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Frasi con eyeball (in inglese)

  1. One eyeball rolled and spasmed.
  2. I think it had an eyeball in it.
  3. Inject myself in the eyeball I did.
  4. He was giving me the hairy eyeball again.
  5. Take extra care not to touch the eyeball.
  6. She opened an eye and touched the eyeball.
  7. Smith's eyeball, they all latched onto it.
  8. As the General continued her impromptu eyeball.
  9. There may have been an eyeball, Venkat said.
  10. He flicked the bloody eyeball off his lap as if.
  11. Actually, the eyeball is a part of the brain itself.
  12. Spitting fat or corrosive chemicals may burn the eyeball.
  13. Once again Jack taps an eyeball; the reflex still works.
  14. The cornea of the eyeball contains an ever so tiny pinhole.
  15. But its head space was dominated not by brain but by eyeball.
  16. Her right eyeball had popped out with the force of the impact.
  17. Eyeball your portions and consider the following chart: Portion.
  18. I know it's printed on my eyeball like I been struck by lightning!.
  19. He turned to Hayden and eyeball to eyeball, he calmly laid in on him.
  20. Bits of wadding and metal fragments had to be removed from the eyeball.
  21. Well, that’s exactly why she came here – to eyeball your naked body.
  22. I personally hate being called a princess so I gave Remy the hairy eyeball.
  23. They're sold by the venture capitalists, obviously for the eyeball but the.
  24. A liquid of womb of woman eyeball gazed under a fence of lashes, calmly, hearing.
  25. From Ferdy’s perspective in his garage, the eyeball of the park stared at him.
  26. I cracked one eye open, but the light seared my eyeball and I reclosed it quickly.
  27. It rose higher, slowly rolling upwards as Fin’s eyeball dropped from the socket.
  28. The needle was marked Immortality Quik-Shot: Inject into Eyeball and Live Forever.
  29. But the bleached eyeball, the scar, and the familiar weariness of his expression were.
  30. This isn’t an exact science! Eyeball your portions and consider the following chart:.
  31. Instinctively, I started eating my eggs a little faster while Nana gave me the hairy eyeball.
  32. Most of your trades in this setup will have to come from your watch lists as you eyeball the charts.
  33. Eyeball moves away from the bullet, then closes up behind it so that you cannot see a sign of it.
  34. But the bleached eyeball, the scar, and the familiar weariness of his expression were still the same.
  35. Instead, he hugged me gingerly and said, Cool eyeball but it’s kind of throwing a wrench in things.
  36. I accidentally stabbed a finger through a beautiful Asian woman’s eyeball, just trying to shove her away.
  37. Think how big the picture is that your eyes take in and translate that area to the size of your eyeball in.
  38. Where’s he comes from? That eyeball is so far above our technology – unless it’s from China or Japan.
  39. I don’t think that’s possible, Claire said, because surely a dime was larger than her entire eyeball.
  40. The one who just lost his eyeball, that's mine, worthless piece of garbage! I hate losing, especially to the Duke.
  41. He said the fluid had leaked out of the macula (inside of my eyeball) and the retina was almost completely detached.
  42. I could see an eyeball staring at me from the pulped mess of meat and bone and I knew he wasn’t getting back up again.
  43. The fluid which lubricates the eye and reduces friction between the lid and the eyeball can become thick and muddled with debris.
  44. I’d eyeball this and guess low to mid 40s volatility, in line with recent lows in AAPL options, the HV, and longer-dated AAPL options.
  45. I’m afraid I don’t understand, he said, dodging as an eyeball arced over the ring of spectators and narrowly missed his left ear.
  46. When conjunctiva, the tissue layer that covers the eyeball, becomes inflamed along with the inner part of the eyelids, it causes the pink eye.
  47. This is an important structural line, marking as it does the limit of the spherical surface of the eyeball, on which surface the eyelids are placed.
  48. The slightest variations in the form of the lids, in the positions of the eyeball, he notices and assumes that they were made the vehicles of expression.
  49. The door then began to open and in walked the Monitor, dressed in a blue pinstripe suit and his signature bag shaped mask and signature eyeball insignia.
