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Frasi con grove (in inglese)

  1. Deems out of Pacific Grove.
  2. Nova York: Grove Press, 2007.
  3. To Lefty Grove! he said.
  4. Around the meadow and the grove.
  5. In the still grove my bosom's woes.

  6. Or the Lyr’s Palace in the Grove.
  7. But on the third of grove and mead.
  8. Grove usually means an idol to worship.
  9. Sandeford, of Lower Grove Road, Reading.
  10. Barnes hid him in the red cedar grove.
  11. Fill the grove, and the fire suddenly leap.
  12. It was a small grove or forest they were at.
  13. Deville had grown up in the Palm Grove area.
  14. What night-rule now about this haunted grove?
  15. Hugh Catholic Church in Coconut Grove, Florida.

  16. Homer, 16 Grove Place, Enfield Wash, Middlesex.
  17. Thomas, "Ivydene," Herne Grove, East Dulwich, S.
  18. Sir William Grove developed this method in 1839.
  19. Bel’s sacred oak grove was an hour away by pony.
  20. Pacific Grove had a gravy train right in its lap.
  21. The chilled record sun above the grove, the Falls?
  22. Once when He came, we walked toward the olive grove.
  23. She looked around at the small clearing in the grove.
  24. Emory held her hand as they walked through the grove.
  25. And so, under a short grove of feebler and feebler.

  26. That means the Grove Street group has the rat in it.
  27. He pulled around a grove of trees into the truck lot.
  28. Matthew showed Ellen Grove Street where they had lived.
  29. I have a little place just off there below that grove.
  30. Grove was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1947.
  31. Pacific Grove is not only a dry town, but ardently dry.
  32. For a long time Pacific Grove didn’t know what it had.
  33. I said nothing as he turned and looked around the grove.
  34. A woman of Gwawela slept in a grove holy to Jhebbal Sag.
  35. The car again slowed and turned into the grove of trees.
  36. She delivers a boy after moving up north to Pacific Grove.
  37. Jack decided he should pay a visit to Shining Grove Avenue.
  38. The place was a small clearing in the center of a palm grove.
  40. Without a word, Rave steered her around the edge of the grove.
  41. Especially you Grove, He was referring to Grover Cleveland.
  42. We strolled in the quiet olive grove, talking softly of nothing.
  43. An enclosed grove of exotic fruit trees showed on the other side.
  44. However, the darkness in the grove precluded anything but smell.
  45. Runs closest to the cedar grove than any other road I know of.
  46. Grove (1900–75) retired in 1941 with a career record of 300-141.
  47. She walked in between the trees and in to the middle of the grove.
  48. After following the trail for a while, we arrive at a small grove.
  49. Hesper must have led them up the hill to graze in the lemon grove.
  50. I laid down in the grove and sobbed uncontrollably for a long time.
  51. There is a lot of fun planned down on the meadow by the last grove.
  52. The bread-knife fell in the grove of the bedclothes beside her hand.
  53. I kept that from Cam Nguyen’s parents in Garden Grove, California.
  54. My dad was a preacher and pastor at Mosey Grove Church in Coalfield.
  55. That was the extent of my detective work in the grove of trees that.
  56. Once, during its history, Pacific Grove was in trouble, deep trouble.
  57. He preferred staying out of doors to taking the air "in the grove,".
  58. The grove was much longer from north to south than from east to west.
  59. You told me you lived in Palm Grove, so this had to be your school.
  60. As he reaches the edge of the grove, the man reminisces another episode.
  61. For a moment, he remembered the scent of the burnt ruins of Terre Grove.
  62. As he strolls in the grove, the man reminisces about how it had started.
  63. Pacific Grove and Monterey sit side by side on a hill bordering the bay.
  64. Musgrave (late 175th Infantry Brigade), 52 Cedar Grove, South Ealing, W.
  65. Yes! We will stay inside 326 South Grove until the patrol cars arrive.
  66. They were headed straight toward the bamboo grove, well below their tops.
  67. We are going to the greenhouse that you see at the other end of the grove.
  68. One method I like is Nic's stop, named after my Australian friend Nic Grove.
  69. Orchard Grove should be acknowledged as the backdrop that led to a lot of.
  70. They visited everything about this polyglot city except the grove of Daphne.
  71. We were pulled off from the road a good ways and parked in a grove of trees.
  72. Downtown Palm Grove stretched out in front of her with its shops and hangouts.
  73. But here it was no longer some isolated bush or a modest grove of low timber.
  74. Why are you here, Jeff? Scott asked as they slipped into a small grove.
  75. She placed the ring in a dug out grove on the top where it was held in place.
  76. Why, the symbol of Pacific Grove on its advertising is the Monarch butterfly.
  77. However, it was decided at last (the Grove being a Court of Honor) that if Mr.
  78. The mayor pro tem of Pacific Grove wrote a proclamation for the evening paper.
  79. The group huddled in the middle of the wooded grove, wondering what to do next.
  80. But he could not find him, for the Master had gone to a different grove to pray.
  81. Kurt spotted a grove of trees behind the back of a ridge that protected the trail.
  82. Meanwhile, sheep were loose among a grove of lemon trees on the steep slope behind.
  83. A slightly cloudy late morning she sat in the little grove and waited for Gawavolf.
  84. GOZAN REMARI HAD fallen hard for Rodeo Drive, but the Grove put Rodeo in the shade.
  85. I moved farther into the grove and Joseph stepped from behind a tree, startling me.
  86. Orchard Grove was split in half with the kids on the eastside of the town going to.
  87. The fence that once surrounded the Pacific Grove retreat is no longer in existence.
  88. We're with you Grove, said the others, clapping the Vice-President on the back.
  89. The leaves glitter with sunlight and in the middle of the grove stands a stone altar.
  90. Haven found herself stopped next to her favorite spot under the grove of aspen trees.
  91. In Pacific Grove a cup was given every year for the winning team on the roque courts.
  92. As he watches some of the visitors departing the grove, the man muses that the sorry.
  93. A thick grove of mesquite trees flanked the trail to the house, and Bonnie couldn’t.
  94. On the orders of Kali, the lead ship turned into the grove that Parshuram had pointed.
  95. He remembered the Melaleuca grove and was motivated to get up and extinguished the fire.
  96. The high-water mark of the flood described its uneven line a short distance from the grove.
  97. Christine interrupted to ask, You mean in the same aspen grove where I feel asleep?
  98. Holman’s Department Store: According to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History (www.
  99. Entering the olive grove, I noticed sunlight netting shadows and light underneath each tree.
  100. Each day at exactly 2:22pm, Bob would settle into his cushion under a grove of walnut trees.

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