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Frasi con hazardous (in inglese)

  1. Mining is a hazardous job.
  2. Getting out to sea could be hazardous.
  3. And the reefs are already pretty hazardous.
  4. Because wealth is hazardous to their health.
  5. This honesty, and conceivably the hazardous times they.

  6. Guards are placed at all hazardous points on the machine.
  7. The added rain made the trek a bit slower and more hazardous.
  8. Complicated devices and hazardous materials are to be handled.
  9. Driving through that rain was extremely difficult and hazardous.
  10. That would be more of a diversion than I’d need, too hazardous.
  11. To say that the first couple of weeks were hazardous would be an.
  12. Until the Hazardous Material Team arrived, no one was coming close.
  13. Chief of Police would result in a failure could be hazardous to my.
  14. Don't connect earthing wire with water taps, this may be hazardous.
  15. It is very hazardous to call that which we do without excitement life.

  16. I have another project for you, far less hazardous than the last one.
  17. Exploring the capsized ship was a hazardous enterprise for the divers.
  18. Occupations which expose to high amount of hazardous chemicals, such as.
  19. We used the owners’ testimony to argue that if the hazardous condition.
  20. The course lay up the ascent, and still continued hazardous and laborious.
  21. Ralph’s rule was personal and arbitrary: appealing to him was hazardous.
  22. That was just one of many hazardous experiences Daveda and her friends went.
  23. Also, the product itself must not be hazardous to the health of the consumer.
  24. Replacing the slab was hazardous as it wanted to follow the body into the pit.
  25. However, they postulated that time travel was possible but extremely hazardous.