  50. A gap-up in a pattern should be fairly obvious, in that one should be able to eyeball on a stock’s daily chart all the major gap-ups that are on the chart.
  51. Ok, Ok, I’ve never seen his real face he always wore a mask and the face was just an eyeball covering up all the facial features, said the Commissioner.
  52. No matter how firmly they tried to put their foot down, they still ended up huddled like a flock of frightened sheep when they came eyeball to eyeball with him.
  53. But in the second-order realm one looks not to revenues but to the share of potential customers, the so-called eyeball count to justify extraordinarily high valuations.
  54. A hole opened up in the center of the clouds, forming the eye of the storm; but the strange thing was that it had, quite literally, the shape and form of a human eyeball.
  55. Imagine this scenario: you run your scans, you eyeball your charts, and after several hours of intensive research you come up with what looks to be the best trade of the week.
  56. The most hilarious part about that was when that little girl found part of his skull with eyeball intact floating in her swimming pool half-a-mile away from the explosion site.
  57. The blade met resistance for a moment, then slipped through, until his eyeball seemed to explode, and she saw the point emerge from the eye socket in a spray of blood and brains.
  58. I instinctively wanted to not inject the longevity formula into my eyeball, not because I didn’t want to inject myself in the eyeball… After 648 HL’s I very much wanted to do that.
  59. In most cases, when volume on a rally within a right shoulder gets to -35 to -40 percent below average or lower, around one-third to one-half of average daily volume or less if you eyeball it on the chart.
  60. He contemplated the physics of sight, the high-energy particles striking the optic disk in back of the eyeball, causing the optic nerve to send impulses to the brain, which interpreted these impulses into images.
  61. A stone needs no answers because it has no questions, be like a stone, stay calm in clear and pure silence, face the silence eyeball to eyeball, if you would not inquire, protest, hate and hasten silence would transform you in its own way.
  62. I checked in, was given a bed, an IV was started, and first thing Tuesday he re-appeared and performed two types of surgery; he manually placed a silicone buckle across the hole in the back of my eyeball and then re-inflated my eye with an inert gas.
  63. There is still nothing better than eyeball to eyeball,.
  1. That’s too bad, she nodded, eyeballing me.
  2. Eyeballing the cumulative performance in Figure 11.
  3. No, Carey said, eyeballing me warily, this is a motorcycle.
  4. Eyeballing everything, he mentally reviewed the situation of the camp.
  5. You’d be eyeballing the intercept and using a thrust vector you can barely control.
  6. Zac didn't notice the gesture, he was too busy eyeballing Alistair, who had just walked in.
  7. She had a twenty-four she’d just cracked open and saw me eyeballing it like a dying man in a desert.
  8. Might keep the snakes away – came Tommy, still eyeballing the little bitch as he sucked at his pipe.
  9. Must have been eyeballing him for a while, because he was waving me over and looking confused about why I wasn’t responding.
  10. Trenchard was sitting there like a man who just won a thousand pounds on some kind of wager, eyeballing Keyes with a vengeance.
  11. The Screening Tool When eyeballing your watch list fails to turn up any relief rally setups, the following screen inputted into Stockcharts.
  12. Since that first price parameter cannot be screened for, a further eyeballing of the charts is usually required to weed out invalid setups.
  13. Give each chart that turns up on the screen a good eyeballing, and use the aforelisted rules to eliminate all but the most coiled of springs.
  14. The others finished their meal at a more human pace while Johnny sat eyeballing the pan where the results of that days work sat out in the open.
  15. From your precipice you take these things as second nature but on second look, it is something you know but avoid eyeballing without a horse in the game.
  16. Your words aren’t worth the water, said the fish-who-claimed-to-be-King, eyeballing Jai’s tattooed forehead, then he shifted his attention in between the children.
  17. In contrast, the reward for bearing liquidity risk may not have declined, at least based on eyeballing the steady gains of the Pastor–Stambaugh strategy between 1997 and 2007 in Figure 18.
  18. The Screening Tool In a bull market, the following scan should turn up several possible blue sky candidates—but since that first price parameter cannot be screened for, a further eyeballing of the charts is usually required to weed out invalid setups:.
