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Frasi con heaviness (in inglese)

  1. A heaviness filled the air.
  2. She was complaining of feeling heaviness.
  3. Heaviness washed over him, a weighty gloom.
  4. The heaviness had everything to do with me.
  5. The room became silent with heaviness in air.

  6. I felt a little heaviness in the pit of my belly.
  7. The heaviness in his heart increased as he felt the.
  8. It is these which lighten the heaviness of the dark.
  9. But what is the meaning of the heaviness of balance?
  10. In it lay a heaviness that did not allow recognition.
  11. Heaviness has long been symbolically associated with.
  12. Braden was the cause of another heaviness in my heart.
  13. The heaviness in his head and the weariness in his limbs.
  14. Don't let heaviness, and kind of inferiority shut you down.
  15. He watched as the heaviness lifted from her eyes like a shadow.

  16. All these sentiments bore down on him with indescribable heaviness.
  17. The heaviness of living grew lighter and more inspired around them.
  18. Fluffy metallic-tasting heaviness - filling all space surrounding him.
  19. Shi Chen felt heaviness crowded his head as he looked at Gu Yihong and.
  20. The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; ( Isaiah 61: 3a).
  21. The heaviness was evident to the three listening in the Friendly Phoenix.
  22. And as Felicia hinted now and then, the heaviness wasn’t just imaginary.
  23. The heaviness in her shoulders started to lighten; her mouth became tender.
  24. I have been unable to pray/meditate because of the heaviness of.
  25. Her open look of welcome changed as she saw the heaviness of Roric’s face.

