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    1. The simple truth that change was endemic in man’s psyche was

    2. of them raised any concerns about racism which was endemic in

    3. There exists an associative order endemic in (any) society; that is to say, of associations prescribed by custom where the ―servant‖

    4. Warfare was pretty much endemic

    5. The false grievance of a stolen election, pounded endlessly in print and over the airwaves soon became endemic to the whole Democratic Party

    6. was not immune to the racism endemic in turn-of-the-century

    7. It's now endemic in the southwest US, and it's got a real high mortality rate

    8. The Delhi Sands flower-loving fly is endemic to its namesake habitat, and both are on the brink of extinction

    9. There are also an estimated 5-10 other species of insects endemic to the formation

    10. Leiolopisma telfairii, was once endemic to Mauritius and its islets

    11. We screened for a broad range of diseases and we found a host of endemic conditions as would be typical of this population

    12. Endemic in game herds, especially in buffalo, this disease, carried by tsetse fly, was a destroyer of human life

    13. One patch, endemic to one hillside

    14. indicate that it may be important as a dietary supplement in cases of optic endemic neuritis and other conditions of the

    15. The new "democracies" suffer from many of the same ills that afflict their veteran role models: murky campaign finances; venal revolving doors between state administration and private enterprise; endemic corruption, nepotism, and cronyism; self-censoring media; socially, economically, and politically excluded minorities; and so on

    16. So, why is there a need to talk about it and be overly cautious? Why should we need to call it a stampede and a stupidity and discuss it? Is there a need to talk about it all, if what is going on is just fixed and endemic mechanism of all societies in course of evolution in time and space?

    17. On this planet, where we have had a presence for several millennia, we strive to combat the natural violence and evil which is endemic in its human and other life forms

    18. kleptocracy in South Africa which was becoming the same endemic problem that had

    19. piness but also for the ending of the violent conflict which is endemic on

    20. The mysteries about the disease become distinctive when the human death toll happens in endemic way

    21. subtype is endemic; that is—different from all the rest

    22. That, the earl had been forced to admit to himself many years ago, was an attitude endemic to much of the Harchongese aristocracy

    23. African countries have suffered from endemic corruption and civil war, and some African leaders have been odious

    24. Hooker has recently shown that in the southeast corner of Australia, where, apparently, there are many invaders from different quarters of the globe, the endemic Australian species have been greatly reduced in number

    25. Wollaston has discovered the remarkable fact that 200 beetles, out of the 550 species (but more are now known) inhabiting Madeira, are so far deficient in wings that they cannot fly; and that, of the twenty-nine endemic genera, no less than twenty-three have all their species in this condition! Several facts, namely, that beetles in many parts of the world are very frequently blown to sea and perish; that the beetles in Madeira, as observed by Mr

    26. The endemic productions of New Zealand, for instance, are perfect, one compared with another; but they are now rapidly yielding before the advancing legions of plants and animals introduced from Europe

    27. Before the last great Glacial period, no doubt the intertropical mountains were stocked with endemic Alpine forms; but these have almost everywhere yielded to the more dominant forms generated in the larger areas and more efficient workshops of the north

    28. Although in oceanic islands the species are few in number, the proportion of endemic kinds (i

    29. If we compare, for instance, the number of endemic land-shells in Madeira, or of endemic birds in the Galapagos Archipelago, with the number found on any continent, and then compare the area of the island with that of the continent, we shall see that this is true

    30. Bermuda, on the other hand, which lies at about the same distance from North America as the Galapagos Islands do from South America, and which has a very peculiar soil, does not possess a single endemic land bird; and we know from Mr

    31. For instance, in certain islands not tenanted by a single mammal, some of the endemic plants have beautifully hooked seeds; yet few relations are more manifest than that hooks serve for the transportal of seeds in the wool or fur of quadrupeds

    32. But a hooked seed might be carried to an island by other means; and the plant then becoming modified would form an endemic species, still retaining its hooks, which would form a useless appendage, like the shrivelled wings under the soldered wing-covers of many insular beetles

    33. It cannot be said, on the ordinary view of creation, that there has not been time for the creation of mammals; many volcanic islands are sufficiently ancient, as shown by the stupendous degradation which they have suffered, and by their tertiary strata: there has also been time for the production of endemic species belonging to other classes; and on continents it is known that new species of mammals appear and disappear at a quicker rate than other and lower animals

    34. Hence, we have only to suppose that such wandering species have been modified in their new homes in relation to their new position, and we can understand the presence of endemic bats on oceanic islands, with the absence of all other terrestrial mammals

    35. The foregoing statements in regard to the inhabitants of oceanic islands, namely, the fewness of the species, with a large proportion consisting of endemic forms—the members of certain groups, but not those of other groups in the same class, having been modified—the absence of certain whole orders, as of batrachians and of terrestrial mammals, notwithstanding the presence of aerial bats, the singular proportions of certain orders of plants, herbaceous forms having been developed into trees, etc

    36. Almost all oceanic islands, even the most isolated and smallest, are inhabited by land-shells, generally by endemic species, but sometimes by species found elsewhere striking instances of which have been given by Dr

    37. Many analogous facts could be given: indeed it is an almost universal rule that the endemic productions of islands are related to those of the nearest continent, or of the nearest large island

    38. New Zealand in its endemic plants is much more closely related to Australia, the nearest mainland, than to any other region: and this is what might have been expected; but it is also plainly related to South America, which, although the next nearest continent, is so enormously remote, that the fact becomes an anomaly

    39. From these considerations I think we need not greatly marvel at the endemic species which inhabit the several islands of the Galapagos Archipelago not having all spread from island to island

    40. On these same principles we can understand, as I have endeavoured to show, why oceanic islands should have few inhabitants, but that of these, a large proportion should be endemic or peculiar; and why, in relation to the means of migration, one group of beings should have all its species peculiar, and another group, even within the same class, should have all its species the same with those in an adjoining quarter of the world

    41. On this view of migration, with subsequent modification, we see why oceanic islands are inhabited by only few species, but of these, why many are peculiar or endemic forms

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