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Frasi con grass (in inglese)

  1. I jump in the grass.
  2. I sat on the wet grass.
  3. Tammy lay in the grass.
  4. A few yards of grass.
  5. Most of the grass was.

  6. The grass needed a mow.
  7. So is wild onion grass.
  8. The grass was good grass.
  9. I can see the grass on.
  10. The grass is mowed and.
  11. It appeared to be grass.
  12. He kneeled in the grass.
  13. After all, the grass is.
  14. Dance on the green grass.
  15. But then there was grass.

  16. The grass is green again.
  17. The grass is still brown.
  18. The windy grass was waving.
  19. I have blood on the grass.
  20. The grass started to burn.
  21. They sat down in the grass.
  22. Tall grows the grass there.
  23. Luckily, I could eat grass.
  24. The tall grass and trees.
  25. The grass was growing fast.

  26. This also occurs on grass.
  27. Above the grass may travel.
  28. And grass beneath the sun;.
  29. That's expired by the grass.
  30. Luckily, the grass was tall.
  31. Helen gave her grass to eat.
  32. I tossed it into the grass.
  33. Where The Grass Is Greenest.
  34. The Grass on the Other Side.
  35. Where the Grass Is Greenest.
  36. Grass and flowers began to.
  37. Stretched out on the grass.
  38. It was in the grass outside.
  39. Where the Grass Turns White.
  40. You’ll see by the grass.
  41. And the grass grows by itself.
  42. Mowing when the grass is wet.
  43. To the grass and shade?
  44. He slid across the grass and.
  45. The tall grass waved mesmeric.
  46. He sat down in the green grass.
  47. I could smell earth and grass.
  48. I lay on my side in the grass.
  49. He scanned the grass next to.
  50. As dew upon grass in the morn.
  51. Cut with grass or paper worst.
  52. Nothing but grass and whispers.
  53. And the grass is laughing too.
  54. Mowing the grass at the park.
  55. The grass didn't feel cold at.
  56. He would plant trees and grass.
  57. Dean sat on the grass while Mr.
  58. Cassius laid in the tall grass.
  59. Liam stretched out on the grass.
  60. Dead fall grass hung from his.
  61. The trees, grass, and homes in.
  62. Even the green grass will soon.
  63. Footsteps across the dead grass.
  64. The earth replenishes the grass.
  65. Clumps of lawn grass should be.
  66. She approached across the grass.
  67. The grass would turn green but.
  68. There were more weeds than grass.
  69. Obviously it wasn’t real grass.
  70. The grass was growing under it.
  71. Kate said looking at the grass.
  72. The grass, and the elephant ears.
  73. Above, she saw tall, waving grass.
  74. Then he finished cutting the grass.
  75. He was sitting on the grass with.
  76. Lilly was lying down on the grass.
  77. Really, I would as soon eat grass.
  78. Will's feet slithered in the grass.
  79. This box collects grass clippings.
  80. I wished the Grass would hurry—.
  81. Elam was thrown back on the grass.
  82. Into the eye is a flower or grass.
  83. He moved forward in the dry grass.
  84. The hoop shall roll upon the grass.
  85. Myers and Spears had to bite grass.
  86. Fred walked across a patch of grass.
  87. I suspected that he meant my grass.
  88. Then, I heard treading on the grass.
  89. The impact onto the grass was hard.
  90. Animals had grass to eat at their.
  91. They nibble the grass and the bushes.
  92. They hang across the buckling grass.
  93. So who said it? Who was his grass?
  94. She began to tear up tufts of grass.
  95. Her right foot dropped to the grass.
  96. More of the fragrant emerald grass.
  97. Smith laid the Dragunov on the grass.
  98. Sarah Jane was playing in the grass.
  99. Grass burrs are those little balls.
  100. This also occurs on grass and weeds.
  1. The poor man starves while they are grassing their royal mountain stags or shooting peasants and phartridges in their purblind pomp of pelf and power.
  1. Fatima found herself a seat in a green grassed area that.
  2. She made her way over the grassed area Mr Whitton was sure had provided access for the thieves.
  3. Fizzicist led them further along an ever diminishing track, heavily grassed so their footfalls made hardly a sound.
  4. By this stage Andrew and Duncan had spilled outside of the flat and pergola thing and into the communal grassed area.
  5. Whatever its consequences, time would close over them; they would all in a few years be as if they had never been, and she herself grassed down and forgotten.
  6. Once back above ground, I searched for a stream, not finding one until I descended to the base of the hill where a slope evened out to a sparsely grassed plain.