  26. Davis clutched his chest and coughed against the heaviness settling into him.
  27. Then came a still, unpleasant heaviness and clearly, it was time to get indoors.
  28. Heaviness of soul is heavy purses earned under cunning devices and slave workers.
  29. He was surprised to feel tears in his eyes and confused by the heaviness on his chest.
  30. His arms and legs began to experience a certain heaviness as he plodded doggedly along.
  31. It’s nearly four in the morning; she feels the late hour as a heaviness in her limbs.
  32. Heaviness has long been symbolically associated with darkness, hence with evil and earth.
  33. A great heaviness was in all his limbs, but he roused himself with an effort and sat up.
  34. The heaviness of my body threatened to pull me down to hell with each evil act I created.
  35. George stood there for a long while with the same expression, but gradually the heaviness.
  36. I could see him burning up every time he saw me during those days of increasing heaviness.
  37. The fifty-seven-year-old represents a huge relief from the heaviness of the Nixon White House.
  38. Darkness and heaviness have long been symbolically associated with falsehood and the absence of.
  39. It feels like all the heaviness and fatigue held by my physical layers is flushed away by magic.
  40. Sometimes, says Gervais, and there’s a heaviness in his voice that Daniel has never heard.
  41. Panicking tremendously, Elizabeth kept on uttering words just to unload the heaviness from her chest.
  42. But as for those who do not believe: there is heaviness in their ears, and it is blindness for them.
  43. The heaviness of his head and chest reminded him of the possibility of suffering and death for himself.
  44. Why did such a heaviness weigh in her stomach whenever she considered she might never see him again?
  45. The stoutness and heaviness of our logs will hold the chain securely against the force of the animals.
  46. There were no clouds overhead yet, but a heaviness was in the air; it was hot for the season of the year.
  47. And We drape veils over their hearts, preventing them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears.
  48. There was an oppressive feeling of heaviness in Serafima Aleksandrovna's head as she approached Lelechka.
  49. Excepting some little heaviness in the head and pain in the limbs, he did not feel any particular effects.
  50. I inhaled the heaviness as I stepped through the pockmarked wooden doors at 7:45 and took in my old haunt.
  51. There was a certain heaviness in the air which usually meant a violent thunder storm in the late afternoon.
  52. A terrible, unfamiliar heaviness rested in his stomach—a sensation he could not recall ever having before.
  53. But bread has a heaviness in its flavor and a filling quality that should not really fit into a tasting menu.
  54. That he will comfort those who mourn and bestow upon them the joy of salvation in the place of sorrow and heaviness.
  55. He had no doubt that Mori knew, because he could feel the heaviness in these moments when neither of them mentioned it.
  56. And that Sir is again my opinion… He turned and walked out of Smith’s office and felt the heaviness in his heart.
  57. A wise son makes a happy father, but a foolish son is the heaviness to his mother; treasures of wickedness profit nothing, but.
  58. Edmond opened his eyes, complained of great pain in his knee, a feeling of heaviness in his head, and severe pains in his loins.
  59. And she sprang out of bed, her eyes still half shut with the heaviness of sleep, extending her arms towards the corner of the wall.
  60. He felt the heaviness in his chest lift a little, and smiled as she put her hands on his face, and he realized it was scruffy with a beard.
  61. I just scream inside, can't stand it, that heaviness and shut down religiosity - and you know the Bible abounds with noise and celebration.
  62. The pain, a dull mass of indescribable heaviness, a cancerous ache, smouldered and burned from the reaches of his mind to his legs and feet.
  63. I dragged myself along the quays, seeking distraction amid the din of the crowd without being able to banish the heaviness that weighed upon me.
  64. And a certain heaviness, the heaviness of a very full ear of corn that dips slightly in the wind, that there was about her, made his brain spin.
  65. O ye who believe! What aileth you that when it is said unto you: Go forth in the way of Allah, ye are bowed down to the ground with heaviness.
  66. And when the sun was risen they both went out of the cave; their heads wandering from heaviness of sorrow and they not knowing whither they went.
  67. To the hot sorrow of the previous night had succeeded heaviness; it seemed as if nothing could kindle either of them to fervour of sensation any.
  68. And when the sun was risen they both went out of the cave; their heads wandering from heaviness of sorrow, and they not knowing whither they went.
  69. Among them are those who listen to you; but We place covers over their hearts, to prevent them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears.
  70. Your word says that Jesus has been anointed to bind up the brokenhearted and to give unto me the garment of praise in place of the spirit of heaviness.
  71. The heaviness of balance is depending on the heavy deed put in it, and the deed is regarded heavy according to the truthful intent and honesty it contains.
  72. Volodya was not precisely out of sorts when, nearly at nightfall, they reached the great bridge over the bay, but he felt a certain heaviness at his heart.
  73. But she noticed the peculiar knitting of the baby's brows, and the peculiar heaviness of its eyes, as if it were trying to understand something that was pain.
  74. Besides that, their spirits were eating from the earth happily and freely, that is, they were tasting constantly and widely finding no heaviness nor discomfort.
  75. You want us to shape the world around us, the spiritual atmosphere, so instead of depression and heaviness the spirit of God is there to bring hope and help and life.
