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    1. Sometimes it can really get quite infuriating

    2. He’d not missed the inference made by that infuriating police inspector that Chrissie’s mother would be more than ready to jump at any offer the media might make

    3. play-acting was infuriating to the little clerk, and he was

    4. glare was infuriating him

    5. was infuriating, this not knowing, but there was nothing he

    6. ‘Tell us, Marguerite,’ he said, infuriating her with his

    7. charming and infuriating in equal measure

    8. Again that infuriating, winsome grin to accompany the bad

    9. the infuriating animal could and would, and Jean was

    10. served to make it all the more infuriating

    11. He was infuriating

    12. Ordinarily, I would not follow an infuriating male I barely knew into his apartment, but I felt compelled to see to his injuries

    13. ways, he was infuriating

    14. Homer’s absence of doubt that she’d agree was, in a word, infuriating

    15. ’ came the infuriating reply

    16. The two immortals continued to interrupt him with questions, which was infuriating after a time

    17. He expected Gonzalez to leave the office but the infuriating man just sat there, watching him

    18. Curling my fingers into fists at his infuriating habit of stating the bloody obvious, I resisted the urge to curl them around his throat

    19. In love with the most frustrating, infuriating, self-centred, devious man she had ever met

    20. Fortunately, Caroline came through again and, via a hair-raising flurry of telephone calls, each requiring ‘a little something to show my appreciation’, she arranged his immediate release, but the close call was infuriating

    21. Vernon went on with an infuriating smirk

    22. He is just so fucking infuriating when it comes to anything important

    23. “You know very little about men,” He said with that infuriating smug smile of his

    24. Easily, the most infuriating instance of judicial absolutism nul-

    25. lonely, terrifying, infuriating - that is what my childhood was,

    26. infuriating individual words that name what happened to me, so I

    27. up was not only infuriating, but representative of his

    28. So when you have car problems, think about how infuriating it is when your laptop or desktop doesn’t do what you want and multiply that by 30 - 100 times

    29. She was infuriating! But more so, after he’d kissed her, when she’d sprung away from his seeking embrace like he’d burnt her

    30. Not this infuriating need for him to understand me, to not hate me

    31. Because he is crude and arrogant and infuriating and he most probably hates me now, but he is also kind

    32. She was dangerous, irritating, arrogant, and absolutely infuriating with that I-know-everything look of hers

    33. “What have you done, Savonne? What have you done? Fates, you’re an idiot! A stupid, infuriating, ignorant, impulsive idiot!”

    34. They are committed to living by their intuition and this can at times be infuriating to other people – especially those who are materially, scientifically or technically orientated

    35. But the other part was insulting, infuriating, completely unfair, even though it contained some truth

    36. Following an old and infuriating habit developed in London when there was nothing else to be said, Mainwaring had simply hung up

    37. Gaspar, but John-Paul with an infuriating logic had rejected the suggestion with a wave of a big hand

    38. It was however infuriating to him to see how the Americans were able to handle his planes with apparent ease, and this after imperial planes had crushed one by one all their opponents in this war…until now

    39. That response, while infuriating Yamamoto, didn’t surprise him one bit: there was no doubt in his mind that the blame game in Tokyo about this defeat would be both acrimonious and long

    40. In some ways, it had been almost infuriating and definitely insulting

    41. � Going to the brazier, he took a long, thin iron rod and approached Nancy again but hesitated at the last moment, infuriating his superior

    42. forward to catch a peek of the infuriating story that had elicited her

    43. Tina could sense that the policeman was lying through his teeth, while the man’s arrogant air was infuriating her seriously

    44. It’s especially infuriating when one realizes that there isn’t any good reason why

    45. It’s outrageous that they should stock and maintain animal populations to enable hunters and fishermen to enjoy “sports” of bloodlust; and it’s even more infuriating that they are doing so with money extorted from taxpayers very much against the barbarity

    46. Would they catch it? It was infuriating not being able to see the chase

    47. infuriating God, by claiming the land of Israel as their own

    48. It was incredibly infuriating

    49. galling enough, but the possibility that he was using her as a warm-up was infuriating

    50. The crudeness of his words were lost in the infuriating playfulness of his smile

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