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    1. Ginger's be-freckled golden skin, which matched the golden hair that she kept tied up tight in a bun, along with her aviator sunglasses and bright pink lip gloss, masked the harsh interior life of the tireless watchdog

    2. Washed on to white gloss

    3. Doors were painted gloss red and the hollowed doorsteps

    4. Tindairn was so into the gloss she made Nuran look like a erudite intellectual instead of the rough and tumble herdsman's daughter that she was

    5. “Don’t just stand there”, she screamed at him as the world turned a brilliant shade of gloss white in a storm of paparazzi shouts and exploding flash bulbs

    6. turned a brilliant shade of gloss white in a storm of paparazzi

    7. With the basics done, both girls spend the next hour studiously making themselves up to look like they don't care; hair professionally unkempt, foundation, a hint of lip gloss, a dash of sparkle, nails scrubbed, and in Leona's case painted purple

    8. The gloss of her hair was visible, and the perfect shape of her bottom

    9. Edge curled snapshots, photographs that have been bent back and forth so much that the polished gloss of the paper has cracked right across a face

    10. lips with a hint of gloss

    11. consisted of a line of kajal and a touch of gloss on her lips

    12. Before we began our journey, the animals" coats had been rubbed to a high gloss

    13. You can find lip colors already infused with glitter and shimmer or you can layer on your regular lipstick and then top it with a layer of gloss with glitter speckles in them

    14. " Not to put too fine a gloss on it, but that statement could well be described as the ranting of a juvenile narcissist, wearing short pants, who in no way should have been elected President of the United States

    15. Thus I will not feel bad if you gloss over this section

    16. Remove from heat, and beat with a wooden spoon until the mixture is thick and loses its gloss

    17. Beat the fudge with a wooden spoon until it thickens and loses its gloss

    18. Add vanilla; continue beating until the mixture becomes stiff and begins to lose its gloss

    19. Continue beating until soft peaks form and candy starts to lose its gloss

    20. Increase to high speed once the syrup is in, and whip until the candy is stiff and loses its gloss

    21. With its beige sidewalls, Cream headliner and Beige carpet he immediately pulled out one of those dual fold-down executive tables with its leather inserts covered in high gloss veneer

    22. ” He buffed the wet spot with a clean tissue until the gloss returned

    23. Before moving in, I removed some interior walls and painted the rest a creamy yellow, with white gloss trim

    24. The car I worked for four years to pay for is a gloss black luxury sedan with a mirror tinted moon roof

    25. I wiped off the lip gloss

    26. to totally gloss over the sex thing either?” I

    27. Don't gloss over this

    28. Isn't that statement the truth? Isn't that really the situation when stripped of its gloss and spin?

    29. “proper conduct” with a supernatural gloss or motivation

    30. “How were you going to comfort me, Adara?” Running his thumb over her left cheek, he couldn’t stop staring at her lips; she colored them in a red gloss

    31. Not having mediated the circumstance of that death sentence hanging like the Damocles sword over my head that kiss would have never left my lips, and the magician and I had not discovered their glare gloss

    32. This can also apply to wearing lip gloss

    33. As with the other port, everything was painted a high gloss white with blue trim

    34. He felt his eyes gloss over as the familiar thin black film covered them

    35. Another effect that we seem to gloss over is the influence of the advertisers on children, which

    36. Checking her reflection in the visor mirror, she added a hint more lip gloss and fluffed her hair

    37. Why did the British continue the war against seemingly insurmountable odds, especially when Hitler was still prepared to offer generous peace terms? Most sources tend to gloss over this issue and it is only by reading newspapers of this period that the full abhorrence of Hitler’s regime is brought home

    38. The leopard will always be simply ‚found', orphaned, the fiction a banal gloss on a

    39. If someone were urging them to gloss this case over quickly, there was certainly more to this than initially met the eye, which in and of itself naturally piqued Wickland’s curiosity

    40. with tenuous arguments that gloss over historical fact and generally do

    41. Do you know what’s going to be your likely response then? As if to prove to yourself that your sex appeal hasn’t lost its gloss, you’ll take on another lover to sing the same praises of you

    42. we’re admiring our own reflections in the gloss paint

    43. So, their religious conversion should’ve enabled them to gloss over the drudgery of ‘here’ aided by the hope the ‘hereafter’ would have embedded in their belief

