tracker who has dogged my footsteps all this long year

    33. slave hunters had dogged their trail

    34. treated the rain with the same dogged resolve he had Rainer

    35. dogged researchers are succeeding at piercing their ages old veil

    36. stomach, the pain that dogged his every waking hour burned

    37. Dogged by the reoccurring nightmare & blanked out with an a letchard inc odyssey

    38. But his acute nervousness and lack of self-confidence dogged him constantly

    39. They seemed to be waiting for something with a dogged determination, and they looked at the Jury, but at nothing else

    40. Not only did he guess it by the fact that the second finger of her right hand was no longer inky, but she spent her evenings downstairs now, was met no more among newspaper offices, and studied with a dogged patience, which assured him that she was bent on occupying her mind with something useful, if not pleasant

    41. It has been suggested also to me that the impalpable constraint is put upon the nature of a seaman by the Spirit of the Sea, which he serves with a dumb and dogged devotion

    42. But this I do know, that it is very difficult to display a dogged devotion to a mere spirit, however great

    43. What awakens the seaman's sense of duty, what lays that impalpable constraint upon the strength of his manliness, what commands his not always dumb if always dogged devotion, is not the spirit of the sea but something that in his eyes has a body, a character, a fascination, and almost a soul--it is his ship

    44. It hurt the boy keenly, this feeling about her that she had never had her life's fulfilment: and his own incapability to make up to her hurt him with a sense of impotence, yet made him patiently dogged inside

    45. They kindled him and made him glow to his work, whereas his mother's influence was to make him quietly determined, patient, dogged, unwearied

    46. He talked to her endlessly about his love of horizontals: how they, the great levels of sky and land in Lincolnshire, meant to him the eternality of the will, just as the bowed Norman arches of the church, repeating themselves, meant the dogged leaping forward of the persistent human soul, on and on, nobody knows where; in contradiction to the perpendicular lines and to the Gothic arch, which, he said, leapt up at heaven and touched the ecstasy and lost itself in the divine

    47. She moved aside her mouth to ask, dogged and low:

    48. Catherine, by instinct, must have divined it was obdurate perversity, and not dislike, that prompted this dogged conduct; for, after remaining an instant undecided, she stooped and impressed on his cheek a gentle kiss

    49. With each one completed, his ability as a leader shone through, not to mention his dogged determination and sheer refusal to be beaten

    50. It had that dogged look about it

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    dogged dour persistent pertinacious tenacious unyielding perverse obdurate headstrong intractable pigheaded stubborn