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Frasi con entomb (in inglese)

1. Vidar will entomb.
2. The Step Pyramid at Saqqara in Egypt, was built in 2750 bc to entomb the mummified body of the pharaoh Djoser.
3. Caressed the stones chiselled by armies of human beings five thousand years ago to entomb and give eternal life to one man.
4. When we are the spies of each other, we truly become our brother's keeper, not out of love but in fear, not to care for but to capture in, not to uplift but to entomb.

1. No words were said until the boot was closed entombing the woman.
2. As Lucy felt the waters of the wolf rising above her head, entombing her in his.
3. A shut door of a silent tower, entombing their—blind bodies, the panthersahib and his pointer.
4. They had stopped at this village on their way home after they performed the ritual of entombing him.
5. Pillsbury lay panting in the darkness, listening to the bombs coming, feeling claustrophobic, his mind flashing with images of bombs entombing them.
6. As Lucy felt the waters of the wolf rising above her head, entombing her in his flesh, as she watched, fascinated by the bending of his neck and felt the first exquisite piercing of his canines within her flesh, she whispered one last question.
7. Instead of ending their lives, his spell was reversed and ended up preserving them, in another version that I read he was merely casting a spell to reveal the truth in their words, but in either version the magic ended up entombing their children and burying them deep within several rock faces for an eternity and at the cost of her own life.
1. This is done on the same day that Jesus is entombed.
2. Then we freed that fat sod you entombed in the hills.
3. The ice that had entombed the gritich was still there.
4. He was entombed in metal, him and a couple other people.
5. Well, where it would remain entombed and at rest, eter-.
6. They both sat entombed within the belly of their makeshift hut.
7. When I was entombed in that…that sarcophagus, Zia said, I almost.
8. Her eyes wandered to where the hair salon had stood, but it was entombed under.
9. Because, see here, they're all entombed in the same aboveground Gothic stone hut.
10. Not a word could be heard; the only moments ago bustling battlefield was entombed in silence.
11. So it was with the reactions she had this morning and the dress that brightly entombed her body.
12. In some ways it was a fitting repayment for the city of Kingdom Pass that lay entombed beneath us.
13. He swallowed one last time as the ice covered his mouth and then his whole body was completely entombed.
14. He pondered just stretching upon the grave, sprawling above his entombed brother, and remaining there forever.
15. His father had requested a natural burial, which meant that his body needed to be entombed within 24 hours after death.
16. Emma expatiated much on the misery of earthly affections, and the eternal isolation in which the heart remains entombed.
17. The king held a funeral for the queen and had her entombed in what is now called the House of Nayah where all the ancient royals sleep.
18. Roelle pushed her way to the bedside holding out a small vial that held the glimmering blue potion swirling as if the night sky was entombed within.
19. His pallor was so peculiar, that it seemed to pertain to one who had been long entombed, and who was incapable of resuming the healthy glow and hue of life.
20. Before him was a wood as brown as a fox and littered with leaves and bracken that had fallen and became entombed into the ground during the previous season.
21. I have not seen many examples in this pristine condition, they are as fresh as the day they were entombed with whomsoever the delusioned pharaoh was that once owned them.
22. The Well was prepared and a spirit form had to be placed within the confines of the Well, where it would remain entombed and at rest, eternally in an ocean of the life-giving force.
23. The others that have brought destruction to this land and who I suspect are behind the war that threatens our nation, are the followers of Queen Soredamor, the second child entombed.
24. The bodies of ancient kings and queens were entombed in ornately carved, vertically positioned ice coffins, and preserved here so that future generations could look upon the faces and bodies of their ancestors.
25. Each word of the slowly-changing language, more or less different in the successive chapters, may represent the forms of life, which are entombed in our consecutive formations, and which falsely appear to have been abruptly introduced.
26. Before the Pharaoh had been properly entombed it would seem that his enemies broke into his last resting-place, destroyed his sarcophagus, tore the wrappings of his mummy to shreds, and effaced the name and image of his god wherever it was engraved upon the wall.
27. Not so very far to the left of her she could discern a dark patch in the scenery, which inquiry confirmed her in supposing to be trees marking the environs of Kingsbere—in the church of which parish the bones of her ancestors—her useless ancestors—lay entombed.
28. The author has occupied himself principally upon those portions of the United States, which, by the organized remains both of animals and vegetables, with which they more or less abound, exhibit the most decisive and interesting evidence of changes and catastrophes, whose history is to be sought in the memorials entombed in the strata themselves.
29. Then man, with his restless, protesting conscience, did his best to estrange you from the consolation, and, in consequence, some eccentric, undisciplined creature now and again voices to the world the disorganized, hysterical feminine emotions which should have been discreetly sobbed into the ecclesiastical ear, decently entombed in the silence of the confessional.
30. If the gentleman from Massachusetts chooses, in imitation of another Eastern nation—not those who tried their Kings after they were entombed, but those who consigned to one common grave the living and the dead; if he be willing to attach the sound, healthy body of the present Administration—healthy so far, and, I trust, fortifying itself against contagions—to the dead corpse of the last, let him.
1. She opens the stream bank and entombs them beneath the water still entwined in each other, cursing them to an endless succession of lives searching in despair for something they cannot remember, to meet in each incarnation only to find death together before their hearts can remember.

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