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    1. She had the most elaborate hairdo, of two dozen double banded pony tails on hair that was still thick and black

    2. Instead of fussing with her skin, most of the time Ava sat there was taken on the elaborate hairdo and jeweled headdress that was worn during the ceremony

    3. They wore their every day clothes to go to supper, but had to keep the hairdo the same

    4. He was a thin guy in a big mountain shirt and a floppy beret hairdo

    5. thing, I noticed you have a new hairdo

    6. she took in the whole height of the man with a hairdo that looked

    7. She fluffed and puffed her beautiful henna colored tresses and then shook her head slightly, just to mis-arrange her hairdo enough to give it that unplanned looseness that could be so sexy

    8. I smoothed the auburn bedhead hairdo I had going on and felt a need to

    9. The girl looked thin and drawn, her clothes were almost rags but she had carefully brushed and lifted her dark brown hair into a small beehive type hairdo which highlighted her high cheekbones and large brown eyes

    10. As he approached the kitchen that was only a few doors down from his own office, he noticed Captain Higgins’s secretary, June (affectionately nicknamed Junebug by the entire force) with her trademark beehive hairdo perfectly arranged as if bonded with shellac, filling a cup at the water cooler

    11. she could check out her new hairdo

    12. The pillbox hat she wore seemed to be surgically implanted into her hairdo

    13. attracted to your new hairdo, new clothes or spendthrift ways, a

    14. ‘Then, from now on,’ she said kissing him, ‘this is the hairdo of Roopa Rao

    15. immaculate hairdo had been displaced by that gi-

    16. I feel queasy, remembering what Anthony told me about her changing hairdo and wonder whose hair she is wearing and how that person died

    17. She had a modern art hairdo that seemed inexplicable to the rest of the population and by the time I’d figured it out, it would have fallen out of fashion

    18. Got rid of that elaborate, elderly hairdo and cut it all short in a waif-like hairstyle and her looks improved one hundred percent

    19. bearing, her white, ornate wedding outfit and elaborate hairdo and veil

    20. with his tailored suit and new hairdo

    21. Sunday was unmoved by this news and by the police sketch of the suspected killer, which prominently featured the pompadour hairdo

    22. They returned with groceries, new glasses, and a hairdo for Grandma

    23. Her short, curly hairdo by Helen Turpin is timeless and the one most closely associated with Marilyn for the rest of her life

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