  26. Many of them found that this endeavor was hazardous to the health of the employees.
  27. Things are getting desperate, and it is at least a chance, though a hazardous one.
  28. No notice was taken as the two recounted the hazardous end to their scouting foray.
  29. Wherever he had elected to crouch and tremble, it was too hazardous to go near him.
  30. That seems to me as hazardous as uncertain, and convinces me that my scheme is far.
  31. Your friend, Bjorn, is stuck with magic users of a hazardous, reckless persuasion.
  32. This, ‘highlights the growing concern,’ about disposal of hazardous nuclear waste.
  33. Setting the initial colony in what would seem a hazardous location was standard practice.
  34. Bunkers, also known as sand traps, are one of the hazardous areas on the golf course.
  35. Greg gently but firmly explained to the officer exactly how hazardous an idea that might be.
  36. Participants have to cover about 1000 hazardous miles, through the most hostile country imaginable.
  37. One moment they were being pulled into the blackness and the next, pushed into the hazardous metal.
  38. The slithering, black limbs snaked around the thirteen posts and hoisted her over the hazardous path.
  39. At first she thought little of the problem since her house was not that close to the hazardous waste.
  40. These water hazards, like the bunkers, are also considered one of the hazardous areas in the golf course.
  41. I don’t mean to interrupt, however, it would be impolite to state that airports are hazardous places.
  42. As a novice to the field of aromatherapy you should also take note of safety precautions and hazardous oils.
  43. A Shot in the Dark: Why the P in the DPT Vaccination May Be Hazardous to Your Child’s Health, by Harris L.
  44. Methodically, he planned the hazardous route he would take with his father in their imminent confrontation.
  45. He had sold his boats when blockading grew too hazardous, and he was now openly engaged in food speculation.
  46. He had even considered taking her onto his staff but had rejected the proposition as being far too hazardous.
  47. What we don’t know is if any of the latest innovations in our dens and family rooms are even more hazardous.
  48. At first glance, it seems to be natural to identify and exclude such hazardous criteria from the trading system.
  49. The last part of the golf course is the so-called hazards or those that are considered as hazardous areas in the course.
  50. I mentioned moderation before, and you can see that addictions can hurt others and be hazardous to a person’s health.
  51. For all his cosmopolitan cleverness, he still had a youthful recklessness about him which was hazardous in a place like this.
  52. Containers labeled as containing fissionable or hazardous materials were mixed with containers labeled as holding foodstuffs.
  53. Hence, it can be concluded that golf players should try with all his might to avoid these hazardous areas as much as possible.
  54. It is this which renders it specially hazardous to build any system of theology on a single phrase in the Greek of this gospel.
  55. If man could control the onset of the diseases there would be little or no need for potent and hazardous medicines in our lives.
  56. As between YTP as lessee and Meggitt Defense Systems of LA, the lessor, the lease made the lessor liable for hazardous waste spills.
  57. In any case, if you prefer to use a salon, you should use their services moderately, since the effects of these are highly hazardous.
  58. I hoped that commerce, sufficiently hazardous and fettered by the present state of the world, would cease to be shackled by ourselves.
  59. There is no avocation of life, no employment, however hazardous, which fails to be pursued from a want of persons ready to engage in it.
  60. Driving alone was hazardous these days and she knew it, more hazardous than ever before, for now the negroes were completely out of hand.
  61. I resembled that sludge, the green stuff that forms a slimy coating on the outside of cheese that was so old it had become hazardous waste.
  62. With this in mind, there are also relationships that are based on either love or lust, and not having them both coexisting can be hazardous.
  63. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, those in hazardous occupations believe in the power of good fortune and that you can appease it.
  64. At the moment between the motion and the act, I had the capacity only for fear and for a wild delight in my commitment to this hazardous deed.
  65. It was also recognized as one of the world's most hazardous and treacherous coastal strips, the graveyard of many once proud and gallant ships.
  66. To buy it or to sell it was equally hazardous; the analyst could warn of the hazard, but he could have no idea of the limits of its rise or fall.
  67. In a normal game the final obstacle to be surmounted entails a hazardous ascent, and the steep slope they now stood before surely met that criteria.
  68. Therefore, for people who want to know more about the different hazardous areas in the golf course, here is a list of some facts that could be used.
  69. Making our drive to town fast and hazardous with Lizzie following my driving maneuvers with a half smile, not protesting for she too was in a hurry.
  70. Sometimes the reactions are favorable and help in keeping away hazardous substances while others just adjust the body to conform to the new conditions.
  71. The manually fired mortar weapon proved so effective in war that Special Forces units mounted them on flat bed trucks to use on their hazardous missions.
  72. It was certainly hazardous for anyone to turn around when noticing the roadblock as a few Flying Squad cars was around to chase down any attempt to escape.
  73. Krystal Waters hazardous waste facility received a $42,500 fine in a Lennox court yesterday for operating trucks that leaked toxic chemicals and heavy metals.
  74. They had traveled south on a route somewhat inland, for those along the coast were devastated, and the disruptions had made travel anywhere near them hazardous.
  75. The Obama administration has proposed requiring power plants using coal or fuel oil to reduce emissions of mercury and certain other hazardous pollutants by 91%.
  76. I think given enough time they would die out as a people, as the excesses they indulge in are quite hazardous to their health and quality of reproductive ability.
  77. Anything else is hazardous for they will make the wrong deductions and learn nothing which means history will then repeat itself and all the sacrifice for nothing.
  78. All things considered, having to stand next to Jake for a photo was slightly less hazardous than being killed in a stampede because I didn’t want to say Cheese.
  79. It had been a number of weeks since Butch was moved from the psychotic single cell cellblock designed for inmates deemed potentially hazardous to themselves or others.
  80. It was Aureliano Amador, the only survivor of Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s seventeen sons, searching for a respite in his long and hazardous existence as a fugitive.
  81. But by the same token, playing for pins the last week of an already nutty expiration cycle will prove hazardous for your financial health about 100 percent of the time.
  82. These hazardous areas are the most feared part of the golfers because it is assumed that if a golfer’s ball had fallen into one of the hazards, he may or may not win the game.
  83. This is hazardous for the untrained—arteries often have accompanying nerves and including them in a clip or tie could cause permanent damage, such as loss of function of a limb.
  84. Three of the five fisherman were eventually saved, including a retired Coast Guard warrant officer, in one of the most hazardous and skillful rescues in maritime history (Walker, pp.
  85. These activities can be as benign as sitting up in bed, walking to the bathroom, and cleaning, or as hazardous as cooking, driving, violent gestures and grabbing at hallucinated objects.
  86. My mouth says, I saw what you did this morning, proving my suspicion that the road between the two is as bad as the highways around Atlanta, under eternal, hazardous construction.
  87. At the end of this chapter, you’ll find a quick bond briefing to find out when they can be hazardous to your financial health, and when they can be useful—even great!—investments.
  88. It was a hazardous hike, but they were an elite squad and trained many years in this terrain, using all their senses, mainly hearing and smell, their natural night vision had become enhanced.
  89. We could worry about such morally hazardous concerns after we actually made parity law—or at least got some of the other bills passed that we had proposed so many times in so many Congresses.
  90. However, the National Forest Service corrected them and indicated that , in Arizona, nearly half of the Services plans for getting rid of hazardous fuels had been legally opposed by those groups.
  91. The remaining three were white, though clad in vestments adapted, both in quality and color, to their present hazardous pursuit—that of hanging on the skirts of a retiring army in the wilderness.
  92. With a few interruptions—major wars that have taken the young men at each school off to other, more hazardous occupations—the Harvard-Yale Regatta has been raced every subsequent year since 1859.
  93. We’re calling that strategy with the term insurance because it exactly relates at what insurance is; paying a premium in exchange for being protected for something hazardous we can eventually incur.
  94. And there was our captain, just his usual self, as if nothing had happened, as if bringing the boat that hazardous journey and being the means of saving eighteen souls was to him an everyday occurrence.
  95. By unleashing the beast, we would substitute the missing fruitage with detrimental eating, harmful drinking, inhalation of unhealthy substances, hazardous diseases of elimination, and deviant sleep patterns.
  96. This precaution isn’t taken because of the supposedly dead flu virus compounds in the vaccine, but instead because of the hazardous chemicals contained in the actual serum that the virus is delivered with.
  97. More often than not, she was roused for the latter; few Captains in Transit lasted more than a decade before they lost their minds and Argos determined them to be hazardous to the ship and the entire mission.
  98. The conservative investor would not be justified in taking these earnings for granted, particularly in a hazardous and competitive business of this type, with a relatively small amount of tangible assets.
  99. To a modern ship, well rigged, solidly constructed, and in control of its course thanks to obedient steam, some conditions are no longer hazardous that offered all sorts of dangers to the vessels of the ancients.
  100. His ventures remain hazardous; in any individual case a loss may be taken; and after the operation is concluded, it is difficult to determine whether the analyst’s contribution has been a benefit or a detriment.

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