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Frasi con fixation (in inglese)

  1. The printed book : fixation.
  2. Desire is merely the fixation.
  3. He had a fixation on punishing.
  4. What is fiction?… It is fixation.
  5. A fixation of red and blue status.
  6. Her absolute fixation that he was to.
  7. He watched me with unnecessary fixation.
  8. The central theme is a fixation on hatred.
  9. I guess that's how his fixation on blondes arose.
  10. She nudged him, but his fixation rendered him unreachable.
  11. Our cultural fixation with the stock market is econ-porn.
  12. You're still obsessed with Polly and your fixation with your.
  13. It is the fixation of undead souls who were fixated upon crosses.
  14. He got a bit of a Johnny Depp fixation when we were at university.
  15. Intimidated by the image and stern fixation on Roger’s face, Sam.
  16. Cossman realized that his 35,000 stones were perfect points of fixation.
  17. Paul diverted his eyes from the cold fixation his brother was giving him.
  18. I yearned for her, desired her and basked in her strange fixation for me.
  19. He’s got this fixation and is determined to carry out his absurd plan.
  20. Therefore, ancient pyramids is a fixation (for centuries) of the principle of.
  21. According to the story mentioned above, after obtaining a written fixation, this.
  22. The minimum length of time needed for a fixation should only be a quarter of a second.
  23. A hypnotist explained that a point of fixation was needed to hypnotize someone.
  24. My fantasy was suddenly smashed when the very object of my fixation waved a farewell to.
  25. Could your fixation on pain and misery be related to some eternal fate of yours, I wonder.
  26. And when Frashka came round for the rent his opinion was sought; he too developed the fixation.
  27. Protracted ocular fixation, Braid believed, will make the brain tired and will cause the.
  28. I groaned slightly, wondering how to describe in words the fixation that was beginning to grip me.
  29. Even she had felt a tinge of jealousy by Garcia’s distraction and the intensity of his fixation.
  30. By speeding up the eye movements, the eyes make fewer fixations and take in more words per fixation.
  31. He couldn’t understand the corporal’s fixation on him, and was desperate for someone to save him.
  32. For this class of strategies, a priori fixation of the portfolio diversification level is a priority.
  33. All birds understand is the superiority of PHYSICAL HEIGHT, hate and the oral fixation of gluttony: NOTHING ELSE.
  34. She would be careful not to suggest there was anything jaded or prurient in her son’s fixation with this quaint Lithuanian.
  35. Faye’s fixation on Terence and Lady Jane was broken abruptly, causing the dark clouds that seemed to fill her eyes to vanish.
  36. She barely seemed to take notice of him; she was staring at the shabby road and the approaching rovers with a cold, crisp fixation.
  37. He added that John, the young Khan, was still fixated on the idea that I was to blame for his mother’s death and could not be disabused of that fixation.
  38. Black and Latin kids were a fixation of hers; she could beam at them the goodwill she felt toward all people of color without having to feel any of the guilt.
  39. Truman was ambivalent about Gordon’s manipulation of the press, but delighted that his super-inflated ego and fixation on Tweety-Bird blinded him to all else.
  40. If this legal rate should be fixed below the lowest market rate, the effects of this fixation must be nearly the same as those of a total prohibition of interest.
  41. I can’t believe it either; how could she have ended up in his room in the first place?, your right, its fixation more than stalking but that’s the least of his worries.
  42. Fiction is the fixation of undead humans who never lived: creating fictional tales inside the minds of living humans so their fixations are printed into books, so they can read them, and re-read them over and over.
  43. I could probably forget his fixation over time, although I can’t see why he would fancy her over me, she’s nothing to look at; but an affair!, well that was the final straw for me, I still can’t believe it.
  44. As he was about to resume his brief about being able to strafe from any angle, but warning against target fixation and flying into the ground, he saw a lieutenant colonel from Wing HQ enter and whisper something in the DO's ear.
  45. The geometry of our outer Space-Time modifies incessantly during active changes of our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states which influence greatly the quality of decisions we make and the length of fixation of our UFS on these or those synthesized Levels of ASTRO- and MENTO-Plasma.
  46. The intendant, in order to be sure of finding the sum assessed upon his generality, was empowered to assess it in a larger sum, that the failure or inability of some of the contributors might be compensated by the overcharge of the rest ; and till 1765, the fixation of this surplus assessment was left altogether to his discretion.
  47. Being guided only by “intuition” (which is more primitive), it is impossible to achieve the spiritual and highly-intellectual Goals to which you can refocus only by using “nonbiological”, Spiritual Intuition, because the fixation of UFS will be performed only on those Aspects which provide for the egoistic needs of “a personality”.
  48. The History is initially recorded in temporal ethereal constituents of each of its Formo-systems; and for this very reason each point of fixation of Self-Consciousness can offer to each of the Forms that belong to it only a very limited set of possibilities (psychic situations, life circumstances) strictly determined by the conditions of a particular scenario so that it could make its further choices.
  49. But meditation through the process of jhana is about auditing such personal defilements through internal investigation, analysing, and experiencing and understanding the true nature of each defilement through applied and directed thought, sustained thought, neutral feeling and one-pointedness achieved through instigating the fixation of the mind on the meditation object to eliminate and reduce the defilements.
  50. That is why you shouldn’t understand the equal sign literally: NUU-VVU-Configurations of Stereo-Types of the skrruullerrt system are informationally structured only by VVU-Configurations of UU-VVU-Forms, which, at moment of fixation of the dynamics of FCA on them, are being kleksized (informationally modified) and turn (qualitatively differentiate) into many new (slightly higher-qualitative) Formo-copies of an individual ODS.
  51. In essence, this is That universal Information Which functionally provides the single-moment realization of the Collective Intelligences of all types in each of the twelve noo-time Conversums of the Tertiary Energy-Plasma: when you refocus through the complementary System into VEC-Flows, you temporarily as if “drop out” of the “individual” dynamics of TEC of your Stereo-Form and are perceive Yourselves as a system (depending on the quality of the Level of fixation) without being attached to any specific creativity characteristic of the Forms manifested by You.
  52. Back in the hustle and bustle of the big city, they booked into a hotel and Murray deposited the last of the casino money, they now had eleven keys and he still had thirty one thousand dollars of his original money, he had two bank accounts, one a deposit account with four thousand dollars in, the other, the account that his tenants paid into had close on fifteen thousand dollars, his house he guessed would fetch two hundred thousand, Murray never having tallied it up before, although he stole money he’d never had a fixation about it, was surprised and wondered why he hadn’t retired years ago, he mentioned this to Shirl and she totalled her assets coming to a figure around two hundred thousand.

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