  7. He asked me what I wanted to do with the ground and I said that, to the rear of the pub, I would like a vegetable plot and the rest, grassed over for customers to sit out in the summer.
  8. The newly homeless couple were manhandled out of the car without a further word being said by anyone and left standing on the loose stones and thinly grassed topsoil at the top of the cliff where they had once lived a spare and shabby life in a caravan.
  1. None of them were grasses.
  2. The grasses toss and shimmy.
  3. He gathered some grasses and.
  4. No two blades of grasses are the same.
  5. Dead grasses and rotting reeds loomed.
  6. The grasses and shrubs surrounding the.
  7. The grasses are growing fast to feed them.
  8. Manual of the grasses of the United States.
  9. The male horse set about eating the grasses.
  10. A few paces around him were ashes of grasses.
  11. I breathed in the scent of flowers and grasses.
  12. Beaded dewdrops stood upon the leaves and grasses.
  13. Beneath us, grasses and weeds bent in the current.
  14. It gave an impression of sunlight, grasses, singing.
  15. All he could smell was the tang of salt and grasses.
  16. It is located underground, covered with wild grasses.
  17. Stooping low, he saw grasses, frozen stiff, and more hole.
  18. The tall grasses undulated like eels under the north wind.
  19. Yinxue began to walk in a slow dance among the tall grasses.
  20. In the stirring grasses thin threads cover new green shoots.
  21. Allergies-these can be inhalants such as pollen and grasses.
  22. Twenty yards around him were blood stained grasses and ground.
  23. To his left a vast mbuga, a chaos of trees, shrubs and grasses.
  24. Many plants and nearly all grasses come and go in a single year.
  25. The reeds and grasses grew tall, meeting the horses’ shoulders.
  26. Grasses sprouted from the snow like whiskers on a pale gray face.
  27. They were clear of the town limit and into the scrub and grasses.
  28. Then another crash sends her ass-over-teakettle among the grasses.
  29. Mother tugged at the moist new grasses, laid them on Sim's tongue.
  30. On their bellies, combat style, they slithered through the grasses.
  31. Mother tugged at the moist new grasses, laid them on Sim’s tongue.
  32. He passed out into the sunshine and disappeared into the long grasses.
  33. He peered off into the distance over the waving dunes and low grasses.
  34. Both the children were fast asleep on the dry grasses at the riverbank.
  35. No trees grew there; but among the rank grasses could still be seen the.
  36. He could see hills and trees and grasses, and a distant view of the sea.
  37. As the time passed, a star crept out from among the overhanging grasses.
  38. Long drifting moors capped off with the bronzed heads of mature grasses.
  39. Not only could she take a slow stroll on the grasses, she could even talk.
  40. Upon a pile of grasses at the far side of the room lay the Negress asleep.
  41. The air was warm and smelled of sweet grasses and early summer wild flowers.
  42. The ocean, when the wind ceases, is calm again, as are the trees and grasses.
  43. And she really gathered a lot of figs and dry grasses on the top of the cliff.
  44. Tall grasses swayed as the wind cut its way up the path from the old wooden.
  45. She went to the bed upon which had been spread several layers of soft grasses.
  46. He smelled of grasses and the water they’d washed in while it was still dark.
  47. All the weeds, and grasses, the bushes on the bank added to the blaze of colour.
  48. Tom could hear the whisper of water against the grasses in the irrigation ditch.
  49. It was still the same where it was located, still surrounded with peanut grasses.
  50. Suddenly she stepped on something among the tall grasses and tens of tree leaves.
  51. He walked in the high grasses between the trees that were awaiting the first snows.
  52. The horses were hobbled, and nibbled at the high grasses racing away from the forest.
  53. Yet I could not exactly see where they landed among the sand and shore grasses either.
  54. Planting with tufts of grasses is always preferable and cheaper than to sowing lawn.
  55. A second eruption threw colossal boulders out onto the surrounding grasses and shrubs.
  56. Then, Elijah took out his sword, cut the grasses on a patch of land and dug in it a bit.
  57. Watering: Roots of lawn grasses do not grow very deep; most of the roots are within 10 to.
  58. Bending down, he picks up another stone, and Simon takes a step back, towards the grasses.
  59. These trees and grasses, he told us, were the kind that belonged to warm, tropical weather.
  60. Amongst the parched brown grasses and faded wildflowers, a few black-nosed sheep were grazing.