  1. Koji eyeballed the Porsche.
  2. He and his pals eyeballed me skeptically.
  3. He eyeballed his son for several seconds.
  4. I grabbed it and eyeballed the caller ID.
  5. Buffalo Bill lowered his head and eyeballed Gary.
  6. Molly eyeballed her and gives my elbow an extra thrill.
  7. Nord eyeballed the sword as Lov passed him, battle ax in hand.
  8. What’s a Mc–wop couple doing up here? Badge eyeballed the.
  9. Sespian eyeballed the bowl of lotion his new valet had dropped off.
  10. Russell eyeballed his sister as he stood in the doorway of the guest room.
  11. Two green ogres eyeballed the boat covetously as it made its way toward them.
  12. The Elassai pilot bowed, greeted his Lord and eyeballed me as I stood quietly behind Connacher.
  13. Glen opened the bottle warily, and Sebastian didn’t miss how he eyeballed the seal on the cap first.
  14. The other police officer eyeballed both of them while they made their way down the hill, to the dirt road below.
  15. The octopus eyeballed the children as if their reluctance to leave had been the most predictable thing in the world.
  16. I eyeballed the offerings on the large wooden board and decided on a two-scoop sugar cone with chocolate chip ice cream.
  17. Like most people he knew a couple of things for sure, up close and eyeballed, and when he saw them in books they were wrong.
  18. A mischievous grin soon covered his face as he eyeballed each of the cardboard boxes that someone placed near the back of the stage.
  19. Okay, so you've eyeballed all your charts, run your special screens, and now you have a shortlist of stocks to consider either buying long or selling short.
  20. After hearing over the airport intercom that several planes had just landed, he nonchalantly eyeballed the passing pilots through brown, Ray-Ban sunglasses.
  21. When the indexes have demonstrated over a period of many weeks that their volatility has changed, then O’Neil has more or less eyeballed the required threshold level to adjust for increased or decreased volatility.
