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    head up

    1. “Yeah, but what if we head up…”

    2. Ackers tried to steady his nerves and his breathing while he kept his head up high

    3. Then they head up the street, just as Bolt scurries from the shop, muttering loudly to himself, face twitching

    4. When he did, he hung on, getting his head up this little bit helped the blood flow and did clear his brain a little

    5. She rolled onto her side and propped her head up on her hand, her black hair falling dishevelled across shoulders and curving round her breasts

    6. Jake threw his head up and let out a long plume of fire and uttered a loud roar of ‘approval’

    7. ” He shook his head up and down

    8. Quietly and softly he lifted her head up so that she

    9. At two weeks old Roman was holding his head up and fighting to use the

    10. She was holding his head up as she hugged

    11. lifted the man’s head up

    12. ” Freddy lifted his head up and grabbed one of the orchids off the

    13. to hold her head up and peered through the damp bangs that covered her eyes

    14. “I think that we should head up the straits of Malacca before heading south clear of Christmas Island’s radar, and then come into Australia from the north

    15. “Besides,” Pete chimed in, poking his head up for another look

    16. " The imp clung to Tetloan's hair as the boy flung his head up and down, back and forth, desperately trying to track the focus of Emily and Solo Ki's pupils

    17. “We must head up the road

    18. Willow moved forward in concern and tilted his head up to inspect her handiwork

    19. Around dusk every day when things were cooling down a bit, Horrifying Hippo would head up onto the land areas to do some serious grazing of the short grasses to be found, which represented the principle source of his diet

    20. The animal cocked its head up and down and in various abrupt angles in vacant observation

    21. Even though he was sleeping, his hands shot out and found her head and held her firmly as if steering her head up and down on his prick

    22. Suddenly she lifts her head up and the other three turn around

    23. Sebastian stumbled back, losing his footing and nearly overturning the dresser before he yanked his head up to look at Russell

    24. Russell jerked his head up

    25. “We’ve still got thirty seconds,” said Phil, “Do we head up to the bridge?”

    26. Lights in the tiny chamber beyond came on on cue and Kate poked her head up to have a closer look

    27. Hans snapped his head up

    28. His hand reached forward to touch her cheek, making her jump as she whipped her head up to see Sebastian studying her

    29. Taxes of so much a head upon the bondmen employed in cultivation, seem anciently to have been common all over Europe

    30. She left the table and went to her room, refusing to rush, walking purposefully, head up, shoulders back, face set, stamping on her temper

    31. He held his head up with the elbow and the palm under the chin

    32. Her arms were cramped from propping her head up all night

    33. ” As he spoke, Sicarius circled the area, head up, eyes scanning

    34. He’d been told that the can’s contents were guaranteed to kill any insect within ten seconds and hoped that was true, because he knew that if any fleas got near his skin, he may as well stick his head up his ass and kiss the world goodbye

    35. The scratching on the door stopped and Terry jerked his head up, putting his ear against the wood, trying to hear what was happening in the room

    36. The stupid dog was standing in the middle of the path, head up, sniffing the breeze, facing back the way they’d come

    37. his head up, saying just as plain as a bird could say, "Now, my new

    38. He lifted his head up slowly, probably confused and surprised that he had actually fallen asleep

    39. He commenced turning his head upward to focus in on the water droplets that had been there each time with the exception of last night

    40. Halfway back to the van the pig stopped, head up, ears pricked, as though it had heard or sensed something nearby

    41. By coincidence, Jasper whinnied, nodding his head up and

    42. in by tossing his head up and down

    43. The squatting man too fought to free himself, twisting his head upwards to bite at his knots and offered no answer, stopping his chewing only to smile broadly in Truman’s direction then resumed working the rope with his teeth

    44. Nana slowly lifts her head up from her cup and looks directly at Philip, "Yes illegitimate, but illegitimate abandoned children of the Duke of Edinburgh

    45. "Don't fill your head up with that stuff

    46. Rory poked his head over the drinking fountain and made his presence immediately known to Isaac, whose eyes widened as he picked his head up and stopped drinking

    47. I remembered thinking: why don’t you lift your head up another couple of inches or stop pressing the water lever so the water would stop hitting your chin

    48. I undressed and we lay together quietly, both of us lost in our own separate thoughts when Monique tilted her head up to me and said,

    49. Junya lifted his head up high and charged to the other side of the dance floor

    50. “But please, when you see an opportunity…” He presses his hand to my cheek, cold and strong, and tilts my head up so I have to look at him

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