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    1. We lounge on proper seats watching the landscape go past

    2. Just as she was about to step into the shower she heard Ozzie and Chas go past the bathroom door

    3. For a moment, she thought about running back to the barracks but to do that she would have to go past him … the thought paralysed her

    4. In most cases, people who undergo past life regression want to understand if their present situation or dilemma in their current lifetime is caused by events that took place in the past i

    5. Whenever I go past it now I remember those days and wonder if I would ever fit into a size 38 pant again without being on my death bed! There is nostalgia because we were young and patriotic and full of energy

    6. I didn’t think that she would go past wading

    7. It was the landlady who had heard her go past the door of her unit and peeped out to see who was entering the building

    8. I turned into Withipoll Street and I could see Buzz sitting in the window watching the world go past; I opened the front door, Miranda was at the top of the stairs, she smiled

    9. Gulab pressed her ear next to the door, she heard the footsteps go past

    10. ‘You know Bob, there’s a house that we’ll go past, with an old boathouse down near the water in front of it, on the eastern side of Point Piper

    11. Effecting a short space-time jump to go past the next water-tight steel hatch and reappearing while still in phase shift mode, Nancy saw the incoming enemy group as it was passing through the next hatch forward

    12. Near the bottom of town, she turned east into a single width side street and watched trucks 3 and 4 go past, probably aiming to cut her off before she could get to the end of this street

    13. What she saw then was the four sides of the pit starting to go past her at increasing speed, as if she was falling, while the bottom of the pit grew towards her and the others

    14. On the sixth floor hallway at the security desk, Dana is trying to go past Officer Reginald as Officer Reginald stands right in front of her, holding his arms out, trying to prevent her from going past him as Teresa stands aside nervously looking on, holding both gifts

    15. Alex and Stephanie approach Barry as the rest of the Diaz-Davidson Organization members go past Barry

    16. Dad did that, so that my anger with him could never go past 30 days - that's brave, but that'll shut down “provoking your children to wrath”, because option #1 is: your children will learn they can be honest with you; option #2 is: that they can't be honest with you, and then you've got a whole new set of problems

    17. back had a solid cover and wondered how the tunnel could go past

    18. now know that it was Don Diego Pastranawho lost his life in the duel described in the opening

    19. We go past the house, and there’s still no car in the driveway

    20. It is pulled by two giant engines, and the platform shakes as they go past

    21. I do not wish to go past the

    22. Was it safe to go forward, to go past the

    23. Roric wasn’t quite sure he understood everything she was alluding to but it was quite obvious that this was a point she would not go past

    24. But before I could go past her she grabbed my hand and tugged me toward a trail

    25. He wouldn’t go so far as to kill me, but maybe he would go past the point of no return and he would have to change me

    26. you do B) that is What has being recorded, which is to go into emiediatly change of motion, to stop the attack, as mentions in the above lessons, = like block the attack, and if you are not fast enough still you do C) which is to move back, or sides, and let the attack, go past you, and as he retreats, his arm, leg, or body etc, you hit then, but to the closest, most simplest available, opening

    27. Holmes, you'll hardly believe it, but ever since that girl has been in my employment I never once let her go past this house, where I knew these rascals were lurking, without following her on my bicycle just to see that she came to no harm

    28. Whole weeks would pass and not one of them go past the garden gate

    29. And yet, what was the alternative? Where could the train be? Had it possibly been sidetracked for some reason in order to allow the slower train to go past? Such an explanation was possible if some small repair had to be effected

    30. The streets were black with loafing negroes who leaned against walls or sat on the curbing watching vehicles go past with the naive curiosity of children at a circus parade

    31. As I stood on the platform by the restaurant-car I saw my luggage and Julia's go past with Julia's sour-faced maid strutting beside the porter

    32. Neither of us seemed willing to go past that

    33. He watched him go past the security guard, hold out his ticket to be punched, and enter the dark hole that was the entrance to the exhibit

    34. It was plain that they had taken a detour from Commerce Street to go past L

    35. In order to come down to the lines, everyone had to go past it

    36. “Yes, we heard the mob go past the house

    37. "I want to go past my house-I mean the Mayfair house on First and Chestnut

    38. For women there were only two ages: the age for marrying, which did not go past twenty-two, and the age for being eternal spinsters: the ones left behind

    39. Holmes, you'll hardly believe it, but ever since that girl has been in my employment I never once let her go past this house, where I knew the rascals were lurking, without following her on my bicycle, just to see that she came to no harm

    40. Whole weeks would pass, and not one of them go past the garden gate

    41. At that moment our friend the bed-maker came out to see the procession go past

    42. ’ ‘What are your thoughts, then?’ ‘I’m thinking that when you rise from your chair and go past me, I watch you, and follow you with my eyes; if your dress does but rustle, my heart sinks; if you leave the room, I remember every little word and action, and what your voice sounded like, and what you said

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