  1. A dozen eyeballs on the floor.
  2. Damn, even his eyeballs ached.
  3. Massaging his eyeballs he muttered.
  4. And tears his swimming eyeballs dim.
  5. Bill was in debt up to his eyeballs.
  6. Even their eyeballs had a delicate odor.
  7. I don’t taste solid food with my eyeballs.
  8. You don't have the time or eyeballs to spare.
  9. He moved his eyeballs from centre to left in.
  10. No muscle of hers moved, not even her eyeballs.
  11. Probably used to suck out the eyeballs, and may.
  12. Hot, foul air from its gullet baked his eyeballs.
  13. Lenin with new eyeballs, crystal, under the lids.
  14. If set free his eyeballs will surely regenerate.
  15. His head came out of the water up to his eyeballs.
  16. They’re in it up to their eyeballs, Winderiver.
  17. He has a caretaker while I’m up to my eyeballs in.
  18. Little eyeballs blinked at him from the cobblestones.
  19. Cleo was losing her senses and her eyeballs flipped over.
  20. His eyeballs flipped back and his mouth sagged open wide.
  21. She flushed a deep red, shame creeping up to her eyeballs.
  22. His company was in trouble and in debt up to its eyeballs.
  23. Between the long, half-open lids the eyeballs shone silver.
  24. At that the straightened himself and moved his eyeballs in.
  25. He grunted loudly and his eyeballs rolled back into his head.
  26. Justine averted her eyes from quart jars of assorted eyeballs.
  27. Jess stared at Wolfe so hard he thought his eyeballs would burst.
  28. You mind aiming that thing somewhere other than my eyeballs?
  29. He looked at her eyeballs and her gums and felt in her ear for fever.
  30. This imprint stayed on Court's eyeballs as he climbed and jinked away.
  31. Of all his face there was nothing visible but a gleam of white eyeballs.
  32. Marza Deepoon Lain throws a handful of her slimy eyeballs up into the sky.
  33. The eyes are open too, but the eyeballs are coated with a jellylike film.
  34. When I rolled her over, her face was nearly purple and her eyeballs were.
  35. The rest of her eyeballs saw that in other directions of up it is raining.
  36. Belmont has no irises at all, but just white eyeballs with a dot for pupils.
  37. Most of it, but I’ve been up to my eyeballs in this stuff for weeks now.
  38. He could tear out her larynx, pop out her eyeballs or break her fingers and.
  39. His eyeballs felt indescribably heavy, as if they were hanging on elastic bands.
  40. Again raising her brow and drooping her eyeballs his aunt looked at him curiously.
  41. I started to squeeze I knew he was dead when his eyeballs popped out of his skull.
  42. Here’s a pill for that, and also it cures testicular decay and loss of eyeballs.
  43. I’m sorry I caused you some trouble, he said, with his eyeballs rolled down.
  44. Your headline will grab eyeballs only if it has emotional appeal and offers your USP.
  45. JáhmWüd’s 219 eyeballs extend on their stalks, up into the sky, far above the trees.
  46. A zombie with rotting flesh and oozing eyeballs was hitting his head against the glass.
  47. She even misses the sky with many of her eyeballs and they splatter all over the ground.
  48. I’m up to my eyeballs in open cases that I need to close before the end of the month.
  49. She looked too angry to do much of anything except try to incinerate me with her eyeballs.
  50. His eyes opened, the eyeballs disappeared and he fell back, slamming his head on the floor.
  51. Some of them had several mucous covered eyeballs that glared at me in triumph as they crossed over.
  52. Katerina Ivanovna looked at her nephew with raised brows and drooping eyeballs, in silent amazement.
  53. I guess no one ever thought to boil it, strain it, mix it with urine and inject it in their eyeballs.
  54. White spots appeared in front of his eyes, dancing across what seemed to be the surface of his eyeballs.
  55. I wonder how many are left? He laughed again, his eyeballs bulging a bit with every harsh syllable.
  56. Her eyeballs, the 1’s that did not splatter, saw that in some of the directions of up, the sun is shining.
  57. And that girl now is even more gorgeous and way prettier than you are, Bea said with a rolling of eyeballs.
  58. As she paused for a split second, shocked by the pain, Carla’s thumbnails dug deep into the woman’s eyeballs.
  59. She held her head funny for three days, kind of peering out of the sides of her eyeballs instead of turning to look.
  60. Whether the injections pushed something into his eyeballs or pulled something out, Eric wasn't in the state to tell.
  61. He kept drifting to the rear of the schoolhouse, again and again, to sear his eyeballs with the hateful spectacle there.
  62. Dozens of bright bubbles floated in his eyeballs, each with tiny, slanted, microscopic eyes staring in, in at his brain.
  63. The vacillation of his head and the fixity of his eyeballs suggested the thought of the magnetic needle seeking the pole.
  64. He sat down at the kitchen table and went back to casually inspecting the new order of glass eyeballs that had just arrived.
  65. EASY! Can’t you see he’s doped up to the eyeballs? Stand him up over here, Tim ordered Carl, pointing to a nearby desk.
  66. What would be very painful, but not kill you? Jamming my fingers into your eyeballs? Tearing your arms out of their sockets?
  67. The ploughman revived, but Justin's syncope still lasted, and his eyeballs disappeared in the pale sclerotics like blue flowers in milk.
  68. The nephew flicked his eyes to Will, who looked only at the floor, afraid the boy would see his eyeballs whirl with the remembered carousel.
  69. Unfortunately, demand can't expand in response to this new supply: 500 million American eyeballs and a 24-hour day are all that's available.
  70. The eyeballs of the Delaware seemed to start from their sockets; his mouth opened and his whole form became frozen in an attitude of amazement.
  71. It chilled the eyeballs of the twain, made their brows ache, penetrated to their skeletons, affecting the surface of the body less than its core.
  72. Under his escort she went tardily forward to the main front, whose shuttered windows, like sightless eyeballs, excluded the possibility of watchers.
  73. Her eyes appear to be eerily puffy, eerily swollen and half-closed with her eyeballs looking up behind her half-closed eyelids in a state of trance.
  74. Though it growled loudly and fiercely, and there were instants when its glistening eyeballs might be seen, it gave no other indications of hostility.
  75. The falcon took his toothed beak and viciously pecked one of the man’s eyeballs repeatedly in the socket as the man screamed and writhed with pain.