    44. And the less believing Musalmans, instead of resorting to self-introspection over the inimical aspects of Islam, tend to gloss them over with such clichés as, ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, and of late, ‘terrorists have no religion’ et al

    45. replied and grabbed her lip gloss

    46. the gloss of fuels,

    47. If man does not follow this way of belief, he will gloss over the matters necessary to his spirit and thereby delude it

    48. Beth’s blond hair curled in soft waves around her face and she wore pale pink lip gloss

    49. and he tends to gloss over them

    50. I found her lip gloss in my

    1. money," eyes glossed over, smacked up by bug house dope

    2. Yet, the CMM glossed over or

    3. Therefore, scientism is a levelling process, just like collectivism is a levelling process: individual details are often glossed over in search of the bigger unifying picture

    4. She also suggested that I trade in my usual sheer lip glossed lips for fiery red lips

    5. We have glossed over an

    6. A labyrinth of neon glossed hotels, bars, and

    7. ” Her lips closed, her eyes glossed over, he could smell her, something had changed

    8. Those so-called experts who were trying to fix the schools glossed over the basic fact that teacher quality or educational strategies didn’t matter if the students were absent in body or mind

    9. He was vividly remembering the moment when Roger's eyes had glossed over when Lotinger noticed the abandoned truck far too late

    10. ” Her eyes glossed

    11. His eyes glossed

    12. Her eyes glossed

    13. drugs is one of the pitfalls of advertising, where the warnings of side effects are completely glossed over or mentioned nonchalantly

    14. Donna’s eyes glossed; she swallowed hard

    15. Her eyes glossed as she slowly sat and leaned back

    16. Donna’s eyes glossed; she nodded

    17. Gary’s eyes glossed as he slowly opened the folder

    18. Donna’s eyes glossed as she continued to stare at her mother’s image, frozen on the screen

    19. Her eyes glossed behind her closed lids

    20. ” Donna’s eyes glossed, and she came to her senses

    21. Tears glossed his eyes

    22. Behind her veil, tears glossed Donna’s eyes

    23. Donna’s mouth gaped; her eyes glossed with tears

    24. ” His eyes glossed over as visions from the past materialized before 114

    25. the briefing material I had missed, or glossed over

    26. "I know what you mean and it would be a lame argument that glossed over such seemingly crucial defining factors as initial bank balance on start-up, -it’s easier with cash behind you, right?"

    27. tension of the substance take over and smooth itself out to a highly glossed

    28. But unlike in the times gone by, led by the Sangh Parivar, the Gujarati Hindu retaliation that followed accounted for 790 Musalmans (falsified by the Congress chamchas in the TV circuit as 2000-odd to politically hurt the irrepressible Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State) in which rioting 254 Hindus too were dead, which fact was equally glossed over by the pseudo-secular media

    29. glossed the entire surface of his body as she spread her

    30. Dad was fairly hopeless tidying up and I only glossed over the real dirty bits

    31. Julie's face was a picture, her pink glossed lips in a perfect circle as she sharply drew her breath

    32. The mass transportation of millions of poor against their will from the countryside, into the industrial factories has been completely glossed over and whitewashed by historians and history books

    33. Hitler was the first human being to propose this idea: This fact has been glossed over as not important… while all the other assholes who came later: all the hypocrites who spout Hitler’s original ideal solution but don’t mean what they say are extolled as humanitarians while Hitler is tarred as a monster: Exposes how full of shit and how one-sided and prejudiced the Jewish media is against this one man

    34. "What is it?" Kristen asked, trying to peek at the file in Britta's hands, but when Britta angled the folder so she could see better, she couldn't help but gasp, her hands flying to cover her Dior vanilla flavored glossed lips (gloss courtesy of Annie's Amex)

    35. This is conveniently glossed over in every history book today

    36. "Look, let's not talk about it now," Massie said, wishing she had shut her glossed mouth and stayed true to her decision to save her public image

    37. I absolutely loved what had been done with the villa’s landscape, but I glossed over my enjoyment of the surroundings too consumed with what was to come

    38. fortuitous meeting and only glossed over our stay at George's with nothing to fascinating

    39. All to often appearance is glossed over

    40. "A discerning friend of mine," said Don Quixote, "was of opinion that no one ought to waste labour in glossing verses; and the reason he gave was that the gloss can never come up to the text, and that often or most frequently it wanders away from the meaning and purpose aimed at in the glossed lines; and besides, that the laws of the gloss were too strict, as they did not allow interrogations, nor 'said he,' nor 'I say,' nor turning verbs into nouns, or altering the construction, not to speak of other restrictions and limitations that fetter gloss-writers, as you no doubt know

