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    first off

    1. Ernesto was first officer and considered himself next in line for the captain's wife, as well as command, and none had been able to change that course of events

    2. As she entered the grounds she noticed first off that Queenie was no longer there guarding her children

    3. At about the same time that the first officer is reading the words on the side of the Transit, a second officer is kneeling on the cracked earth at the back of the laboratory barn, running his finger through a trace of white powder

    4. Otto and the team sat down with the captain and his wife, the chief engineer and first officer and other officers at appointed seating positions

    5. The Borantus's First Officer's eyes grew as round as saucers; his com officer shook his head back and forth futilely trying to rid the screen of the uninvited vision

    6. 3, the exporter of sheep, lambs, or rams, was for the first offence, to forfeit all his goods for ever, to suffer a year's imprisonment, and then to have his left hand cut off in a market town, upon a market day, to be there nailed up; and for the second offence, to be adjudged a felon, and to suffer death accordingly

    7. “First officer on an interplanetary freighter, a ship called Galileo Six

    8. Her own first officer, Stephen Redcliff, was checking the inventory of equipment and supplies in the main cargo hold

    9. He enjoyed making fun of First Officer Stephen at any and every opportunity

    10. Captain Zolla turned to face his first officer

    11. It was of grave concern to Captain Zolla, his first officer and now even most of their crew of thirty-seven in total

    12. Instead, he waited for his first officer to report what he was able to glean from Cleetor

    13. Imbrahim glanced at the first officer and felt his stomach knot in anticipation

    14. Imbrahim divided his attention between the tactical monitor and the first officer, his

    15. The first officer frowned, puzzled by the request

    16. First off, you never want to give your children the impression that they are "visitors" or "outsiders" in your home

    17. He became a Republican by responding to an ad by the local Republican Party, and won his first office by red baiting his opponent to defeat

    18. Jack was first officer on a monitor, and seemed like a bright chap

    19. Caroline’s first official act as general manager was a gratifying one: barring the insolent prostitute, Herminia, Mike’s Chiquita

    20. “I’m Langford, First Officer,” he said as he compared Colling and Elizabeth with the photographs in their passports

    21. The First Officer looked at the shabby work clothes they were wearing and the caps with red stars on them and remarked, “You certainly don’t look like what you say you are, ma’am

    22. The first officer handed the documents to his companion and asked what sounded to Colling like a question

    23. The first offerings were of the excess of his animal gifts

    24. And that was my first official class on drugs education

    25. first off…I was feeling you, I admit it, don"t hold it against me

    26. first official website to start with

    27. The first officer zooms in the satellite at the fast moving missile

    28. It is giving off a strong heat signature now,” the first officer says

    29. Similar to our zero gravity training chambers,” the first officer says in a calm voice

    30. “Sir, that is Rockland County, NY,” the first officer says

    31. “Sir, the space station detected a powerful solar flare coming towards Earth in the next 5 minutes,” the first officer tells the General

    32. 10 Then Adam and Eve took of the corn, and made of it an offering, and took it and offered it up on the mountain, the place where they had offered up their first offering of blood;

    33. They were so impressed with my work that they first offered to move me back to Chicago, all expenses paid, but without a job

    34. “First off, the Vangel is white-blooded

    35. The first officers to arrive followed

    36. 10 Then Adam and Eve took of the corn and made of it an offering and took it and offered it up on the mountain the place where they had offered up their first offering of blood;

    37. Nations who accept foreign travelers should allow them to be let off with a warning at their first offense of an illegal act that is allowed in the visitor’s home country, and prosecute them normally beyond that

    38. Pops then named the new price at $1,000 more than his first offer, wrote the check, shook hands with the former owner, and the two men left

    39. We know it was your first meeting, we know this was your first offence

    40. "First off, it's hard to fly an airplane with that thing chained to my wrist," Travers said pointing at Parker's attach� case, "and secondly once in a while I'd have to spend time on the ground to go over some of that stuff when I should be up doing my FAC thing

    41. Richard and Tony rented a house in Redondo Beach, and that was the first official

    42. while inside of the plane, flying together with the pilot and first officer in the cockpit

    43. The crowd leaned forward, breaths were held--then expelled as first the roly poly 56-year- old flight Engineer stepped out followed by the First Officer, as co-pilots are called in airline parlance

    44. She was grateful for the interruption as the Braniff First Officer and Colonel Friedlander came by to say they were going over to the NCO Club to say hello to the other girls and have a drink with the troops

    45. As they board the jet, they are greeted by Captain Monica and the first officer,

    46. As Benedict wrote: "Nuns who are respectful and remorseful, let them be corrected at the first and second offence only with words; but let the Abbess chastise Nuns who are wicked and disobedient at the very first offence with whips and other bodily punishments, knowing it is written in Scripture: 'Fools are not corrected with words' and 'Hit your son with a rod, to deliver his soul from death'

    47. “First off, I should tell you a little something about what is

    48. “First off, the sheriff’s deputy told us that we have you to thank for the safe return of our coins

    49. "And that is your first officer?" he waved a toned arm toward Miles' cell

    50. Are you Mr Adam Bishop?" The first officer consulted his notebook

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