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Frasi con illuminate (in inglese)

  1. To illuminate by all the self.
  2. Now, let us illuminate Leviathan, there.
  3. May it illuminate our lives and our labor.
  4. It will illuminate the hearts of many people.
  5. We proudly display our flag to illuminate the.

  6. Areas of the force field illuminate as the robots.
  7. The pale moonlight did little to illuminate their.
  8. The first rays of light started to illuminate the kitchen.
  9. Beams of light illuminate the plants in her kitchen window.
  10. These reveal and illuminate facets of the world we hadn’t.
  11. Bahá'u'lláh's words, that it can illuminate the whole Earth.
  12. Only indirectly did light filter down to illuminate their way.
  13. Fortunately, I found a series of teachers who helped illuminate.
  14. He pressed it and was relieved to see a couple of LEDs illuminate.
  15. Since reading you ought to illuminate and entertain their learning.

  16. Lights, scattered here and there, with no rhyme or reason, illuminate.
  17. The flickering light from the oil lamp did not illuminate the ceiling.
  18. The gray skies above did little to illuminate the dead dried leaves and.
  19. Light seemed to illuminate the space from a thousand sources all at once.
  20. They are beacons that illuminate the dark passages of fear and ignorance.
  21. They used their tinderboxes to ignite them and illuminate their surroundings.
  22. May God illuminate your path, she said and I started knitting furiously.
  23. The habitat seemed sparse and there was little light to illuminate the cavern.
  24. She swallowed hard and reached for a lamp, but it failed to illuminate the room.
  25. Her imagination sought to illuminate possible memories, though it was fruitless.

  26. The lantern he bore was not quite strong enough to illuminate the man’s armor.
  27. At that, the lights rose to illuminate a figure that was rising behind the pulpit.
  28. As conflagrations light up a whole city, so revolutions illuminate the whole human race.
  29. Dawn started to illuminate the cloudy sky and light penetrated the stained-glass windows.
  30. Tom squeezed his small body behind it in order to illuminate it for Becky's gratification.
  31. It is too dark to see anything but what the headlights illuminate directly in front of us.
  32. Three examples will be used to illuminate this rather subtle aspect of common-stock analysis.
  33. These ideas illuminate our minds and are identical with God, who is Goodness, Truth, and Beauty.
  34. Following are several scriptures that illuminate the change of direction Jesus created to bring.
  35. Sometimes a guess through the eye of imagination called fiction might help illuminate the process.
  36. The sky gradually became brighter and the orange rays flooded out to illuminate their surroundings.
  37. The dark sky did not illuminate the colours that only the light of day would show from the bomb fire.
  38. To further illuminate the verifiable science used as the organizing basis for these symbols; fire is.
  39. A large flat concrete slab lay in front of him, so big that his torch didn’t illuminate the far side.
  40. The overhead lights were on, but they weren’t bright enough to illuminate all the corners of this vast space.
  41. It was just beginning to illuminate the top floors of buildings as he pulled to the curb beside Hotel Paradise.
  42. It would be a dream to explore the inside of it, spacesuit on, and a torch to illuminate its darkened corridors.
  43. Ambient lighting came back on within seconds to illuminate the room, but the lights of the technology were all gone.
  44. The thing was a blur in the sight, a black blot of shadow that normal radiance would neither dissipate nor illuminate.
  45. He was skillful, so arranging the order of the reading of the various passages that the one would illuminate the other.
  46. I have seen the sun arise upon the mountains of Israel, I have seen the light of the moon illuminate the valleys of Judah.
  47. Heaven, as you are established honourable before God, and fixed in the firmament with your sons who you did illuminate with.
  48. Before reading the Word of God pray briefly asking the Holy Spirit to illuminate and explain to you what you will be reading.
  49. When the walls were half of their final height, the Light pulsing into the ground began to illuminate the outline of buildings.
  50. Their single candle was too dim to illuminate the vast interior, but they stood in the centre of the crossing and listened hard.
  51. If nothing else, an encounter with the levels of awareness should illuminate the incredible depth and breadth of human diversity.
  52. As she said this she picked up one of the glowing yellow crystals by the doorway and placed it high to fully illuminate the room.
