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    1. He was absolutely fearless,

    2. in the desert that Son faced his innermost fears and became fearless

    3. of fearless certainty under the equally certain

    4. been tamed, and scatter in terror as the fearless (or

    5. Nevertheless, such beings were stronger, faster, and far more fearless than they were in life

    6. But in a household that honors Ares, shouldn’t its son have the chance to exercise, so he might prove a strong and fearless warrior some day?”

    7. He was too proud, too strong, and too fearless to be scared off by a tattered slave girl’s lucky throw

    8. Miklos, fearless and reliable, would have stood ready with clean linen to bind the wound

    9. Alex stood there quiet and fearless, watching the demon approach

    10. But our fearless Princess stalked the world through high grass

    11. ) our Dear, Fearless Leader in a feckless attempt to adjust gasoline prices downward, decided to release 30 million barrels of the Strategic Reserve for current consumption by refineries and thus more gasoline

    12. He had been fearless on many solo excursions behind enemy lines

    13. "I am," was the fearless answer

    14. Boxing taught us to hate, and to be fearless in a punch-up

    15. His every act is characterised by a fearless sincerity, the sentiment of duty and principle of justice

    16. Like a fearless giant bird circling the sky

    17. I remembered my birthdays with a peculiar kind of clarity, each one haunted by the memory of her fearless smile and, in unguarded moments, eyes that grew bright with unshed tears

    18. handsomest, and most fearless captain in the RFC

    19. The Fox moved slowly towards the great beast, he moved his slim frame forward in a fearless manner

    20. Andy replied without hesitation, a fiery conviction in his voice, an immaculate, fearless shine in his eyes

    21. Her eyes most resembled a doe’s, ready at any moment to be frightened but then sometimes absolutely fearless and also with a cool calm look of centuries of culture

    22. I used to think the Dauntless were fearless

    23. But maybe what I saw as fearless was actually fear under control

    24. “You can’t be fearless, remember?” I say

    25. I wish I was like Tobias and had only four fears to face, but I am not that fearless

    26. Being fearless and being undaunted are two different things

    27. He stood up on a little hillock, tall and splendid, with his open brow and his fearless eyes

    28. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of our AOL bill

    29. You use a fearless attitude the envy of all the demons heretics

    30. General Tizar was right; you showed them what an Imperial soldier really is: strong, unwavering, loyal and fearless

    31. We called him Itska (Danger) because he was such a fearless child

    32. He had been fearless in battle and had personally led charges and ambushes when he was on campaign

    33. If half of what he said was true, he was quite the fearless warrior

    34. She stands fearless as the animal creatures surround her while continuing to fire

    35. ness, and that fearless awareness is your very being, you are

    36. * Brave and fearless

    37. For a fleeting second, the fearless man became an uncertain teenager as he held out a hand to her

    38. They were powerful and confident, strong and fearless

    39. "Phil your friendly and fearless FAC at your service, China Boy," Travers said

    40. The California Sun touted the story as the real truth about murderous American interference in Vietnam's civil war as told by their fearless reporter direct from the combat zone

    41. The fearless Five are Justin, Theophilus (Theo), Mary, Stephen and Timphothy the mongrel

    42. How I had come to respect that fearless lawman!

    43. Joyous, fearless, versatile, deeply instructed, with classic symmetry of mind and body, ruled by high, undoubting purpose, he was all that one would wish England's noblest sons to be in days when no sacrifice but the most precious is acceptable, and the most precious is that which is most freely proffered

    44. His father had been a skilled tracker and a fearless warrior who had escaped death several times

    45. Hi, we are Dan Stevens and Sally Samuels, authors of the following books: Best man speeches: Be Fearless, Funny and Flawless!

    46. And he is fearless

    47. Jazan the fearless, Jazan the wild, the jungle boy, the freak, was happy to find something that could hold his inner wild

    48. “It’s the final curtain call for the stupendous, the fearless, the one and only, Jazan Wild… The Amazing Tigerboy!”

    49. Later on in his life he realized that it was Kastur who was teaching him unconditional love, how to be fearless, and that it would be better to fulfill his responsibilities rather than exercise his rights

    50. The first thing Gāndhi demonstrated in South Africa is how to be fearless

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    fearless unafraid audacious brave dauntless hardy intrepid unfearing bold lively daring spirited adventurous