  61. The rest of the rocks, trees, even bushes and grasses remained the same as when we approached.
  62. It was located underground, covered with wild grasses and had a secret path to the Samo River.
  63. He pulled her down to lay amongst the grasses which had grown tall enough in which to hide them.
  64. He trudged through the high grasses, disappearing like a drunken lout into the woods and fields.
  65. Swirling tentacles of fresh blood spread out around him, like the caresses of windswept grasses.
  66. He suffered a good deal and was reduced to tearing at the stems of the long grasses for moisture.
  67. As Simon came closer, limping through grasses, he could see Johan’s face was bathed with sweat.
  68. Now, Tarzan heard the soft bending of grasses and wondered why the young white man was not warned.
  69. Its surface was much invested, (and its substance partially penetrated) with rootlets of grasses!.
  70. They bade us to follow them to a large bronze cauldron that contained smoldering, fragrant grasses.
  71. Grasses, ferns, shrubs and vines of secondary jungle reach heights of 2-3m (7-10ft) in a single year.
  72. Frantically, he grabbed at the trunks of small trees and grasses and pulled himself higher and higher.
  73. Within this mix, include perennial flowers to jazz things up a bit as well as some interesting grasses.
  74. Her dress fluttered in the air as she danced on the tall grasses very much like a fairy that could tread.
  75. When tired of that, he would lie on his stomach and watch the tedious marching of ants through the grasses.
  76. The grasses on the drive rustled as a startled bandicoot shot through; an owl hooted and that was about it.
  77. By 2011, when the main site is completely cleaned up, it will be, ‘naturalized,’ with trees and grasses.
  78. She lay down in a clump of grasses facing the entrance to the shack, but a good distance away from its stink.
  79. Just at that moment, a forest owl swooped up from where it had been hiding in the long grasses near the roses.
  80. Gradually, the trees and the bracken shimmered into view and she could smell the dankness of grasses and wood.
  81. It looked green and healthy so far, the small new grasses covering the fields, promising to be a good harvest.
  82. Moving closer, making use of the long dry grasses and stunted bushes for cover, Siri peered over the vegetation.
  83. They let me eat all the grasses and weeds I want when things are growing, and in the winter they give me grain.
  84. The grass had now become a mixture of tall and shorter grasses, but there were still woods along the riverbanks.
  85. Then he went back again into the jungle and in a few minutes reappeared with a quantity of soft grasses and ferns.
  86. And bind such a man to you with summer grasses, gift him with silver, shake his hand warmly at each journey's end.
  87. There were still some dry grasses on the plain, but mostly we came across burned stubble from the summer wildfires.
  88. I would gather the pine boughs for freshness and cover it with dried grasses and heather for sweetness and softness.
  89. But they saw nothing except a field mouse, which came out of its hole and began furricking in a path of seeded grasses.
  90. Everywhere the reeds and grasses were lush and tall, in places far above their heads; but once found, the path was easy.
  91. Far birds' cries blew on a wind, and the smell of tar and an old salt sea, moist grasses, and flowers the color of blood.
  92. Everywhere else was sparse vegetation upon the rock, but under and around the purple beast, the grasses had found a home.
  93. When the light increased still further we noticed that the palms and grasses of the island seemed withered and almost dead.
  94. This is actually a grass seed that is resistant to drought, and it is a combination of grasses, which require no pampering.
  95. Far birds’ cries blew on a wind, and the smell of tar and an old salt sea, moist grasses, and flowers the color of blood.
  96. Halon agreed and the two set off running back to the meeting hall, the dry grasses and bracken crackling beneath their feet.
  97. Once again though, the upper-class hippos of course mixed the short grasses with some Thousand Island, garlic croutons…).
  98. Part of that land is devoted to vegetables and environmentally raised legumes, hays and grasses for the livestock on the farm.
  99. One such series of dreams had me awaken in a wild field of foot-high uncultivated grasses, near an undersized industrial harbor.
  100. Then he hurled the knife and the rock far down the hillside, where they were swallowed by trees, brush, and tall rasping grasses.

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