  53. Aaron had his flashlight and it was all the light that they had with which to illuminate their path, but they found the going easy.
  54. The joy which they contain ought to make its escape through the stones of the walls in brilliancy, and vaguely illuminate the gloom.
  55. Time passed ‘til on the eastern rise the dawn came to illuminate all that was nigh to happening: just one more day in Darluse Wood.
  56. She didn’t stop to ask him why, just did as he asked, raising the poor light above her head to partially illuminate the gloom within.
  57. The wax candles taken from the cathedrals were used to illuminate some houses spared by the conflagration, in which balls were arranged.
  58. This electricity is sufficient to illuminate the site, and power the robots that carry out the connection and maintenance on the seabed.
  59. This type of photography uses high frequency electrical currents which in turn illuminate the basic auras that surround all living things.
  60. When you begin to explore something unknown, you’re in the dark first, feeling vulnerable, trying to find a way to illuminate the unknown.
  61. She however could only illuminate one target at a time and would have to manually track her chosen target to keep her illumination radar on.
  62. If the battleships are still on course after dark, then our patrol plane will launch flares to illuminate them for night attacks by our SBDs.
  63. The windows of the room had before been darkened, and I felt a kind of panic on seeing the pale yellow light of the moon illuminate the chamber.
  64. Torches burned, as did the fire pit, but it was scarcely enough light to illuminate the form of a man staggering toward the middle of their camp.
  65. Soft blue lights illuminate our path and we stop on a white bridge that crosses over a stream and listen to water trickling over the stones below.
  66. On one side burned a crooked tallow candle, which a recumbent soldier was holding to illuminate the book which another one was spelling out slowly.
  67. She could only move forward with a purposefully modest casting of candlelight to illuminate the paper, ignoring the yips and howls of unseen wolves.
  68. By now night had long fallen on the city, with only the street lights and the lamps of the surrounding shops and houses to illuminate the market square.
  69. See, it says the spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord, lighting up all the inner parts, so your spirit will illuminate your soul with ideas and thoughts.
  70. Using 24 dynamos powered by a steam-driven engine, the privately owned station provided power to illuminate the gardens of the Linderhof Palace near Ettal.
  71. But do not make the mistake of thinking that I have come to set aside the law and the prophets; I have not come to destroy but to fulfill, to enlarge and illuminate.
  72. Sometimes there is a mist at night and, whilst we are screened by the 15meter high walls of the excavation, stray light might illuminate the mist above ground level.
  73. He knew this imaging did not illuminate the dust motes that were much more than twenty light minutes from the ship, all dots farther than that were in their own light.
  74. In a modern fighter aircraft in Nancy Laplante’s time, this procedure would be fully automated, with the capacity to target and illuminate many targets simultaneously.
  75. What is needed, is the flow of the spirit, to illuminate what's important; put together what you haven't recognised before, to connect ideas with it, you haven't seen before.
  76. It seemed to her as though the trees in front and the clouds above both parted at the same time, the trees to reveal the clearing, and the clouds to let the moon illuminate it.
  77. As you start to draw closer to the Lord in your own personal relationship with Him, the Holy Spirit will start to illuminate your mind as to what is most important in this life.
  78. With only candlelight to illuminate it, I made out a king-sized poster bed with gauzy white curtains fluttering in the breeze and rose petals scattered on the mattress and the floor.
  79. Two junior officers then brought up a light map board on which a map and a number of air photos were pinned, with one of the officers then holding a flashlight to illuminate the board.
  80. Most chose to illuminate the screens with scenes which gave the appearance of window to the outside, but some decorators had chosen designs or patterns which enhanced the rooms beauty.
  81. Four large windows, one on each side, allowed light into the huge room, but it wasn’t enough to illuminate the massive thing that sat in the center of the room on the metallic tiles.
  82. These judicial jewels are to be polished and set to illuminate or displace provisions of our own Constitution that these Justices find to be insufficient, or even repugnant, as written.
  83. An examination of the trends in primary and final energy consumption, in total and by sector, can illuminate the way in which energy is used to derive economic benefits for the community.
