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    final result

    1. Performance should properly fulfill its stated goals and objectives or otherwise final results will necessarily be called into question

    2. Could she sneak out to the stables in the evening without being detected, in order to retrieve the final result? She would have to risk it

    3. God sees or will see because He already sees final results and where such 134

    4. The justification is simple, because any organization exists to serve; soon everything that produces of final result is for the others, not for itself

    5. In software industry, Skill index, Requirements stability index, Size, design complexity and other measures which are either calculated at the beginning of project/phase or early phases of lifecycle, which with the help of a prediction model, if they are able to contribute to the prediction of final results, then they are leading indicators

    6. way back into the classroom to await the final results of the

    7. "The efforts began a few years earlier and final result was in 1947" He replied

    8. He replied, "The effort began a few years earlier and final result was in 1947

    9. “I asked if Gabriel said he and Jonas are pleased with the final results

    10. complete the final result of the way the accident happened

    11. The gentleman then glued the slot in the sac closed, with a glue specially formulated to replace the use of stitches - which was assimilated by and also promoted, rapid healing of, the skin – the final result showing no scar tissue – only an almost indiscernible line where the lasered incision had been made

    12. I’ve undertaken and that I’m pleased with the final result! Again, I

    13. But the final results of this well-meant experiment in thoughtless brotherly love were disastrous and sorrow-breeding

    14. The last memo discussed the importance of controlling the final results and made the claim that the onsite lab would most efficiently accomplish that goal

    15. The final results were not due to arrive at his office for another four weeks

    16. This one was different from all the rest as the final result was that the president was forced to resign his office due to a myriad of improprieties, one of which was the scam involved in LOTTO

    17. Not all the time is the final result the same success that was met by Joseph; many times it is finished in tragedy, like in the story of Jesus Christ

    18. one thing that the final result will be powerful enough to seize the attention of the viewer

    19. But remember that the final result

    20. He wasn’t sure if eating food prepared by a non-Jew would make them unclean, but finally decided that, since the ingredients were pure according to the Jewish religion, the final result should be acceptable

    21. covered by insurance have a great deal to do with final results

    22. Both women complied readily, anxious about the final results

    23. The final result could be that the innocent victim sees to it that this crime doesn’t happen to anyone else, at least not by this lazy thud

    24. The final result would still be the same and the amount of work reduced as well as all the frustration that the computer revolution has wrought

    25. “…the political opinion of the masses represents nothing but the final result of an incredibly tenacious and thorough manipulation of their mind and soul

    26. As if he has the ability to take an idea or wish out of your head and shape it into a final result that always knocks you off your feet

    27. introduce errors and roughness in the final result

    28. By afternoon, the final results were out—the Samajwadi Party had indeed swept the polls, the BJP had been routed, our numbers had been proven absolutely correct

    29. series of processes upon it that produced the final result you see

    30. once again looking at the final results

    31. The final result pursued in the application of this method is on one hand, to achieve clear and systematic analysis in the process of implementation of decisions and the sequence in performing individual activities, and on the other hand, to obtain numerical characteristics of the overall duration of the process, of the total value of resources needed and, last but not least, of those routes in this network that are considered critical for the accomplishment of the overall program [19]

    32. Who ever lead has the final result

    33. I must admit that the final results were unexpected

    34. It’s the final result of doing everything else (C

    35. If the final results are not acceptable, this item should specify the methods to be used in making the needed adjustments or corrections

    36. Checking final results at completion Making any needed corrections Final thoughts

    37. Checking final results at completion

    38. Correcting any problems Reviewing the final results

    39. actually saying when you accept it? What is the final result? He is saying, “may I

    40. within, and the final result is more than would have

    41. And the final result is obvious — possible refocusing in the Direction of borderline Proto-Forms

    42. These background dynamics have a very strong influence over the final result — a change of the Direction of the Vector of interaction of the formed qualitative state with all other synthesized “Creative states”

    43. That was the final result of his best bow being broken on the first day

    44. This study is still ongoing so final results not yet available

    45. "This is Alicia Rivera with the final results for homecoming court!" Alicia's voice was the only sound in the entire café as everyone held their breath

    46. Smyth finally came to the final result

    47. “Final results for York Police Department for the year 2008 are eleven thousand five hundred

    48. In this passage, the term destruction is used to denote the effect of the mortal disease with which the incestuous man was smitten for his sin; the final result of which was certain, unless he repented

    49. The general alienation from Christianity, of the scientific, literary, and laboring classes of Europe, so far as it is speculative, is the final result of a skepticism, which began, with a denial of the endless torment of the lost

    50. Although many studies are showing that there are cases and ways in which one can outgrow the problem of ADHD, the final results are still not very much on the mark

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