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Frasi con freshet (in inglese)

  1. It’s from a freshet, said a younger voice.
  2. Here they washed themselves and drank their fill at the in-falling freshet.
  3. The last thing he remembered was the feeling of the real blood pouring upon his hands in a freshet.
  4. They engaged him; but straightway upon the ship's getting out of sight of land, his insanity broke out in a freshet.
  5. Well, I do! You ducked out across country the night of the punkin freshet, when I was mud bound and the elephant was afraid of the bridges.

  6. The writer believes that the Scioto, from its source to the Ohio river, does not descend more than one hundred feet, and that the present surface of Lake Erie is about on a level with the Ohio in a freshet; that before the channel of Niagara river was deepened, as it evidently has been, by the attrition of that mighty stream; and before the hills adjacent to the Ohio were worn down by the waters of the Scioto, the whole country north of Chillicothe, where these hills commence, to Lake Erie inclusive, was covered with water, except the very highest hills in the counties of Greene, &c.

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