  84. We moved into the darkness, which was only dark for a moment, as the floor began to illuminate with ambient light, the existence of which I couldn’t have explained if I had bothered to try.
  85. Instead, he would spend the last hours of daylight in that tumbledown kitchen, drinking more of Sewer Girl’s special tea … At best, she might illuminate for him, finally, the mysteries of Sam.
  86. Most nights the enemy would shoot pistol flares called ‘very lights’ over the trenches, short-lived stars suspended in the air from parachutes, meant to illuminate possible targets for snipers.
  87. Patterns can be successfully traded without candlesticks, but the candlesticks unique ability to illuminate behavior at these key pivot points can be extremely valuable to a trader with a trained eye.
  88. In less than eight minutes the police helicopter was hovering above, an ominous eight minutes during which the skies cleared giving the sun licence to illuminate the potential horror of the eroded crossing.
  89. Not even the first-quality kraken oil for which Mistress Marzho’s Fine Milliners paid exorbitantly was adequate to properly illuminate the shop’s goods once darkness had set in, and darkness set in early in Zion in April.
  90. That is, due to your shunning of your Creator, your spirits have lost the light which would illuminate your way, and they have become deprived of the insight which would show them the way that would lead to their happiness.
  91. Suddenly, a slender gloved hand turned on a light next to the sofa in the parlour, creating a dim, soft glow around the immediate area but not enough to illuminate the rest of the suite that remained cloaked in total darkness.
  92. There were two lamps overhead, both encased in large opaque bowls reminiscent of schoolhouses that provided enough light in addition to the natural light that managed to pass through the grimy windowpanes to illuminate the store.
  93. It is He who gives guidance to His followers and to illuminate the straight path, and the submission should be only to Him, because His religion is the religion of justice which people of virtue and perfection surrender and submit to.
  94. With a corporal holding a flashlight to illuminate a photo map of the main islet of Uotsuri-Shima, he pointed at the long ridgeline running west to east along the top of the promontory occupying most of the four kilometer square island.
  95. But the unholy, the Illuminate elite, who would return us to the wicked ways of the past, are still in control of much of the Earth, and we have a state of cold war between the major powers as they scramble for land and mineral resources.
  96. With a dozen pickup trucks brought forward between houses to illuminate on command the 600 meters of open ground between the police station and their position, the policewomen greeted the disorganized Taliban assault with a murderous fire.
  97. The dim light was enough to illuminate the sign beneath that announced the hours of operation and cast a sliver of light and dark shadows across the Confederate battle flag known as the Southern Cross that hung in the window beside the door.
  98. One of the Inquisition’s agents managed to … acquire specimens of two or three of their new devices, including a signaling rocket and one that’s probably what they used to illuminate Bishop Militant Cahnyr’s troops on the Daivyn River.
  99. For all his old age, and his one arm, and his blind eyes, he must die the death and be murdered, in order to light the gay bridals and other merry-makings of men, and also to illuminate the solemn churches that preach unconditional inoffensiveness by all to all.
  100. There was fascination in the hope that the two purposes would illuminate each other: the careful observation and inference which was his daily work, the use of the lens to further his judgment in special cases, would further his thought as an instrument of larger inquiry.
