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Frasi con effulgence (in inglese)

  1. His effulgence broke through his boxer shorts.
  2. Meditate on the effulgence in the sun, or the splendour in the moon or the glory in the stars.
  3. He therefore shines in his active Effulgence of eternal life and full illumination and perfection.
  4. Time someone thought about it instead of gassing about the what was it the pensive bosom of the silver effulgence.
  5. This incoming shot was an incendiary that blew a new caldera into the valley as its mushroom-shaped effulgence ascended!.
  6. Imagine that there is a supreme, infinite effulgence hidden behind all these names and forms which is tantamount to the effulgence of crores of suns put together.
  7. It is not the least unequivocal proof of that worth that it was not extinguished by the effulgence of his great kinsman's glory, with which it was daily brought into comparison.
  8. It soared, a bird, it held its flight, a swift pure cry, soar silver orb it leaped serene, speeding, sustained, to come, don't spin it out too long long breath he breath long life, soaring high, high resplendent, aflame, crowned, high in the effulgence symbolistic, high, of the etherial bosom, high, of the high vast irradiation everywhere all soaring all around about the all, the endlessnessnessness.
  9. If man was not created absolutely immortal—if Adam by his sin lost the prospect of immortality and glory both for himself and his descendants—if the redemption which is in Christ Jesus be regarded as the free gift of righteousness and of life eternal to all repenting sinners in a world which has forfeited its life forever—then, indeed, the gospel shines forth in an effulgence of grace fitted to inspire wonder, adoration, and endless thanksgiving, at once in the race whom He saves from dying, and who had no claim to be made immortal, and in all other intelligent beings.
  10. Enough then, that I not only recognised my natural body from the mere aura and effulgence of certain of the powers that made up my spirit, but managed to compound a drug by which these powers should be dethroned from their supremacy, and a second form and countenance substituted,.

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