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Frasi con getaway (in inglese)

  1. Tom met Sally twice after their getaway.
  2. I though we could use a brief getaway.
  3. Stashing it, like the old getaway cars on a.
  4. The thieves made their getaway in a zeppelin.
  5. This is my getaway from the city, he explains.

  6. We even started compiling a sound track for our getaway.
  7. There was no way she would be able to getaway on her own.
  8. As we attempted our prompt getaway, we heard something terrible.
  9. Ralph unbarred this little door, ready for a quick getaway later.
  10. She was worried about the getaway and convinced me that she should.
  11. I cannot afford they discover I had something to do with your getaway.
  12. Someone had left them there in preparation for a quick getaway if needed.
  13. The driver of the getaway vehicle had been killed and al-Walid, arrested.
  14. Washington where the president could relax, a getaway from White House pressures.
  15. Richard shot off three more rounds as they neared the tail end of the getaway car.

  16. The getaway car was his ace in the hole, an ace he’d hoped he’d never have to play.
  17. Sometimes a weekend getaway is just what a couple needs to reestablish their relationship and.
  18. A description of the getaway car matches the car in your garage–a car with stolen plates.
  19. There would be no quick getaway from this mission, as from here on in stealth would be her only ally.
  20. The clouds were now making a quick getaway; hastily retreating to the nearby settlement of Bellflower.
  21. I took a lot of effort in the preparation of my getaway places and none so much as I had with this place.
  22. C’mon! We took off down the alley, and I spied the perfect getaway vehicle, an abandoned motorcycle.
  23. For those watching Jeff’s every move, today’s visit to Gray Mountain was nothing more than a romantic getaway.
  24. Obviously, he wasn't a trained, let alone skilled, pilot, but nonetheless, they seemed to have made a clean getaway.
  25. But even as he worried about Mackie, he was completely mystified as to why she had been driving the killer’s getaway car.

  26. They went up there, him an a couple of his mates, an another one of his mates had the getaway car waitin somewhere near Luna Park.
  27. I could dive into the sea, but how could I make a quick getaway with a five-hundred-pound cow serpent? And what about my friends?
  28. Their parents had decided they wanted to go on a getaway cruise for two weeks in celebration of Valentine's day and their anniversary.
  29. Leaving the gruesome scene behind them, the men then jumped into a 2005 white Ford Mustang, and chased down the robbery’s getaway driver.
  30. In their eagerness to get rid of Officer Sheikho and to make a quick getaway, they had failed to notice that the man was just a drunken passer-by.
  31. At first the report was not taken seriously, nobody wanted to believe that the Germans would be making a getaway through the Channel in broad daylight.
  32. Police arrived on the scene to see find the getaway driver dead with multiple gunshot wounds to his body, his vehicle overturned by an eighteen-wheeler.
  33. Johanna did not let me in at once, and I banged with my fists in a frenzy to getaway from the black sky and the threatening thunder of the storm-stricken pines.
  34. The ingredients were all boxed up in cooler boxes, equipment had been packed, and everything was put into Chef Luc's van ready for a quick getaway in the morning.
  35. Nik had been upset because this was his favorite rustic island getaway, but now they had built a hotel on one of the beaches and the island was getting more popular.
  36. When we were back in the car, I called Brady and told him everything we had, which was pretty much a textbook case of how to stick up a store and make a clean getaway.
  37. I don’t agree with my cousin about firing on the getaway truck, but I’m glad he’s out of police work, as it is extremely challenging to the body, mind, and emotions.
  38. A set of spare clothes and some hygiene items completed the list of things in the pack, which Ingrid meant to be a getaway pack in case they would have to run away from the Japanese.
  39. Those looking to party had already made their getaway, either over the bridge or, if they preferred hard action, down south to take their chances in sin city, the other side of the border.
  40. But as I rested my head on his shoulder, the stark realization hit me: if Cindy hadn’t called with her impromptu getaway plan, I would have been home with Martha when the fire broke out.
  41. Then, to be absolutely sure of some getaway time, he used Rod's password, found his way into the security software, and wiped out all the records of his even having removed the transactions.
  42. Overall, the furnishings were appropriate for the resort that catered to the upper-class clientele; this suite would undoubtedly live up to many people’s expectations for a vacation getaway.
  43. The Melner’s had turned their home into a vacation getaway, and although Therese was used to different people staying there throughout the year, she found it upsetting that Than was one of them.
  44. After the ceremony, Mantis made his typical quick getaway and we all headed over to the Dragon Claw for the reception, which was a whirlwind of handshakes, pats on the back, cheers, music, and food.
  45. I smile again as I shift my crappy getaway car into fifth gear (Carthage now seventy-eight miles in the dust) and brace myself for a speeding truck—the car seems ready to take flight every time a semi passes.
  46. At any point you can call time and Angel will see to it that you are re-inserted back into your old life at any point in your getaway that you think you could have made it to while you were here, or even further if you like.
  47. The ancient lift that led to the temple above had been modernised and, now well lit with electric power it was faster and allowed the lookout’s an easy, quick and invisible getaway, should they spot any Khmer Rouge patrols.
  48. But, her last bastion of safe getaway was thwarted totally as she recognized, with a gasp, that the man with the scar not only went through her purse, but also the gun he was pointing at her as he sat in the dining room chair.
  49. The getaway was going perfectly until Claire had spotted a certain blue/green eyed guy looking at her, making her feel like she was going to throw up, and it defiantly wasn't from the roller coaster she had just stepped off of.
  50. He knew Zach wasn’t with his grandmother, for that woman had left the night before, for her once a month weekend getaway with her poker-playing friends in Bellevue, and he wasn’t at the hospital with Annie…so where was he?
  51. So they’d had around three hours to make a getaway, so assuming they could have done around 150-200 kilometres in that time, that was a fairly wide area to cover, said Taksin as he circled a section on the map to denote the area.
  52. He had switched on the TV in order to watch the news while waiting for nightfall, since he and Grobut had decided that chances of a successful getaway would be considerably better at night where there would be only little risk of attracting attention.
  53. Which was maybe why he wanted her back by the door, ready for a quick getaway, but she couldn’t help but stop by the built-in bookshelves with all their picture frames, more pictures even than she’d snapped that fall for Land of a Thousand Dances.
  54. Most often they would then be seen to be falling over themselves or scampering off in a frightened, zigzagging, chaotic getaway, with the shock of a huge and sudden adrenaline release causing them to lose total control of their wits and any semblance of rational behavior.
  55. Two men and a woman who had the same coloring and build as Conrad, Joel, and Kathy, would be seen getting into one of the Garland Crest’s glass-tinted, luxury mini vans, ducking their heads and acting furtively, as if they were trying to make a quick getaway from the building undetected from the press.
  56. Holtser had taken care of the rest: studying pictures of the place, selecting the weapon and above all organizing the getaway car – a rental which Dennis Wilton of the Svavelsjö Motorcycle Club had fixed for them under a false name and which was now standing ready three blocks away, with Bogdanov at the wheel.
  57. Whereas previously I drew courage from the hope that something would come up to allow me to leave Egypt respectably with no debts and a little money, now, the realization that nothing of this sort would happen, made me contemplate a getaway that would surprise everyone and would not give them the time to react and place obstacles in my path.

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