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Frasi con imbalanced (in inglese)

  1. The 5th Major Imbalanced Split.
  2. The 4th Major Imbalanced Split.
  3. The 1st Major Imbalanced Split.
  4. All one-sided ownership is imbalanced.
  5. But even imbalanced splits are balanced.
  6. To begin with: all Science is imbalanced.
  7. But we are still human: still imbalanced.
  8. Only that advantage was an imbalanced one.
  9. Which produced yet another imbalanced split.
  10. They are both symptoms of imbalanced energies.
  11. One is the product of an imbalanced awareness.
  12. Too often the church has been imbalanced, with.
  13. It has been imbalanced ever since it was invented.
  14. Without imbalanced power, you cannot harm anything.
  15. But its awareness was already genetically imbalanced.
  16. It is not only an imbalanced one: it is an unholy one.
  17. The point is: our awareness is genetically imbalanced.
  18. All imbalanced humor that has a negative intent is sick.
  19. Our overdeveloped inner awareness itself became imbalanced.
  20. Both are distorted corruptions of imbalanced human awareness.
  21. The second major imbalanced split: splitting things with tools.
  22. And that this imbalanced split became more and more pronounced.
  23. But our use of this concept is mostly one-sided and imbalanced.
  24. Civilization creates both of these one-sided, imbalanced evils.
  25. That imbalanced effect is invisible to us because we live in it.
  26. The more imbalanced society becomes, the more these terms apply.
  27. Today, mental health may be more imbalanced than physical health.
  28. The Path of its balanced Splitness became more and more imbalanced.
  29. All reflective fear is an imbalanced separation of the human psyche.
  30. The Second Major Imbalanced Split: splitting things apart with tools.
  31. If that Inner Universe becomes imbalanced, then it becomes distorted.
  32. The third major imbalanced split: using a tool to create another tool.
  33. Once sex becomes suppressed-repressed-forbidden, it becomes imbalanced.
  34. The more accumulation you have, the more imbalanced that accumulation gets.
  35. However, in the context of civilization, this dualism of value is imbalanced.
  36. Any other kind of social status and esteem is unearned, imbalanced, and fake.
  37. This was the Fifth and final major imbalanced split of hominid-human evolution.
  38. They are all merely examples of imbalanced, frozen, abstractive human life-energy.
  39. Tools have a one-sided, imbalanced usefulness: they only serve a one-sided purpose.
  40. This led to them raising staple crops to balance their imbalanced protein rich diet.
  41. Now: we come to the basic imbalanced split of human awareness between wonder and fear.
  42. For the past 10,000 years, the same dynamic of imbalanced splitting has been going on.
  43. The need for attention originates from a lack of self-esteem and an imbalanced psyche.
  44. This truth: this dynamic balance of an imbalanced split is what humans do not look at.
  45. One example of a vicious imbalanced cycle is the excessive need for protein in our diet.
  46. The most obvious kind of imbalanced sick humor is the humor of the torturer, the sadist.
  47. The third major imbalanced split: reversing the Dynamic using a tool to create another tool.
  48. So, when our social structure accumulated to the point where it was dynamically imbalanced.
  49. Working 5 days with 2 days off; is an imbalanced winding and unwinding called ‘stress’.
  50. Any cyclic process that does not change and re-balance itself as it goes; becomes imbalanced.
  51. As this went on, it came to the fourth major imbalanced adaptive split of hominid evolution.
  52. It happened one night when an imbalanced woman arrived at the apartment swearing and screaming.
  53. That is their imbalanced kind of sick fun they have because they do not know any other kind of fun.
  54. It was the imbalanced insanity of their entire plan that made the eco-systems malfunction so badly.
  55. Any imbalanced excess or lacking of the human psyche is ultimately evidenced as psychobiologic pain.
  56. Imbalanced, staring down, I was wild to grab that damned paper out but finally glad the thing was lost.
  57. Generally speaking: the increase of imbalanced splitting, matches the decrease of connective integration.
  58. This genetic merging creating a huge increase in its intelligence, an unnatural imbalanced intelligence.
  59. Again: there are trialities within trialities: raising the dynamics of imbalanced splitness exponentially.
  60. It is from this neural dynamic of imbalanced biofeedback that the hominid evolution of a larger brain begins.
  61. Having more wealth or less wealth does not make you more human: it only makes you imbalanced humanly speaking.
  62. This is the evolved, imbalanced shift of human awareness which was the result of Man’s separation from Nature.
  63. Ma’am, I understand that you may be mentally imbalanced and not entirely aware of reality as it stands—.
  64. There are too many of us because human apes are genetically imbalanced: we live too long: we have too many babies.
  65. Their imbalanced Path of Splitness created the Dynamic of Segmentation; which is a necessary part of making tools.
  66. This entirely new condition was split again into two completely new conditions of balanced and imbalanced awareness.
  67. Why do we need so much protein? Because of accumulated pain-stress that comes from an imbalanced, unnatural lifestyle.
