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Golly in una frase (in inglese)

By golly, he was a.
By golly there was no.
Oh golly! To think the.
By golly, Im starving.
Oh! Golly, I groaned.
By golly she’ll call her.
It was a male and by golly.

by golly, it is an abomination.
By golly, he must've had a hundred.
You’re saying I’m lying? Golly.
'By golly, he has stuck!' said Charlie.
We were close, and by golly we wanted.
By golly, if you ever trespass on this.
golly, I’m going to have the last laugh.
By golly, I’m starting to froth at the.
Golly, I sleep, eat, and converse with one.
"Golly! We can't have that torn!" said Justin.
and Golly in the head office at school.
"Oh, golly!" cried Beatrice, coming to his side.
By golly, this is like a vacation, I said.
Well, it was in the Blue Circle News, by golly.
By golly, even at that moment I thought I heard the.
By golly, he didn’t even have to kick it or punch it.
"Golly!" said Justin, and he shone his torch on to Theo.
By golly then I’ll give each of you a large oatmeal cookie.
Golly claims he holds the sky up with his pinky and his thumb.
Golly, whatten tunket's yon guy in the mackintosh? Dusty Rhodes.
Caputo actually laughed as he turned to Hayes, saying, Golly.
But by golly, that’s not all! I came to Principal Lambert’s.
Gyuh! Golly, that liked to choked me! he exclaimed and laughed.

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