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    hook up with

    1. "I'm sorry, I hope you didn't hook up with Greta or Imogene and forget me

    2. and then managed to hook up with a rather forward thinking

    3. Tdeshi took sign painting jobs, you would have been a good one for her to hook up with

    4. Sal came up with the idea of the Costa Rica trip to see if perhaps they could hook up with Charlie’s connection

    5. I hook up with the one guy left in the world who doesn"t have a cell,”

    6. ”Jules is drawing some of that shit his way, I think he’ll hook up with you sooner or later

    7. Then I continued, “… And Bob told me that the first thing he wanted to do once he was out of the cancer unit was to hook up with all of us NSR’s at one of the rinks I had been telling him about

    8. “Besides, he probably would have run me out of the lot and I wouldn’t have been able to hook up with Jo-Jo

    9. “Because unless you’ve tried to hook up with women, you probably have no idea how they operate

    10. “Did you leave your girls?” It was hard enough that I couldn't hook up with anyone

    11. If Toby is as superficial as William, then there’s no point in actually trying to hook up with him

    12. Being a newly wed, I did not hook up with one of the pretty pros, someone probably NewDelman invited

    13. “I see it didn’t take you long to hook up with Sean

    14. To hook up with my new home, I flew from San Diego to Alaska to Japan, and then into Subic Bay, in the Philippines

    15. "Starla doesn't hook up with anyone without an appointment made through me, ya hear, son?" the pimp said as he aimed the bat in Hank’s direction

    16. going to hook up with a chipmunk friend of mine named Chip

    17. "So what do you think about those little sweet things, Chance was trying to hook up with?"

    18. Ester said she would stay a few more days, and try to somehow, hook up with Nidan, and maybe

    19. Udeid Air Base bound for Muscat, where I would eventually hook up with Mick O’Bannon and

    20. ―It said that Orion was a great hunter, and that he wanted to hook up with these seven hot sisters

    21. She had hinted at a relationship before, so even if he lost on purpose, it was a fairly good bet that she would attempt to hook up with him regardless, especially factoring in the limits of recreation and the amount of time they were to be couped up in a confined space

    22. So, this really wasn’t about her wanting to hook up with him, per say, but it left the doors open if she chose to pursue it

    23. minute Vinny wondered what it would be like to hook up with

    24. When the road gets cleared I’ll bring the trailer up and take a couple of head into town and hook up with Roy

    25. “I’m trying to hook up with Bob Windowmaker before the 22nd

    26. Be led by the Holy Spirit as to who you should hook up with and who you should stay away from in this life

    27. I would only hook up with someone if there was an obvious click, which hardly needed to be expressed in words

    28. Anyway, there are many reasons that I would love to hook up with this biker Adonis and his gorgeous machine

    29. Of all the men in the world, why did she have to hook up with another one? She blushed as the thought sunk in

    30. "Haven't you found a vampire to hook up with since then? Forget the mortals

    31. “Oh drat it! What were you expecting Asia? Did you really think they would just leave a USB port hanging out for you to hook up with!” Asia said in disgust talking to herself, as she stared bitterly at the securely locked base of the signal towers tech input/output receiver

    32. to the wind and told me that I could hook up with him anywhere along the route if I did I

    33. Also, parents can let their child’s credit card to hook up with them so that they can keep track on their child’s credit transactions

    34. Viola told us one day to head up to Philadelphia and hook up with this guy named Fred

    35. I think I might be about to hook up with someone who works for the president of the United States

    36. “You ever hook up with Avis?” Conklin asked

    37. I suddenly want to kiss her, and it looks like she wants me to hook up with her

    38. Then I went to Damon’s room, and because it had been both Damon and Jannie’s room for so long, I was taken aback, shook up with the change

    39. “How could you hook up with C

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