  1. Illuminating the darkest of times.
  2. It makes interesting and illuminating reading.
  3. It is the light which is illuminating the mind.
  4. A light came on illuminating the interior space.
  5. It shone blood red, its light illuminating forth.
  6. The moon started burning, illuminating the night.
  7. Only when there was a steady blaze illuminating the.
  8. Innovators by revealing and illuminating their ideas and.
  9. A flashlight popped on, illuminating the flora around them.
  10. The tile lit up, illuminating all the tiles in conjunction.
  11. The fire was crackling in the fireplace, illuminating the.
  12. He stood up, a small smile of hopefulness illuminating his.
  13. Plate, their searchlights illuminating the devastation in a.
  14. I have names for all of them, but some aren’t illuminating.
  15. She puffed her cigarette, illuminating her annoyed countenance.
  16. A very bright and illuminating figure was standing next to me.
  17. It spread up Dacian’s chest, illuminating the space between.
  18. Market, the hazy green light illuminating what remained of the.
  19. Now a rope of colored lights was illuminating the dance floor.
  20. And a caller towards God by His leave, and an illuminating beacon.
  21. Her eyes were speckled with the most iridescent illuminating grey.
  22. He fired his weapon wildly, the flash from the rifle illuminating.
  23. The light reflected off water, sparkling and illuminating the room.
  24. Within seconds it grows as bright as dawn, illuminating half the sky.
  25. Carl opened the basement door and pulled on a chain, illuminating the.
  26. The morning sun lit the interior of the building well illuminating the.
  27. Fire climbs into the night sky, illuminating the shanty town as it burns.
  28. Now and then a more illuminating statement may be justified by the facts.
  29. They came with the proofs, and the Psalms, and the Illuminating Scripture.
  30. But now they were illuminating their way with light stolen from the moon!.
  31. Light peeled off the sword illuminating the cavern and those gathered in it.
  32. Orthon shone a strong beam in my direction, illuminating the stony, muddy path.
  33. Her smile really radiates at him now, illuminating inside of him like sunshine.
  34. It would be far more illuminating and transforming to be able somehow to stand.
  35. The modest amber light from the fire burned low, illuminating his serious face.
  36. The flames leapt high, illuminating the clearing and causing the beasts to panic.
  37. The soldier would then be an allusion to a Templar, purposely illuminating the.
  38. This electric lamp was so constructed as to yield its maximum illuminating power.
  39. Salem stared at me, a flicker of anger illuminating his eyes with a hint of crimson.
  40. The lights were off until he entered, illuminating the room in clinical brightness.
  41. The headlights fell on the other Jeep, illuminating Val’s face for a brief second.
  42. A police car pulled up outside, its headlights briefly illuminating their gaunt faces.
  43. It then spread throughout the entire area, illuminating it with its soft yellow light.
  44. Two candles flickering on the mantelpiece provided a little light, illuminating a mess.
  45. Promised Land with the flames of love and forgiveness still illuminating our hearts?
  46. Armestoin his illuminating study "La Leyenda de Don Juan" provesthat the custom of saying.
  47. Lightning flashed, illuminating the ceiling, at least twenty feet high, and the back wall.
  48. Light flooded the tiny room from an overhead fixture, illuminating every square inch of it.
  49. Can you have the mortars fire a couple of illuminating rounds?…Yes, we will be ready, sir.
  50. The headlights creep through the tall stalks, illuminating a leaf here, an ear of corn there.
  51. Around the font, on the floor— He circled his torch above the floor, illuminating it.
  52. This is a fine and illuminating lecture, priest, but what has it to do with this stone?
  53. The moon, with her round face, smiled at me from the heights, illuminating me very well the path.
  54. The descent into matter is a drug, which may be poisoning or healing, intoxicating or illuminating.
  55. A man ahead and to Tui's left hit a trip wire which pulled a flare instantly illuminating his area.
  56. The two men with torches moved closer, illuminating the shining black skin of George Pearson’s face.
  57. Blessed is He who placed constellations in the sky, and placed in it a lamp, and an illuminating moon.
  58. As Anderson held the light to the chandelier, the light bounced all over the room, softly illuminating it.
  59. He then descended to the engineering room, his helmet light illuminating the dead fusion injection systems.
  60. The transparent top coat was the other terminal, and the current was applied, causing the illuminating glow.
  61. The Trance of Prahlada also illustrates in an equally illuminating and thrilling manner the glory of Samadhi.
  62. The whole time I was journeying round Rügen it was invariably blank when it ought to have been illuminating.
  63. Dappled rays of sunlight filtered through the crack in the curtains, illuminating the sleeping form in the bed.
  64. It was both beautiful and painful because I knew the light illuminating his spirit body was the light of Love.
  65. The mortars fired high-explosive, WP and illuminating rounds to great effect and many were trained in their use.
  66. Suddenly a sound came from his right in just the same time as a small lamp lit up, barely illuminating the darkness.
  67. Manon touched the screen of her pad again, its electronic screen illuminating the cabin with a dimmer, bluish light.
  68. It is illuminating to compare the price-earnings and the price-assets relationships of the same stock prior to 1929.
  69. It was also at this point in the evening that Conrad and Granny Smith had their enjoyable and illuminating cozy chat.