  76. Today the traffic noise from the freedom of the motorway and the heaviness of his surroundings were totally bearable for he felt his time in residence was almost over.
  77. And Ingram, steeped in the heaviness of the first real sleep he had had for nights and only half awake, murmured, with the happy, foolish reasonableness of that condition--.
  78. Now we’ll breathe in as usual, in other words, vol-untary, and breathe out into the bowl-like Hara, as if filling it with Qi energy until you have a feeling of light heaviness.
  79. Taking a breath, Sage walked slowly through the crunching leaves toward the grave, lowering her head with heaviness like a weight was hanging on her shoulders until she stood at the foot.
  80. The heaviness of balance does not mean a preponderance of a pan to another, yet the meaning is to create confidence in man depending on his charity that makes him forget every wrong doing.
  81. Leon, bewildered by Emma's anger, Monsieur Homais' chatter, and, perhaps, by the heaviness of the luncheon, was undecided, and, as it were, fascinated by the chemist, who kept repeating—.
  82. Then suddenly I felt—anew—a feeling very old and rank: the heaviness of ignorance that levels from its gross domain what lurid, selfish, loveless thoughts it conjures up to keep souls down.
  83. The little ones kneeling round, their sleepy eyes blinking and red, awaited her preparations full of a suspended wonder which their physical heaviness at that hour would not allow to become active.
  84. Yes, his malady was coming back, it was clear enough; all this gloom and heaviness, all these ideas, were nothing more nor less than a fit coming on; perhaps he would have a fit this very day.
  85. Her body weighed ten tons, each part of it was so incredibly heavy, and, in that heaviness, crushed and beating to survive, was her crippled heart, throbbing and tearing about like a headless chicken.
  86. This leads to increase in water content and reduction of heat in the body, resulting in problems like dullness, heaviness, increase in fats, common cold bronchitis and later on asthma, arthritis rheumatism etc.
  87. Somewhere round midnight Lucy discovered that the distances of the treble bed softened sound; either that, or she was too tired to hear anything, for she dropped out of consciousness with the heaviness of a released stone.
  88. If we have say 300 people come in and 20 are excited and give themselves to God, then there's all these others, the 280 that are bringing a spirit of heaviness and depression, and 20 people have to shift that off everyone.
  89. You come in there - oh, come on! Let's get into it! Don't delay! Let's start straight away! See, rather than carrying heaviness - don't have to carry heaviness because we've been given our Holy Ghost to fill us with life!.
  90. If we have say, 300 people come in, and 20 are excited and give themselves to God; then there's all these others, the 280, that are bringing a spirit of heaviness and depression; and 20 people have to shift that off everyone.
  91. Who does greater wrong than he, who, when reminded of his Lord's revelations, turns away from them, and forgets what his hands have put forward? We have placed coverings over their hearts, lest they understand it, and heaviness in their ears.
  92. When Torbin awoke, the difference was immediately apparent: the heaviness, the all over sensation, the press of clothing at the slightest move, and a kind vulnerability that – even drained of power in his mechanized form – he had never before felt.
  93. Barnes, all motherly solicitude, inquired if by any chance I had swallowed some of the stones; and desiring to reassure her to the utmost as to the reason of my thoughtfulness, I said that very likely I had; from the feel of things; from the kind of heaviness.
  94. Instead of blindly obeying the emotion, simply observe your own internal sensations for a minute (racing pulse, knot in your throat, throbbing face, heaviness on your head and shoulders…) it will help to disengage you from the impulse so that it may subside.
  95. She hid from them the sadness of a house which, in spite of the light on the begonias, in spite of the heaviness at two in the after-noon, in spite of the frequent waves of festivals that came in from the street was more and more like the colonial mansion of her parents.
  96. I used to have black dog days, they'd go on for days, but they're actually a spirit of heaviness oppressing me, that I just thought was me - until the day I realised it wasn't me, and began to contend to have dominion over it, so I could live in the presence of the spirit of God.
  97. How could I be unmarkt by the Horror I had witness’d? The most Melancholick Emotions of Sorrowful Indignation depress’d my Spirits, and ’neath my Jesting with Miss Polly, and Quoting Lines of Verse (which hath e’er been Second Nature to me) there was a Heaviness upon my Heart which would not lift.
  98. Who can reckon up the joy and gladness which young people have it in their power to occasion? Who can tell the anxiety and sorrow that sons like Esau, and Hophni, and Phinehas, and Absalom may cause? Truly indeed does Solomon say, "A wise son maketh a glad father, but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother" (Prov.
  99. The terrible spectacle of the battlefield covered with dead and wounded, together with the heaviness of his head and the news that some twenty generals he knew personally had been killed or wounded, and the consciousness of the impotence of his once mighty arm, produced an unexpected impression on Napoleon who usually liked to look at the killed and wounded, thereby, he considered, testing his strength of mind.
  100. It has been but for a season, and when there was need that we were in heaviness, through manifold temptations: And we beg that all the trials of our faith may be found unto praise, and honour, and glory, at the appearing of Jesus Christ, whom having not seen we love, in whom though now we see him not, yet believing we rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory; are longing to receive the end of our faith, even the salvation of our souls.

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