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    give notice

    1. ‘I’ll have to give notice, but there’s nothing to stop me getting my stuff sorted out and shifted over here, Dave

    2. The next day, I went to give notice I was checking out

    3. being able to give notice

    4. If, her nerves being already on edge, I were to suggest to her even smilingly to be quiet, she would at once give notice--I know she would--and the dreary search begin again for that impossible treasure you in England call a paragon and we in Jena call a pearl

    5. The case seems to spiral around the question of my having failed to give notice of some things to the councilmen prior to my purchase of the fallow property called by many "The Rocks"

    6. To this inn, which to him seemed a castle, he advanced, and at a short distance from it he checked Rocinante, hoping that some dwarf would show himself upon the battlements, and by sound of trumpet give notice that a knight was approaching the castle

    7. And to tell you the truth, sirs," continued the goatherd, "it was yesterday that we resolved, I and four of the lads, two of them our servants, and the other two friends of mine, to go in search of him until we find him, and when we do to take him, whether by force or of his own consent, to the town of Almodovar, which is eight leagues from this, and there strive to cure him (if indeed his malady admits of a cure), or learn when he is in his senses who he is, and if he has relatives to whom we may give notice of his misfortune

    8. But for all she tugged at it the barber would not give it up until the licentiate told him to let her have it, as there was now no further occasion for that stratagem, because he might declare himself and appear in his own character, and tell Don Quixote that he had fled to this inn when those thieves the galley slaves robbed him; and should he ask for the princess's squire, they could tell him that she had sent him on before her to give notice to the people of her kingdom that she was coming, and bringing with her the deliverer of them all

    9. Roque then withdrew to one side and wrote a letter to a friend of his at Barcelona, telling him that the famous Don Quixote of La Mancha, the knight-errant of whom there was so much talk, was with him, and was, he assured him, the drollest and wisest man in the world; and that in four days from that date, that is to say, on Saint John the Baptist's Day, he was going to deposit him in full armour mounted on his horse Rocinante, together with his squire Sancho on an ass, in the middle of the strand of the city; and bidding him give notice of this to his friends the Niarros, that they might divert themselves with him

    10. Your presence is a moral poison that would contaminate the most virtuous: for that cause, and to prevent worse consequences, I shall deny you hereafter admission into this house, and give notice now that I require your instant departure

    11. At length, he one day received a letter, stating that the abductors of his son now offered to restore him, or at least to give notice where he might be found, on condition of receiving a large sum of money, by way of ransom

    12. Accordingly, towards the midsummer of the year 1816, I commenced in a far off way to give notice, that at Michaelmas I intended to abdicate my authority and power, to which intimations little heed was at first given; but gradually the seed took with the soil, and began to swell and shoot up, in so much that, by the middle of August, it was an understood thing that I was to retire from the council, and refrain entirely from the part I had so long played with credit in the burgh

    13. The said Husband, with an honest Intent, that Tradesmen and others should not be impos’d on: Doth hereby give Notice of the said Elopement, and that he will not pay any Debts she shall contract

    14. he saith that being in distresse for want of victuals this examinate sent his brother and twenty more persons in a small pinnace of 7 or 8 tonnes called the Le Loania833 and one hundred coates or gownes to a place called Gaspey and gave his brother order to land twentie of them there, whereof as he remembreth 2 were weomen and 4 children, and gave them each of them 2 Coates of beaver to buy victualls of the Savages, and with the rest to saile to France to give notice of their distresse in the said forte ac aliter nescit

    15. Forasmuch as there is made a finall good agreement betwixt us and our good brother the French King, and that all differences aswell betwixt our Crownes as subjects are settled by a mutuall and perfectt accord, and that amongst other particularytyes on our side, we have consented to the restitution of the fort and habitation of Kebec in Canada, as taken by force of armes since the peace, howsoever the Commission were given out to you during the warre betwixt us and the sayd King: We preferring the accomplishment of our royall word and promise before all whatsoever allegations may be made to the contrary in this behalfe, as wee have obliged ourselves to that King for the due performance thereof by an act passed under our great seale of this our realme of England, soe we doe by these our letres straightly charge and comand you that uppon the first commoditie of sending into parts and meanes for ye people to retoure yee doe give notice and order to all such subjects of ours which are under your Commission and government aswell souldiers which are in garrison in the foresaid fort and habitation of Kebec for defence thereof, as inhabitants, which are there seated and planted, to render according to the sayd agreement the sayd fort and habitation into the hands of such as shalbe by our said brother the French King appoynted and authorised to demaunde and receave the same from them, in the same state yt was at the tyme of the taking, without demolishing any thing of the fortifications and buildings which were erected at the tyme of the taking, or without carrying away the armes munitions merchandises or utensills which were then found therin

    16. Some one then knocked at the door in order to give notice to the sentinel; the warder entered, looked at the dead man with a vacant air, and went away to get the assistant-surgeon

    17. The President is authorized to exercise this power, either where property was previously in possession, in which case he is to give notice, or where it was subsequently entered on, in which case he is not required to give notice

    18. "It seems scarcely necessary to observe, that the presence of a competent force is essential to constitute a blockade; and although it is usual for the belligerent to give notice to neutral nations when he institutes a blockade, it is not customary to give any notice of its discontinuance; and that consequently the presence of the blockading force is the natural criterion by which the neutral is enabled to ascertain the existence of the blockade, in like manner as the actual investment of a besieged place is the only evidence by which we decide whether the siege is continued or raised

    19. They are considered more dangerous than the rattlesnake, because they do not give notice of their vicinity, and lie concealed in the grass; but they are easily killed, when assuming the threatening posture, by a slight touch of a cane, spade, or any other instrument

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