  70. This was not good and she hoped that the dim yellow crystal light illuminating the yard might help to hide her trail.
  71. Siegemunde sat at his desk with a pair of glowing candelabras illuminating the stacks of parchment and scrolls before him.
  72. Along the opposite wall across from the fireplace flowed the Phlegethon with its bright flames illuminating all the rooms.
  73. I think I can say that it has been illuminating and we will have much to digest before submitting our report to Parliament.
  74. Unlike journaling or keeping a spiritual diary, it‘s all about finding and illuminating the next obstacle to our progress.
  75. Styles come in and out of fashion on Wall Street, so the longer the time period studied, the more illuminating the results.
  76. The overhead lights snapped on and brightness flooded the cinema, illuminating the cavernous space in a stark dazzling glow.
  77. As he had predicted, a bright light suddenly lit up high in the sky, illuminating the area where the major’s group was hiding.
  78. He did not give a very long address this afternoon - only just a Few Words but they were very precious, original and illuminating.
  79. The strip-lighting overhead was a harsh constant, illuminating the nurses who walked briskly past, barely giving me a second look.
  80. Pillsbury could see the pilot who would end his life, the tropical sun illuminating his face, a white scarf coiled about his neck.
  81. Lauterbach had been empty; therefore, with the illuminating logic of women, I was sure Göhren would have plenty of room for us.
  82. The car’s headlamps trained vainly on the constellation of Orion before illuminating the downward curve of the car’s trajectory.
  83. We showed a graphic of a brain, illuminating the regions that, to use Diane’s words, got plumped up as a result of meditation.
  84. Within seconds of entering the room the magical lights would come on illuminating the space entirely, as if it was exposed to daylight.
  85. A minute later, rays of penetrating light swayed through trees, illuminating Jose's violent struggle with Travis's oversized bodyguard.
  86. As she ran she continued to stare into the light of her handbeam illuminating the railroad ties and the rubble lying on or between them.
  87. Thin streams of energy leapt out before him, illuminating the room in a bluish glow as the threads traced the path of the serving girls.
  88. He looked up and saw the moonlight streaming down through a large hole in the thatch, illuminating a pile of straw on the floor beneath.
  89. A brief review of the various steps in this phantasmagoria of inflated values should be illuminating to the student of security Analysis.
  90. The colors represent the different areas and yellow represents the illuminating interconnecting knowledge he discovered and freely shared.
  91. The broad horizontal sheet of light severed the file in two parts, illuminating heads and bodies, leaving feet and wheels in the obscurity.
  92. Mithras looked around the room and then up at the lamp illuminating the room, He truly believes that she is the one who will release him.
  93. The flames, spreading from north to south, shot up into the heavens, illuminating the pall of smoke that hung like a thick fog over the city.
  94. Budec was eating in the Great Hall, in the fireplace a huge fire roared and on the walls torches burnt brightly illuminating the enormous room.
  95. A shaft of green light appeared from the roof space and descended, reflecting in the mirror and illuminating a patch of wall on behind the man.
  96. Much as it had been with my Iraqi friend Dan, it was illuminating to view my own struggles as a morning-show host through the lens of suffering.
  97. The sky was full of stars which defined the horizon for him, with the bike’s light illuminating just enough of the dark road for him to navigate.
  98. I remember distinctly the thought flashing through my head: "By Jove! it isn't elastic!" Such is the illuminating force of a particular experience.
  99. Sunlight streamed through the windows of his room illuminating the yellow locks of Nathalia as they tumbled down the smooth white flesh of her face.
  100. In the morning he'll wake with her in his arms as the first rays of sunlight brush across her skin, shining in her hair, illuminating her sleeping face.