    41. "I will explain myself another time," said Don Lorenzo; "for the present pray attend to the glossed verses and the gloss, which run thus:

    42. to, which, though deeply felt, eating into the soul, elude description, and may be glossed over! A false morality is even established, which makes all the virtue of women consist in chastity, submission, and the forgiveness of injuries

    43. He inhales deeply of memory-residue on the air, the scent of sex on skin, of wings glossed with sweat, of sheets damp with passion

    44. Creaturely shins, glossed with blond down

    1. ) This intentionally glosses over the real cause—namely that he lost his conscience through a deprivation of moral influence or through the conquest of his soul by evil

    2. Below are his major ideas, as expressed in his own words, followed by my glosses

    3. In most cases, most lip products, such as lipsticks and lip glosses can last for about 1 to 2 years

    4. In reality, however, it glosses over the tension between

    5. On it were hundreds of lip glosses and tubes of lipsticks

    6. "Very few," said Don Quixote; "but tell me, what verses are those which you have now in hand, and which your father tells me keep you somewhat restless and absorbed? If it be some gloss, I know something about glosses, and I should like to hear them; and if they are for a poetical tournament, contrive to carry off the second prize; for the first always goes by favour or personal standing, the second by simple justice; and so the third comes to be the second, and the first, reckoning in this way, will be third, in the same way as licentiate degrees are conferred at the universities; but, for all that, the title of first is a great

    7. Observe how ingenuously he underlines certain words, and how crudely he glosses over his hidden thoughts

    8. What would be our condition if we were to take the interpretations given to that sacred book, which is or ought to be the criterion of our faith, for the book itself? We should find the Holy Bible buried beneath the interpretations, glosses, and comments of councils, synods, and learned divines, which have produced swarms of intolerant and furious sects, partaking less of the mildness and meekness of their origin than of a vindictive spirit of hostility towards each other

    1. ’ Stephen said, completely glossing over the fact that it is also bothering him

    2. without any glossing over because in sales as in other areas of life we should learn from our mistakes

    3. She shared the last week’s events, glossing over Sicarius’s role and her suppositions about him

    4. Suspicious ‖suicides‖, in particular, do not seem to make much of an impression on liberal journalists eager to protect one of their own by glossing over the legal and ethical failings of their favorite sons and daughters (which is putting it mildly) and reporting them on page 23 of the Washington Post or the New York Times; that would otherwise have discredited a Republican Administration and brought it down to its knees

    5. The three of them shyly laughed until Tabitha jumped in and said, “You should have seen us girls, combing our hair, spraying our hair, lip glossing like mad, and primping and everything in our compact mirrors in the dark back seat of her mom’s car on the way here

    6. upon a relationship while glossing over the relata

    7. make the mistake of glossing over this potentially lucrative Web 2

    8. Judge Pomeroy charged the jury, I thought with eminent fairness and impartiality, even, perhaps, glossing over some points which Kahn's weak presentation might have allowed him to make more of if Kahn had been bolder and stronger in pressing them

    9. people by glossing over the fact that Jesus Christ is a false name by pretending that it was translated

    10. I stretched across the divan and took the phone to my ear, semi- conscious, speaking in a whisper, eyes closed to kill the light from the window, the words an echo of something imagined, old words rehashed, the sounds the same as before with nothing in-between but the want of sleep, perfunctories, pleasantries, glossing over gaps, I’ll be at the Starlight Diner at eleven, come along, the brevity a blessing, then glad to set the clock on the phone and put my head back on the pillow

    11. "A discerning friend of mine," said Don Quixote, "was of opinion that no one ought to waste labour in glossing verses; and the reason he gave was that the gloss can never come up to the text, and that often or most frequently it wanders away from the meaning and purpose aimed at in the glossed lines; and besides, that the laws of the gloss were too strict, as they did not allow interrogations, nor 'said he,' nor 'I say,' nor turning verbs into nouns, or altering the construction, not to speak of other restrictions and limitations that fetter gloss-writers, as you no doubt know

    12. CFDs are heavily marketed to new and inexperienced traders, extolling their potential gains, while glossing over risks

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