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Included in una frase (in inglese)

Is included in this sum.
Included in the cost of.
Included in this are the.
I have included a few of.
This included a total ban.
The new players included D.
If it were included in the.

She should have been included.
I doubt this included the DAR.
Are you included in this lot?
A 64Gig micro card is included.
I have also included below it.
I also included as many of my.
The deal included a salary of.
Employee rights may be included.
Other personas are also included.
The fighters included two has-.
Highlights of her set included.
I've included a brief bio below.
Am I included in that we?
This included Thomas and Daphnie.
My duties as such included off-.
One contingent included a group.
Included in this group also are.
It's included in your Membership.
Forms will be included that you.
However, they included links to.
It is included in your Membership.
I’ve included you in my prayers.
This included hands in most cases.
The class laughed; myself included.
One of the tasks included shaving.
The delegation included Marine Lt.
The features they found included:.
And that included very little news.
Some even included a small kitchen.
We included the letter from Sally.
The article only included a short.
Surely Elizabeth would be included.
Included with my manuscript was as.
What I won't be including.
Including the pilot and me.
A table including the main.
Up to, and including, the path.
All humans – including the.
Including the floor he was on.
I am including her in my thesis.
All of these ratios, including.
They all laughed, including Theo.
The others – including Kareem.
Including the Water Well of the.
I'm not even including stopovers.
The last few raiders, including.
M: Including the ‘I am’ idea?
They were ready, including the 50.
CST including weekends, with the.
Bats have many enemies including.
Even including the merchant ships.
He warmly greeted us, including me.
A thousand animals — including a.
Including ones with the damn Legion.
Nerve cells, including the brain13.
Including that of a magic water well.
It is now, including suburbs, 700,000.
Including the rule against hearsay.
Including asked me one stupid question.
Including but not limited to Primates).
I am including some of the basics that.
Her workers, including Bea, were there.
Wahjee, including that little shit Zane.
Of course, I'm not including the very.
Including the Water Well of the Eternal.
Through various methods, including his.
Including your own sister, Caris thought.
These faeries are including you in the.
Only two of them (including Jean) were.
He gave us, including His anointing on us.
A motive of sensual pleasure, including.
Everyone, including the department heads.
The future of poetry, including that of.
He includes the series of.
And that includes beer too.
That includes a private jet.
And that includes you, Wench.
As long as it includes peas.
My guess is that includes you.
The sample includes the same.
It includes anything that is.
That includes alcohol as well.
This includes the stories of.
That includes Saturn and Pluto.
This symbol includes the seven.
And that includes your daughter.
Includes his women and children.
The iC includes oscillator and.
That includes my friend here.
Avenworth includes in her drinks.
That includes you and your world.
He includes the series of aeons.
Includes the specific words and.
But the house of Joseph includes.
This includes carrying out minor.
And that includes park goers who.
This amount includes three cases.
This includes those of all nations.
This includes the home office tax.
This includes all legalized killers.
This order includes only one family.
Revver includes adverts on all its.
This includes during colonial times.
This field includes the following:.
As a bonus, he includes a section on.
Google includes them in search results.
Which includes obeying my instructions.
The formatting customisation includes 1.
This photograph includes members of the.
This includes a lot of fat calories and.
This includes any word spelled backwards.
I see the world only, which includes all.
So direct marketing includes those things.

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We did not include a.
They include all, he said.
His awards include The O.
Symptoms of a bite include.
These include the six inch.
You can include your blurb.
You can actually include a.
This time, I’d include him.
This doesn’t include the 1.
Paid options include a full.
Some of these signs include:.
He didn't even include Elmore.
His areas of expertise include.
Th ey include crying therapy.
What to include in every meal.
Always include a postscript (P.
Some of the benefits include:.
Include the strategy you will.
These include the title, the.
The reasons for this include:.
Some of those factors include:.
Include pictures of the rewards.
There's a lot I didn't include.
The course will also include:.
These checks should be include.
In your ad, you include a phone.
Include activities 15, 22 and 25.
It might not include drugs at all.
Amending these laws to include a.
This is also the place to include.
These include but are not limited.
Include their head and upper chest.
Include hot cooked brown rice and.
These types of businesses include:.
It is wise that we include Soren.
These healing wisdoms include the.
They include them in the decisions.
Some of the criteria I use include:.
You’ve always told me to include.
These tests include the following:.

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