  1. The inside was illuminated too.
  2. It barely illuminated the room.
  3. It barely illuminated the night.
  4. The car was brightly illuminated.
  5. Owen watched as the illuminated.
  6. Tops of rocks illuminated by the.
  7. The strands of light illuminated.
  8. It illuminated my father’s face.
  9. The light illuminated the darkness.
  10. Intense flares illuminated the beach.
  11. The hall illuminated at his presence.
  12. He was illuminated by a seraphic glow.
  13. She illuminated the best parts of him.
  14. The candle illuminated her countenance.
  15. It was illuminated by flashing beacons.
  16. All the rooms were illuminated this way.
  17. The entire ceiling was softly illuminated.
  18. He wanted it to be bright and illuminated.
  19. It illuminated a child, a boy to be exact.
  20. The glow of it illuminated the whole place.
  21. A flash of lightning illuminated the object.
  23. Along with the illuminated horizon, the high.
  24. The lab was illuminated only by the ethereal.
  25. And illuminated a U scratched into the padlock.
  26. Light from the dying bonfires illuminated the.
  27. The whole back wall and floor were illuminated.
  28. Please proceed to the illuminated docking port.
  29. One light illuminated the front of the building.
  30. The attackers had illuminated patches where the.
  31. A torch beam illuminated their faces for a second.
  32. We’re flying white flags illuminated by the sun.
  33. That made me wonder how the room was illuminated.
  34. The ceiling was just one large illuminated panel.
  35. All that remained of Hades was an illuminated orb.
  36. There was a small, illuminated lectern on the po-.
  37. Within seconds her head was completely illuminated.
  38. And the light He emitted illuminated my every step.
  39. Flickering firelight illuminated the confusion on.
  40. The rays of the setting sun illuminated their faces.
  41. The flashlight illuminated one of the pieces of cash.
  42. Ellie looked along the illuminated tortoise-shell bar.
  43. The rising sun illuminated something in the distance.
  44. It was a good fire, and the room was illuminated by it.
  45. On the tops of the stocks was an illuminated green line.
  46. But moving around the beam illuminated a rung of steps.
  47. My headlights and flashers illuminated the dark highway.
  48. Phosphorus quickly illuminated the space, but they saw.
  49. Facing the girl, the beach was suddenly illuminated as.
  50. The bright white glow of the low beams illuminated his.
  51. It was no longer illuminated water, it was liquid light.
  52. The light from the sun illuminated a large circular room.
  53. They illuminated no strange scene, but her own hillside.
  54. A bright flash illuminated the horizon to the North West.
  55. The wave was completely black, but it was illuminated by.
  56. The last light of the day dimly illuminated the interior.
  57. Topps turned his head lamp on and illuminated the stairs.
  58. A long, drab corridor illuminated with fluorescent lights.
  59. Spinning, the flash illuminated the underground car park.
  60. Fantine's face seemed strangely illuminated at that moment.
  61. The shops were fully illuminated, and he glanced through.
  62. The blue glow of the halogens slowly illuminated the room.
  63. Menacing faces lined the narrow aisle, illuminated as if.
  64. His cadaver eyes were illuminated, lit by the crescent moon.
  65. Noon was the only time the city could be fully illuminated.
  66. Ole with the Nyshifter, the illuminated Nole watched it too.
  67. Fortunately the area was well illuminated by the full-moon.
  68. Marius was, as it were, illuminated by one of these flashes.
  69. Turney looked up and saw one window illuminated from inside.
  70. Except for a beam that illuminated the ground in front of me.
  71. Illuminated by a single candle, he sat staring at his notes.
  72. He did not know if the container would be illuminated or in.
  73. The first clear rays of the sun illuminated the pair as they.
  74. He entered the darkened sphere, now softly illuminated by a.
  75. His mind had just been illuminated by this flash of light:—.
  76. The light from the monitor illuminated a quarter of the office.
  77. The light from the windows illuminated her gray business suit.
  78. He had fallen backwards, the light of the candles illuminated.
  79. Well going by that illuminated symbol in the corner of the.
  80. We crossed the ravine to enter the town, which was illuminated.
  81. Every heart and every world is illuminated by this divine light.
  82. The dragon took off and when high, a blue flash illuminated the.
  83. Illuminated, the tunnel was wide enough for three kyboes abreast.
  84. Oh, what does it mean then, because he was almost illuminated.
  85. Nibelheim, illuminated only by the dim glow from the windows of.
  86. At least the cabin appeared normal, it illuminated at his approach.
