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Frasi con fountainhead (in inglese)

  1. The entire cosmos becomes a fountain and you the fountainhead.
  2. Tell me the real truth, as you have it from the fountainhead.
  3. Delusion is the fountainhead of deviation from the ideal state.
  4. So I sat there in the living room reading The Fountainhead wait.
  5. As the liquid column ascended, the Dangler reeled himself up to the fountainhead, repelling off the pressurized tower of water with light-footed, vertical hurdles.

  6. In New York, where an insatiable segment of the media covered the comings and goings of the so-called beautiful people, Dorothy was the fountainhead of information.
  7. The fisherman whipped his head back as the water rocketed past him into the sky with the frying pan and the egg of Syn balanced atop the fountainhead like a ball on a magician’s nose.
  8. This being true, we know why feeling is the very fountainhead of power, why the emotions so easily overcome the intellect, and why we must put feeling into our thought, if we wish results.
  9. When this information is not received at the fountainhead, of the truth of its whereabouts for one’s own self, the prophesy, and also a warning that every individual who attempts to harness the power of the well for themselves must be aware of.
  10. Considering that their children would also be born mortal was of no consolation, because one must first drink from the well to attain the curse, eventually longing to return to the fountainhead and relinquish one’s self from the havoc that is bestowed upon any individual lucky enough and smart enough to have attained the serenity and peace of mind to all who visit its well.
  11. Then through restraint of mind and meditation he at last discovered his fountainhead in the Supreme Spirit and extolled him,.

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