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    1. “That was very impressive,” Nancy commented

    2. "But that cannot be my name!" he replied, showing Adam his impressive plumage

    3. They had spent the day going over the discoveries Ava made in the last century and a half and they were impressive

    4. The most impressive accomplishment of all was interfacing to the planet's data system

    5. “I have to say you’re impressive these days, in spite of your age, and your

    6. It was rather an impressive achievement, to be able to place specific thoughts into someone else's mind in their own voice, such that it was indistinguishable from their own self-generated ideas

    7. I consider this book to be the culmination of the whole series, as it is the most well-written, with the most impressive illustrations

    8. It was a unique experience, that underground river which splits up into numerous passageways and underground cavities full of impressive stalagmites and stalactites that glitter in shading-off tints

    9. profile of your self that would be as impressive as possible

    10. with the digital techniques of today, they can do a very impressive job

    11. “I have to say you’re impressive these days, in spite of your age, and your inventiveness is stunning

    12. Sam gave me an impressive list, but I believe he missed by one

    13. I stand in my cabin … something comfortable he said … I suppose my pyjamas qualify … and no-one could accuse me of trying to be seductive in those … they must be the most impressive passion-killers I have ever seen! Maybe that is what Gilla had in mind when she insisted they were what I needed

    14. And although his taxi had a very impressive array of icons, holy pictures, crucifixes and little religious plaques arranged around the windscreen, there was nothing to dispel my fear that at any moment we'd be sailing through the air, over the cliffs and down, down, down into the sea

    15. He consoled him on the loss of Jared; but the fact that Jared stood his ground against overwhelming odds was most impressive

    16. He was very impressive, but it was his demeanor that caught Kate’s eye

    17. Cyberia, unaccustomed as she was to seeing the metropolis in its daytime apparel, walked open-mouthed past dingy basement flat windows, down long, dark alleyways and visibly felt herself shrink before the impressive, classically styled porticos of ancient institutional temples

    18. At that time the family name was long and impressive; D’Agouteville perhaps or Cholmondley-Warner or some such thing, but, as with all families, the generations followed one after another, proving more or less that sons and daughters inherit a mixed bag of genes and ancestral memory

    19. Some miles to the south of London, nestling in the gently rolling, green swathed hills of the Surrey Downs, there stands an old country manor house, which boasts the thickest of stone walls, a small but nonetheless impressive little tower and ornate white painted wooden gables

    20. “Well look at you,” said Duncan as he entered, “I must say you look very impressive; every bit the Lord of the Hold

    21. impressive by the hydraulic motions of his many chins

    22. than made up for his reduced height by some impressive lateral

    23. The best thing about these audio programs is that they can affect impressive changes in very little time

    24. He seems to hold you in very high regard; most impressive

    25. Access to the grounds of the villa is via a pair of wrought iron gates which look very impressive but to be honest the place is slightly run down in the way that Mediterranean properties tend to be – I don’t know if it is the heat or just a cultural difference but they don’t take the pride in their properties that the English do

    26. before the impressive, classically styled porticos of ancient

    27. She still had long thick hair, well cared for, and her blouse was not open, but it was very low and her cleavage was still impressive

    28. She still wore her top open and she was still impressive, though her skin was not as smooth as a young woman’s, her coloring was still even and her nipples dark and strong

    29. impressive sight, Tom considered, as he laboured at the harvesting

    30. It’s got a little art museum on the side and an impressive collection of ancient manuscripts from Morlain and

    31. There were large and impressive castles in a good state of repair

    32. Still rather impressive, though, don’t you think?”

    33. There was an impressive line of kegs, this must be the primary watering hole for this college neighborhood

    34. there are stories about impressive and powerful mechanisms, made of

    35. “This is an impressive and at the same time pleasantly inviting gateway you have contrived for your entrance,” remarked Mandy candidly

    36. impressive double gate, all neatly painted in black and gold

    37. The helmet probe noted that the size and power of her mind was impressive, but there was nothing written there yet

    38. years, but your stunt with the trains last time was very impressive

    39. The varnishing rooms were acrid and stung his eyes but were no less impressive for their lack of waste and cleverness of application

    40. They walked the few blocks from the station to the steps of the Main building on Malvern College campus, and remarked on the pleasing state of the grounds, the impressive architecture of the buildings and naturally, constantly reminding Harry that 'he would do exceedingly well' on his tests

    41. but I had to take whatever I could get in order to keep body and soul together … admittedly, I had left college with a very impressive set of qualifications, but my experience of real life in an office was zero … looking back I was lucky to get a job at all

    42. The French cuisine Roman had prepared might not have been as impressive

    43. He saw that he was climbing thru a pass between some fairly impressive peaks

    44. Harry simply said, “Tada!” and they all laughed at their impressive performance

    45. "I'm not good enough to own something as impressive as that, I wouldn't even know how to care for it correctly

    46. It was impressive though, and decided to thank whomever it was that had picked the paper out

    47. the impressive symmetry and quiet majesty of the

    48. were quite impressive, and the Cathedral loomed

    49. The difference is startling and impressive

    50. Johnny the Killer pitched in the third game and had an impressive

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