  76. When she was finally able to lift the lid, the light blasted her like a nuclear fireball, its shafts stabbed within the chamber, searing her eyeballs.
  77. A little tiny old man was the driver, and it seemed as if he could hardly see; he wore thick eye glasses that made his eyeballs magnified even bigger.
  78. A little while before, Valeria had seen this same woman stab a Xotalanca woman through the breast and stamp the eyeballs out of a wounded Xotalanca man.
  79. I got kicked in the head and I saw nothing but stars in front of my eyeballs for a moment and then the pain of more kicks to my stomach, back, and hips.
  80. His guts knotted with fear and tension and his eyeballs bulging, he searched the displays frantically for the slightest indication of an approaching rock face.
  81. We've got to get some eyeballs up there that are both maneuverable and fast enough to avoid ground fire, yet low enough to see what's happening on the ground.
  82. The stuffed giraffe was the head and neck, ending at the shoulder blades and mounted to stand on the floor like a strange, questionable hat rack with eyeballs.
  83. Motionless she gazed at the aquiline nose, the upturned feet, and the protruding eyeballs; sobbing and sighing, and drying her tears at long, regular intervals.
  84. To speak to you he threw back his head with an idiotic laugh; then his bluish eyeballs, rolling constantly, at the temples beat against the edge of the open wound.
  85. Brass goggles with lenses of glass ground thick to keep sparks and metal splinters away from vulnerable eyeballs turned their faces into weird human-insect hybrids.
  86. He swings the gun round, past the girl and aims at the thin, side-on figure of the mortal apothecary, but as he tries to aim he can feel his eyeballs start to swell.
  87. I scrabbled frantically around the mattress feeling for the rough weave of hessian, expecting the light on the wall to flare into life and singe to black my eyeballs.
  88. JOHN PULLER KNEW that flying was out, because ticket purchases by credit card could be traced, and he figured a number of computerized eyeballs would be pointed his way.
  89. She wanted to poke his eyeballs out with her thumbs, but instead she smiled as sweetly as she could and said: Thank you, as if he had performed an act of kindness.
  90. She appears to be in a state of trance again with her eyes eerily puffy, eerily swollen and half-closed with her eyeballs looking up behind her half-closed eyelids again.
  91. The spotted chestnut coat was coated with caked dirt and clumps of sandspurs as Charlie draped a saddle blanket over his head mercifully covering the fear drenched eyeballs.
  92. As to its choice of dark nights, it is part of my theory that light was painful to those great white eyeballs, and that it was only a pitch-black world which it could tolerate.
  93. Diane D sits quietly in the front passenger seat with her head leaned back and her body completely still with her eyes are half-closed and her eyeballs sort of fixed towards Michael.
  94. At length a slight color tinged the livid cheeks, consciousness returned to the dull, open eyeballs, a faint sigh issued from the lips, and the sufferer made a feeble effort to move.
  95. Stock Trader believed eyeballs on the Internet were beginning to really have true value, similar to the belief in the go-go Internet boom years that saw the NASDAQ climb to 5,000 points.
  96. Diane D continues to stand there in the dark in a state of trance with the bruises, swellings, the bleeding and pale appearance still on her face as she firmly stares at Marcus through her disappearing eyeballs.
  97. This is not difficult, as thanks to the obligatory mind-bending psychedelic light-show you’ve all just experienced, your eyeballs will be twirling about like a pinwheel or one of those lollypops you get at Disneyland.
  98. For a word, for one little word, he felt he would have knelt, cringed, grovelled on the floor before the drowsy, conscious stare of those fixed eyeballs starting out of the grimy, dishevelled head that drooped very still with its mouth closed askew.
  99. Diane D’s physical body is sitting on the floor in a meditated position completely in a state of trance with her eyes eerily puffy, eerily swollen, eerily blank and half-closed with her eyeballs eerily looking up almost hidden behind her half-closed eyelids.
  100. Where is your god now? You feel like the main character from A Clockwork Orange, strapped down with your eyeballs held open having to watch a program that you don't want to watch because the only other alternative is to get out of bed and find new batteries.

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