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    1. ineffective, unproductive, or futile

    2. of sanitised news reports, of ineffective debates and the inevitable

    3. ineffective tactic, with Heather silencing the last of Roman’s lessons by putting her

    4. Even weapons of silver proved ineffective against it

    5. of America has become largely ineffective at changing their city

    6. The fact is, trying to lose weight by drastically cutting calories is not only ineffective, it is unhealthy

    7. solutions are economically ineffective, so that all

    8. He was a deeply flawed man, true -- jealous, vain, self-centered, ineffective

    9. The most corrupt and ineffective Cabinet Secretary of the Obama Administration, with the possible exception of Attorney General Eric Holder, who really doesn"t understand the laws he has been instructed to enforce, which misunderstanding has much to do, perhaps, with his race getting into the way of his law enforcement responsibilities

    10. That"s because for the last 30 years as president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, he has not spent time organizing the poor around ineffective government programs and other addictions; he has been helping them become self-sufficient

    11. be ineffective in this situation; and the generator would almost certainly overload and destroy the

    12. NATO is unsuited for rogue nations lest it (too) devolves into a meaningless and (utterly) ineffective organization similar to the United Nations, for example, that has transformed itself over the years into an assembly characterized by corruption and (political) intrigue, parochialism, (national) self-interest, political posturing, factionalism and unstable alliances with openly hostile, refractory nations opposed to Freedom

    13. Thus it seems that the SAP, in later years, during the 1980s, equipped their Riot Units with ineffective weapons to kill humans with and that concludes my point

    14. He'd give himself to the seductive aura waiting on the edges of his consciousness and stop his ineffective resistance

    15. Fidel Castro‘s supporters on the American Left have historically argued that 1) most embargoes are ineffective in subverting autocratic governments (note these are the same people who summarily called for embargoes against Iraq as a viable alternative to war), and 2) that such restrictions promote unnecessary hardship to its citizens and should therefore be lifted if not for humanitarian reasons, alone

    16. Do you wish for me to endure a thousand years year of extreme boredom while I wait for the convicted criminals and terrorists to escape from hell so that we can kill them again once and for all at Armageddon? Why not just kill them now properly and get done? I think the system in heaven is ineffective and the known intelligence is poorly utilized

    17. The antiwar movement against both wars was largely ineffective

    18. Well, I seemed to be good with long odds—my chance of developing the type of leukemia I had was one in tens of thousands, my chance for the alemtuzumab proving ineffective one in ten of that

    19. Thus the best criticisms of both eco terrorism and animal rights groups are how ineffective they are, and how they harm their own causes

    20. If the bombing is ineffective, why waste men’s lives and lose a lot of expensive machines? Far better to make the enemy lose sleep

    21. Their plan had worked to render him ill, making him ineffective

    22. To her amazement, her magic was ineffective

    23. However, these manmade punishments are ineffective at changing the inner nature of man

    24. Somehow ineffective, I know, but I did not design this system: I have to insist on that

    25. This is all the proof that one needs to show that the methods we employ are not only ineffective but are actually counterproductive

    26. They are ineffective for definitive

    27. We know that China is open for the change and now it has the great opportunity to give a qualitative jump instead of retroceding for these current systems that already proved be ineffective and devastating

    28. We have not spent much time worrying about them, as they are ineffective against their own weapons,” he replied

    29. He could only tell us that the Meritong were naked, heavily tattooed, and fought bravely up to a point with long, ineffective bows

    30. Stop loss orders may be ineffective

    31. ineffective since HGH is incompatible with the digestive

    32. I shook my head in amusement; I thought it wouldn’t be that easy but as soon as my contraceptives were ineffective I fell pregnant

    33. It will be in following the Creator’s guidance, as given to us through His Son -that the issue will be resolved ---not looking to government to gain equality --- we are already equal --- government needs, in most instances, to stop dividing us --- creating false barriers / ineffective solutions --- even fostering racism

    34. ineffective you will very quickly begin to understand some of the

    35. most ineffective you will very quickly begin to understand some of the issues facing

    36. This ignores both the economic reality and 20 years of experience that tells us that this policy choice is incredibly expensive, utterly ineffective and ultimately politically unsellable

    37. These boats proved ineffective and dangerous to their crews

    38. Failed to rationalize the ineffective committee system;

    39. God is showing them how ineffective their gods are

    40. Ineffective time-management can also cause

    41.  Taxpayer money is wasted on ineffective municipal programs and not enough

    42. "catch and kill policy", which has proven to be completely ineffective and which is

    43. Her mother proved to be an ineffective ally, although she never fully acknowledged that fact until later

    44. He took a series of recommended treatments with initially good results, but they were ultimately ineffective

    45. were becoming ineffective, my limbs sloppily sifting through the

    46. The citizens of California did it on October 7, 2003 by voting the recall of their ineffective governor when his oppressive ‘liberal’ politics, and high taxation blatantly affected them

    47. While noble in their intent, Advance Directives have proven to be ineffective

    48. The binary splitter (identified by Newberg and d’Aquili) would be rendered ineffective

    49. where the binary splitter in the brain is rendered ineffective) has been described by or alluded to by every major religion

    50. of a culture that is by now ineffective, but with the prospective of a new type of

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