  87. The room was dim, illuminated only by the glow of the fluorescent.
  88. Gabriel saw the darkness illuminated by the lights of mercury from.
  89. It is illuminated with a green light and it is difficult to see.
  90. A Chinese restaurant with brilliant neons illuminated the car park.
  91. His body faded and he became just an illuminated manifestation orb.
  92. Nancy exulted when the starshell illuminated the German patrol boat.
  93. The sacred faces of infants, the illuminated face of the mother of.
  94. For a split second it illuminated John-Paul's home and trading post.
  95. Sometimes an illuminated guest wanted to play with the rattlesnakes.
  96. The red sun still illuminated everything with a distinct pink tinge.
  97. The sphere illuminated, shooting beams of light straight up and down.
  98. The room was hot and eerily murky, illuminated only by the gas fire.
  99. The light illuminated their faces with the modest warmth of a candle.
  100. A flash of joy illuminated Jean Valjean's melancholy old countenance.
  1. It illuminates our lives.
  2. The core illuminates the.
  3. Sophia-Analysis illuminates people.
  4. The doctrine illuminates the miracles.
  5. It is his own light that illuminates his path.
  6. The Fedex van's headlights illuminates several.
  7. Connection illuminates the contexts in which we live.
  8. The above exposition illuminates some important facts.
  9. Its power is fire; its lightning illuminates the darkness.
  10. The public speaker illuminates and illustrates his subject.
  11. Beyond, the early morning light illuminates the high rise homes.
  12. Our acknowledgement of these Laws illuminates our consciousness.
  13. Light and love remain invisible until some object illuminates them.
  14. I promise I’ll try to be a light, you said that illuminates your soul.
  15. Another aspect of your spirit is that your spirit illuminates your mind.
  16. Next to the cot, a single lit candle illuminates the dark windowless room.
  17. This scripture tells us that the law doesn’t give life; it only illuminates sin and therefore.
  18. I turn and look, but my torch's light illuminates only a few metres ahead and ends at the previous junction.
  19. Moonlight illuminates wet cobblestones and rain-streaked windows but glances off her as if deflected by an invisible cloak.
  20. After that spiritual journey in communication, the believer returns having a brand of God’s Light illuminates in his spirit.
  21. In our family tree investigation, that title illuminates what stands in the way of completion of much of the genealogical picture as possible.
  22. A conflagration can create an aurora, no doubt, but why not await the dawn? A volcano illuminates, but daybreak furnishes a still better illumination.
  23. Again, no wonder that in the Buddha's teachings the law of karma is called "the light of the world" because it illuminates how our lives unfold and why many things are the way they are![147].
  24. He illuminates the way for the faithful spirits, and shows them God’s light and supreme Attributes in a way that is proportional to their status, their level of confidence and their nearness to Him, the Almighty.
  25. He (cpth) is the shining lamp which illuminates the spirit and shows it those of God’s lights and those of His supreme Names that are proportional to its status, its deeds, its confidence and its nearness to Him.
  26. Fortunately, however, a ray of light, springing from human intelligence, illuminates the sombre scene; and as the result, some millions of black men may prove more fortunate than those Europe and America have thrown away.
  27. It is He Who gives guidance to His followers and He Who illuminates the straight path, and submission should only be to Him, because His religion is the religion of justice to which people of virtue and perfection surrender and submit.
  28. She made the sombre crowd cheerful by her erratic and glistening ray; even as a bird of bright plumage illuminates a whole tree of dusky foliage, by darting to and fro, half seen and half concealed amid the twilight of the clustering leaves.
  29. We know that messages are carried around the world, that ponderous machinery does its bidding, that it now illuminates practically the whole world, but we know too that if we consciously or ignorantly violate its law by touching a live wire when it is not properly insulated, the result will be unpleasant and possibly disastrous.
  30. With light pouring from its surface to Proclaim all there is to Say, it illuminates the scenery around her, casting the surrounding area in a pure white glow that reminds her of a night light she’s not had since she’s been in the real world and reveals unto her conscience the truth of a world which is almost always hidden by dark.
  31. He illuminates us,.

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