  68. Then you get pure narcissism, or one-sided imbalanced self-love as the highest-best-most intense form of love possible.
  69. The imbalanced acts of one-sided separation and one-sided duplication are now just beginning to be ethically questioned.
  70. When that subconscious becomes snarled, imbalanced, distorted, deadened: the entire dynamic of our inner being is upset.
  71. However, a wheel that is used becomes imbalanced; it must be re-balanced periodically because it does not balance itself.
  72. The reason this biofeedback is imbalanced is because it uses only ½ of the body: the lower half of the body is not involved.
  73. This was the third major imbalanced adaptive split of hominid evolution and development as the followed the Path of Splitness.
  74. Because the context of civilization is imbalanced to begin with, inside civilization: there can be no such thing as an absolute good.
  75. Our imbalanced artificial advantage, our imbalanced tool-use created an imbalanced effect on us by the tools we used, and still use.
  76. However, if any aspect is allowed to become imbalanced or is not monitored, then we no longer have a balanced control over ourselves.
  77. But when that pyramidal focus becomes dominant and segmented, it becomes an imbalanced awareness; it develops a need for distraction.
  78. The reason for all this happening is because of how our original model of sensory feedback was distorted and imbalanced by using tools.
  79. Yet, it is the very sterility of modern civilization that is truly sick… producing increasingly imbalanced, distorted human realities.
  80. Once you have raised and let go of the imbalanced emotion it will dissolve automatically, though there is always the transmutation process.
  81. But technology only uses this equation to create a massive disparity of imbalanced electrons, and then uses this imbalance to create power.
  82. This was dangerous, as the ships were imbalanced while the masts were being raised, and a big wave hitting a ship's side then could topple it.
  83. The only reason electricity exists is because the moving electrons are trying to balance themselves equally between two imbalanced potentials.
  84. For how long is any group exactly 12 or 24 or 36 people? The math tells you that any small group will be imbalanced for most of its existence.
  85. All evil or imbalance is intrinsically harmful to all living things: and the principle of all harm is based on the dynamic of imbalanced power.
  86. This type of entertainment is causing emotional excitement and this is further resulting into imbalanced release of hormonal secretions in body.
  87. The only reason electricity exists is because the moving electrons are trying to balance themselves dynamically between two imbalanced potentials.
  88. A long series of earlier imbalanced splits created our dominant tool-brain, producing the imbalanced split between human Inner and Outer Awareness.
  89. They still think they can escape their own guilt, their own conscience: by using science: an imbalanced insane denial of their guilt-ridden conscience.
  90. The imbalanced split of human separateness, which produced human self-awareness, also produced reflective fear-trauma, as a condition of human existence.
  91. We are imbalanced creatures; whose impression of the present is a faulty bunch of split-up sensations that are mostly unconnected, and thereby imbalanced.
  92. It is only when you examine the entire flow of wealth in civilization that you can perceive the harm it does merely because it is an imbalanced energy-flow.
  93. However: because the causal chain of this imbalanced energy-flow in civilization is so segmented, split-up and untraced: people do not admit that this is true.
  94. That is the one-sided, imbalanced insanity of living things trying not only to own dead things… but also to take care of them… to love them and preserve them.
  95. Inside civilization: it is impossible to destroy the evil of imbalanced power without using some form of force, and power to oppose it and destroy it, or nullify it.
  96. It is not as conducive for Profit-Power-Wealth but it is not geared to treat terminally ill, or pathologically ill people whose imbalanced health requires extreme measures.
  97. If it is not balanced, it becomes a form of intense, imbalanced insanity; instead of the normal variety of dulled-deadened-mild insanity: which most people consider normal.
  98. The imbalance of their Inner and Outer awareness took on a one-sided evolutionary path of the Imbalanced Splitness called: Inner Reflectivity: or, the development of abstraction.
  99. It is the widening chasm of this imbalanced split within the body between the upper and lower half which finally produced the growing imbalanced split between instinct and learning.
  100. But since Jesus was poor: he did not have the perspective or wisdom to understand and explain that imbalanced inequity is evil: regardless of which side of the imbalance you look at.

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